Mean Girl vs Nice Girl! How to Make DIY Squishy and Fidgets For Free💰

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Cool Tool

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Have you ever wanted a squishy, but didn’t know exactly what type of squishy to make or buy? If you love the idea of using items found in your trash can to make your own fidgets, then this video will probably inspire you🐣
This is a story of a mean girl who has some new stuff, but she doesn’t want to share - so her friend, the nice girl makes DIY fidgets with items found in her trash can, and she makes all kinds of squishies!
And stay tuned for our bonus video to find out how to make your own Huggy Wuggy plushie💙
0:45 Nothing relieves stress as much as a cute squishy / Squishy Phone Case
1:24 Best fidget ever / Pop It
1:57 You can splash water with this too! / Squirrel
2:55 Squeeze all you want! / Squishy
3:32 Infinite balls! / Orbeez Stress Balls
4:15 Unleash your creativity! / Drawing Board
5:15 Stick and stack them! / Sticky Stress Balls
6:28 Shape it however you want / Wacky Tracks
7:21 Create your own Huggy Wuggy!

Cool Tool
Cool Tool 7 aylar önce
Which squishy toy is your favourite?🦄🚀👾
Hussein Obaid
Hussein Obaid 12 saatler önce
Joy Butaran
Joy Butaran 6 gün önce
xiaochun yang
xiaochun yang 13 gün önce
Heart shape one
Marie Březikova
Marie Březikova 21 gün önce
Unicorn squishy! :⁠-⁠D
Ruhami Sarai Contreras Cruz
Ruhami Sarai Contreras Cruz 26 gün önce
​@๖ۣۜℜaraa-San ♡ ™
Brian McEvoy
Brian McEvoy 5 aylar önce
And I totally agree that this Mean girl needs to get a new hobby
♏Suzy-chan♏ Aylar önce
Mean girl:having a good girl!
t o f f e
t o f f e 3 aylar önce
Don’t loose them reuse them
Susmita Thakur
Susmita Thakur 6 aylar önce
So cute 💗💗💗❤
The tube Biryani
The tube Biryani 2 aylar önce
I like that note book board
Sassy On Purpose
Sassy On Purpose 3 aylar önce
I take everything back This is just She buys things and you make things This is confusing
Tortoise Pet Forest
Tortoise Pet Forest 3 aylar önce
That thumbnail is the nice toy
Brian Maleche
Brian Maleche 4 aylar önce
I love the nice girl she’s like so nice
Anu Anu
Anu Anu 5 aylar önce
so beautiful ❤️
Cristal Joy Buño
Cristal Joy Buño 5 aylar önce
You are agl
Mepep 6 aylar önce
3:31 DIY is not free bc you need orbes
Theresa Buck
Theresa Buck 2 aylar önce
Those are the most beautiful things
Caitriona Davies
Caitriona Davies 3 aylar önce
I loved the donut 🍩
Lori F
Lori F 4 aylar önce
Nice job
ℂ𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪🇺🇦 5 aylar önce
ℂ𝕣𝕚𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪🇺🇦 3 aylar önce
Its in 8:05
ツemilaツ 3 aylar önce
Where is the horse
christy roberts
christy roberts 3 aylar önce
I feel bad for the old huggy wuggy
Mona the demon _^_
Mona the demon _^_ 6 aylar önce
That's actually really creative
Debbie Paisley
Debbie Paisley 4 aylar önce
Really cool and it made stuff
Maša Dežman
Maša Dežman 3 aylar önce
Lepota je
Lilian Renegado
Lilian Renegado 2 aylar önce
i love it goes well today is the best day ever
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Ivanka's World of Fun!
Ivanka's World of Fun! 3 aylar önce
I love these toys
Jihan Codizar
Jihan Codizar 3 aylar önce
Me too
Jason D. Etzler
Jason D. Etzler 3 aylar önce
I had those squishy balls before and they popped when I was in the Store
Kellan Lopez
Kellan Lopez 3 aylar önce
Dhanya Mahesh
Dhanya Mahesh 6 aylar önce
How cool it was😎
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I like her 4:20🥺✨😊🤍
Miss HavieGirl
Miss HavieGirl 6 aylar önce
I want to try these hacks
rakesh meena
rakesh meena 5 aylar önce
I love nice girl idea
Tony Sithong
Tony Sithong 6 aylar önce
That is so good you can save money
Chris Lowe
Chris Lowe 6 aylar önce
how do you even make paper super flat?
bwabymiller 4 aylar önce
7:20 poor huggy
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 7 aylar önce
Im 7 and I LOVE UR VIDS keep on going!♡♡♡
lIlI IIlI 6 aylar önce
I like the pig is funny when she pop it😂😂😂😂
scribe 6 aylar önce
Bonus episode 7:11
Anita Johnson
Anita Johnson 3 aylar önce
Toca Boca
Toca Boca 3 aylar önce
Everything worked yes
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AaradhyaS Gautam 7 aylar önce
So nice 😊❤
alphabet lore F
alphabet lore F 3 aylar önce
Him:who invited her Me:yes who invited her
ErAy Yanmaz
ErAy Yanmaz Gün önce
You talk a little bit too much...
Alyssa Panella
Alyssa Panella 3 aylar önce
They can call it what ever they want
pinkey with toca boca life world
pinkey with toca boca life world 6 aylar önce
Wowwwwwww i like that vidoe 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘🤩🤩😻😻😻😻💓💓💖💖
POPULATION:YT 5 aylar önce
My favorite is definitely the dog one whith the balloon
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Rick Guyot 4 aylar önce
Thanks for the huggy secret at end sad but also good
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Time travel with keren the wolf ninja 6 aylar önce
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Irena Lucic 5 aylar önce
i have a huggy wuggy
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 7 aylar önce
But I would say I can give this good feedback because I think it is a pretty good video on how you can make a crafts sense I love crafts, but the things are not realistic
Akeem Rodriguez
Akeem Rodriguez 3 aylar önce
21wetuu9jijjkiookpopp90ioiijhimhu jnhbhbjhijij
elisaa 3 aylar önce
finally the narrator has sence
quanxi 4 aylar önce
That mean girl looks like my sister
Saihnaasaihnaa saihnaasaihnaa
Saihnaasaihnaa saihnaasaihnaa Aylar önce
thank you
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Hạo Nguyên Huỳnh 4 aylar önce
I love Cyan Magenta Yellow print Ink
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Jeffrey Cooke 5 aylar önce
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I love her so much she’s so nice🫶💜
victoria192784 7 aylar önce
Kaytie Hymer
Kaytie Hymer 4 aylar önce
It work for me
Sarah Jennings
Sarah Jennings 2 aylar önce
We all saw that tattoo sleeve on the mean girl guys you could Do better😐
Azeez thuwan
Azeez thuwan 5 aylar önce
~Harry_vn~ 7 aylar önce
Precious Guiawan
Precious Guiawan 5 aylar önce
right why?
Anu Anu
Anu Anu 5 aylar önce
the dog is so nice
Lizcel Sese
Lizcel Sese 7 aylar önce
Huggy wuggy can just be saved
13TVEATJNAUTTP / Diamonds [NO UNSUBBING ME] 6 aylar önce
Najma Danesh
Najma Danesh 7 aylar önce
I wanna see the mean girls reaction tho..
noob oswald short's
noob oswald short's 7 aylar önce
Poor hugggy 100 like for huggy
Jihan Codizar
Jihan Codizar 3 aylar önce
I love it my child love it too
zmaria120 5 aylar önce
I like you video
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I can make my emojis too
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I love toys 🎾
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Fushfgjgipfucuxybxkgkdi que me glfssqa wue o
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Its creative not constructive say it with me c-r-e-a-t-i-v-e
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I love this sound effects
strawberryz choco picka🍡🌼
strawberryz choco picka🍡🌼 6 aylar önce
I hate them
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I subscribed 🥺
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Love you
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Азамат Жкмабаев 3 aylar önce
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Mercedes maria Celedonio 3 aylar önce
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Superstars fam 6 aylar önce
@p̆̈ĕ̈ă̈c̆̈h̆̈x̆̈y̆̈ your right
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venkata satish 6 aylar önce
Ninjagirls43 5 aylar önce
The crafty girl is such a crybaby 😂
Emoij_catmine 6 aylar önce
Wow that is pop it Mean Girl cool
Autumn Zaracki
Autumn Zaracki 5 aylar önce
How do you know what she’s gonna do
Peanut May
Peanut May 7 aylar önce
Just grab the huggy wuggy out of the pool
♥• k a t h r i n e •♥
♥• k a t h r i n e •♥ 7 aylar önce
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[ Lucy The computer] 5 aylar önce
What do you mean a lot of channels are good but ok
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กานต์มณี น้อยบุดดี 3 aylar önce
I have all it.
Moon Johnson
Moon Johnson 6 aylar önce
4:10 and if you freeze them then it’s a ice pack!🧊
L K 2 aylar önce
Cool tool 😎 from avery
who me... wouldn't you like to know!
who me... wouldn't you like to know! 3 aylar önce
i love ❤️ 😍 💖 ❣️ 💕 💘 huggy wuggy my favorite 😍 ♥️ ❤️ 💕 💖 💗 😍 ♥️
Soredjo Elton
Soredjo Elton 3 aylar önce
Soredjo Elton
Soredjo Elton 3 aylar önce
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Kasia, Paloma & Luna 4 aylar önce
I just subscribed and liked it’s just so AWESOME!
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Nathans Lawns And Gardens 3 aylar önce
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Alice Jamon 3 aylar önce
huggy wuggy pop it
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💞Oops _ LYA💞:33
💞Oops _ LYA💞:33 6 aylar önce
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Trishia Mae Santos 5 aylar önce
Ng =+;
Sharlotte Klein Patanindagat
Sharlotte Klein Patanindagat 7 aylar önce
I love handmade fidget toys
Jamie Adams
Jamie Adams 4 aylar önce
I thought the girl was going to drink the cup
Heloisa Veng hellvig
Heloisa Veng hellvig 4 aylar önce
Carmen Alanis
Carmen Alanis 4 aylar önce
i love the nice girl
1maRioX1 5 aylar önce
I turned my rapunzel doll into harley quinn and it turned out cool
1maRioX1 2 aylar önce
Stop liking my comments
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Janet Stoppenbach 4 aylar önce
Good for u :D
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Evelyn Edwards 7 aylar önce
They’re called Orby‘s
asmaa muk
asmaa muk 28 gün önce
Can you make Hello again 😊cake
Ringo_star☮️ Aylar önce
4:13 lmao same
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deepak kumar 3 aylar önce
The nice girl is smart
alfreda goethie
alfreda goethie 7 aylar önce
That is so awesome
Roblox Sammy
Roblox Sammy 3 aylar önce
The huggy wuggy toy and kissy missy toy iS cute
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Kaelyn Streeter 5 aylar önce
Buggy wuggy is my fav😩❤️💍
919811906908 5 aylar önce
Its huggy not buggy
Morgan Clines
Morgan Clines 6 aylar önce
NOT FREE!! You need to buy the materials for these, so technically NOT free. Wouldn't recommend them anyway, easy to pop, and break.
PoTATO 2 aylar önce
technicly its not free. you have to buy the supplies to make it.
Rony Almasri
Rony Almasri 4 aylar önce
You have the same screen Cream pop it that I have
Talia Ayman
Talia Ayman 4 aylar önce
He was so cute when he was in the pool
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