The BEST 3D printing material? Comparing PLA, PETG & ASA (ABS) - feat. PRUSAMENT by Josef Prusa

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CNC Kitchen

Yıl önce

Which 3D printing material is best for your application? I tested PRUSAMENT PLA, PETG and ASA to see how the perform in the categories: Price, Printability, Printing Quality, Static Strength and Layer Adhesion, Ductility, Stiffness, Impact Resistance and Thermal Resistance.
Let's find out how the materials perform and when you should use which!

Print settings of the hooks:
3 perimeters, 20% infill, 0.165mm layer height, 8 top & bottom layers
Also find the results on my blog:

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CNC Kitchen
CNC Kitchen Yıl önce
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RoMiRoY Aylar önce
Hello, I would appreciate the subtitles in Spanish please...✌🏻
philipp594 3 aylar önce
Sag mal wie bekommst du den Ofen so sauber? Oder wird er einfach nicht dreckig, weil du ihn nicht zum kochen nutzt?
Zils Cam
Zils Cam 7 aylar önce
Nice am Anfang guten Morgen ich bin Stefan 😅
Johannes Van Tongelen
Johannes Van Tongelen Yıl önce
Hallo Stefan What would be the outcome if you increase the surface of the hooks? Would it be able to take more load? Intrested to know as I’m designing wall mount brackets for a shelving system that I’m designing. If you would be able to test it I’m willing to share the stl files. Greetings Jo
Matthew Lucero
Matthew Lucero Yıl önce
Thanks for the analysis and video...
James Kerns Jr.
James Kerns Jr. Gün önce
I'm surprised your comment about PETG and the quadcopter frame. I didn't say I disagree..just surprised.
Левон Баграмян
Левон Баграмян 2 gün önce
Thanks for your work!
Matt Simmons
Matt Simmons 4 gün önce
Have you done this test with nylon filament? It would be really great to see those results.
John Tatum
John Tatum 6 gün önce
would there be any advantage to duel extruder and layer alternate layers with asa and pla?
EVERLOST 6 gün önce
Do you have comparison of all materials you tested in one file? Im looking for comparison PETG, PCTG, ABS, ASA etc. Great channel, SUB 👍
Captain Joe
Captain Joe 13 gün önce
Hallo Stefan - Du hast so ein tolles Video gepostet, kann es allerdings nicht in Deutsch finden. Synchronisierst du deine phantastische Filme nicht, oder kann ich sie nur nicht finden. Wenn es den Film auch in unserer Sprache gibt, wäre ein Link in deiner Infobox unter dem Stream für uns Nutzer auch sehr nützlich, oder? Ich wünsche dir noch einen erholsamen Abend - LG Jochen
Russell White
Russell White 17 gün önce
PETG seems to react almost like a really thick non-Newtonian fluid, goes hard and brittle under impact but stretches and goes almost liquid under sustained load. I wonder if it has non-newtonian properties at higher temps in its fluid state. I want to experiment now...
sonstigeheinz 19 gün önce
Best video i've seen to this topic
GraveUypo 19 gün önce
i'm not an avid printer, my printer doesn't even have a year yet either. i've been printing with PLA, but now i got some other filaments to try and i'll never go back to pla as my main filament. the extra temperature resistance petg offers makes all the difference. 60c is pretty common in real world uses, 80c is not. ASA does seem like it would be even better though. although the stretchiness of petg is very desirable.
D.M.P B 21 gün önce
ok got a few answers here that i was curious about , i am going to be purchasing a 3d printer soon and was trying to think best place to put it temperature wise bedroom and the back library in winter both stay cooler in the 65f range ( 18c) and side alcover off the dining room can vary because of pellet wood stove but more in range of 78 to 80 f roughly 25.5c to 26.5
josh bishop
josh bishop 22 gün önce
You need to test plain/natural petg, with no pigment. In my testing, whatever black pigment is used for black petg makes it incredibly weak.
Daniel S
Daniel S 22 gün önce
I think German accents are the new British accents.
Alejandro Ajhuacho Loza
Alejandro Ajhuacho Loza 25 gün önce
Wonderfull video!!!!! Hey Josef, did you based on an academic documentation? I'm doing an investigations with some points you showed here
Johan Braanen
Johan Braanen 27 gün önce
This is TV quality production with better content.
maggoli67 27 gün önce
PLA brought me here from a VERY different playlist...aber ich bin ein print-dude-wannabe! Will watch later! Bis bald, mein gut Herr!
Nicholas Willcox
Nicholas Willcox 28 gün önce
Unfortunately the prices for Prusa PETG are astronomical compared to others...and it's grossly not worth it...
Kevin 29 gün önce
Great video. I am now having second thoughts for using PLA for battery holder
Stathis Bikos
Stathis Bikos Aylar önce
I could swear there was a video comparing ASA natural vs ASA colored layer adhesion. But I can't find it. Is there such data?
WaschyNumber1 Aylar önce
Wher can I find the tensile strength of 3d printer filaments 🤔
WaschyNumber1 Aylar önce
What 3d printer filament would be best for a swaging tool, to make pure Lead pellets(or other stuff) ect 🤔
Relaxation Station
Relaxation Station Aylar önce
I live in texas so asa it is lolol
Extectic Aylar önce
I'm fairly convinced ASA does need that properly heated cabinet and a hotter plate to minimize issues and maximize strength. ASA also has the benefit of being acetone vapor polishable, which may be nice for decorative finishes. But yeah, enclosure and heat.
overbuilt automotive
overbuilt automotive Aylar önce
i hate PLA to extremely heat sensitive in its self makes it useless
Zipp4Everyone Aylar önce
Its true that stiffness does not equal strength, but its also very important to remember that tension stress isnt the only parameter that matters when doing strength testing. Id like to see you test all 5 pillars of mechanical stress: tension, compression, bending, shear, and torsion.
yenaurapourtoulmonde Aylar önce
So sad that you didn't include carbon fiber charged materials...
Dmitri Aylar önce
What is the diff between PET and PETG? a newbie.
InCraft Aylar önce
why am i watching this at 3am, i don't even have a 3d printer.
Chris Epler
Chris Epler Aylar önce
Fabio Cardoso
Fabio Cardoso Aylar önce
Great analysis, thanks. How do you get that perfection on printing those boats?
Mr. Alabama
Mr. Alabama Aylar önce
Du sprichst echt gutes Englisch :)
Dirty Red
Dirty Red Aylar önce
Thank you for sharing!
Hezarth Aylar önce
Im interested printing airsoft part & accessory Tempreture : It seems ASA is best choice since i would be outdoor in middle of sun heat Impact strength : ASA also help a lot if i accidently tripped or hit my opponent Strength : ASA strength slightly lower than PLA, which is not a big deal since my toy wont exert lot of force on them Rigidity : idk, ASA rigidity might a slight problem for picatinny optic part stay zeroed i guess But i would like to give it a try since im not printing anything yet, thanks you sir for simple test
doyle maleche
doyle maleche Aylar önce
Well done! Outstanding objective testing. thank you!
Gary Ellis
Gary Ellis Aylar önce
I make canes for local military veterans. Been trying to figure out which material would work best for continuous impact and beable to support an average force of 250lbs, the models I've tried so far on the printer have a high tendency of separating where the handle screws onto the shafts. Any advice would be usefull, absolute last thing I want is for a handle to fail and someone get hurt
totalynotfunny guy
totalynotfunny guy Aylar önce
that was one big ass ad...
Jazz Ortiz
Jazz Ortiz Aylar önce
Thanks for the video I'm creating a new lacrosse head and was looking for material suggestions, it seems ASA is what I need for impact and heat resistance and needs to be fairly stiff.
Brandon Horsley
Brandon Horsley Aylar önce
Hey @CNCKitchen. Is there any advantage to using two materials (PETG and PLA) in a dual head extruder, and printing a single model with both materials?
ToX1nE Aylar önce
for parts that goes in a car ASA ?
adımı niye okuyorsun...
adımı niye okuyorsun... Aylar önce
Materials engineer here, even thou the tests are not standard, they are pretty decent to compare the materials. I would prefer petg hands down for most applications. Petg is a very sweet spot of additive manufacturing filaments. It is watertight with 1.75 mm wall thickness, can handle temperatures up to 75-80 degrees, ductile at low strain rates, moderate fracture strength, moderate impact strength, stiffness is a bit low but when you get a wall thickness of around 3mm, its very stiff. It is a very sweet material to 3d print structural parts.
Alex Ackerman
Alex Ackerman Aylar önce
My big problem with PLA is the large amount of creep that occurs in loaded parts.
ed4et 2 aylar önce
ты лучший, очень доходчиво и понятно даже в том случае, что я плохо знаю английский you are the best, very intelligible and understandable even in the case that I do not know English well
XxBanziixX1 2 aylar önce
Another factor I consider is workability. I make models that sometimes need to be sanded for cosmetic and fitting. PLA sands very badly and PETG really well and idk about ASA.
Lewis Rainwater
Lewis Rainwater 2 aylar önce
I need one optimized for being beat up and minimum weight.
simplygame 2 aylar önce
14:13 TLDR
Steve Kube
Steve Kube 2 aylar önce
Thank you for a well-done comparison test. One thing I'm very interested in is how to make a clean surface over support areas. I'd choose PLA for a good-looking model, but PETG for strength and flexibility, but I'd go for the one that gave the smoothest surface over a support area.
Braedyn John
Braedyn John 2 aylar önce
Abs and pla pla for low stress parts and esthetic abs high stress parts
Χρήστος Ιωάννου
Χρήστος Ιωάννου 2 aylar önce
One of the best tests I've seen to date. It would be very useful to see how Green Tec Pro reacts. If you could include it.
Samuel Rippe
Samuel Rippe 2 aylar önce
So Probably going to stick with pla.
mrCharles 2 aylar önce
that green pla looks so clean!
Fun & Family
Fun & Family 2 aylar önce
I’m sorry, too much fluff, prefer fast to the point, thanks for your efforts
mykotron 3 aylar önce
Man printing on the edges of the bed like that isn't something I can do on my Ender 3. Is it possible to dial in the Ender 3 to do this?
Karl Pearson
Karl Pearson 3 aylar önce
I prefer PET-G because it's less brittle...
James Melton
James Melton 3 aylar önce
I'm really grateful for you amd this channel. Being new to 3D printing, caring about the subjects of your content, but lacking the time to learn on my own, your contributions cannot be understated. Please keep up the fantastic work! You have made a huge impact on me already, and allowed me to produce amazing things!
PBMS123 3 aylar önce
I'm not sure that there wasn't an issue with these prints, the fact that PETG failed so much worse than PLA, especially in the Layer adhesion test, where PLA is supposed to have worse layer adhesion.
dinesh tamang
dinesh tamang 3 aylar önce
PETG is a good upgrade after PLA, Here is the one i use ,
Mert Nazmi Serin
Mert Nazmi Serin 3 aylar önce
Perfect test but i wish all the materials may the same color. Because generally the painting substances changes the purity of the main material. Such as black colored materials. Generally carbon uses for black color. And thats makes the material more stiffnes but lower the tougness.
asus asus
asus asus 3 aylar önce
Tyler Carver
Tyler Carver 3 aylar önce
I print asa on a Zortrax M200 with a full heated enclosure and in my experience the part strength of asa printed PROPERLY is well beyond either of the other thermoplastics, I also find that asa shows its true strength at 100% infill with 0.10 layer height and acetone vapor smoothing. I print firearm parts which push these plastics to their limits and would only consider composit nylon thermoplastics to be superior to ASA for this application
Tigran Ohanyan
Tigran Ohanyan 3 aylar önce
Layer adhesion is the best for PETG and it allows to print functional parts. Layer adhesion for ABS or ASA is the worst. PLA not temperature resistant. So PETG is the winner for functional parts. For me PETG rocks. The rest is a garbage.
Kurt Remi Slettmyr
Kurt Remi Slettmyr 3 aylar önce
What about making a comprehensive test on all of the best known suppliers. I bet you can make them send you free samples to test. I would certainly watch it 😊
Rick Mortyn
Rick Mortyn 3 aylar önce
Что за бред, заголовок на русском, текст на иностранном? Собаки сутулые. Всё равно ничего не понятно. Жаль, что дизлайки видосам по факту не вредят..
T F 3 aylar önce
hi...and peek test?
Paulo de Souza Lima
Paulo de Souza Lima 3 aylar önce
I have experienced completely different results. PETG is more resistant than ABS and by far than PLA, including PLA+, in both printing directions, simply because PETG is stickier and layers are firmly glued to each other. But, as you said, there are a number of variables to consider and it's one's own experience that counts. Good video.
Aleks Bigboy
Aleks Bigboy 3 aylar önce
I use pla becuase I know nothing about filament or ender 3
Expl0sive Din0mite
Expl0sive Din0mite 3 aylar önce
I normally use pla and abs because they are both strong and I can print both easily
Rylee Isitt
Rylee Isitt 3 aylar önce
I have been using Prusament galaxy black PLA and Prusament anthracite grey PETG for robotics projects, on a Prusa Mini+ with mostly default profiles. I usually use PETG for motor mounts since the motors can get warmish and I'm worried about the PLA deforming. But the PETG is so much harder to break by hand. It's especially noticeable for thin-walled objects (and when attempting to remove supports by hand). I am not entirely sure how to reconcile this with your results. Perhaps the failure mode of PETG (bending rather than breaking) just feels more sturdy in the hand.
Rustknuckle Irongut
Rustknuckle Irongut 4 aylar önce
Your testing is flawed as you introduce leverage forces in your hook. So unless you accounted for the hooks being bent left during load as well as pulled down your numbers will be off. You basically tested what material resists leverage better rather than what material is best at resisting a linear pulling force.
dorkwin 4 aylar önce
Was anyone else surprised by the ASA strength test results? I am so glad I saw this before printing some important parts from ASA
Sid Hintzsche
Sid Hintzsche 4 aylar önce
Wow Stefan, ich kann nur sagen deine Videos haben wirklich eine durchgängige Profi Qualität! Die Mühe die du dir mir deinen Experimenten machst, da kommt hier kaum wer ran. Immer wieder sehr interessant! Ich hätte nicht erwartet dass PLA doch noch so gut abschneidet! (Hitze test mal außen vor xD)
CNC Kitchen
CNC Kitchen 4 aylar önce
Vielen Dank! Da bist Du nicht der Einzige, der PLA unterschätzt.
Issam BATTI 4 aylar önce
Hello, what is the best filament to print parts for homemade CNC laser cutter ? I have a Prusa Mini + Thank you
Tayfun SeveNN
Tayfun SeveNN 4 aylar önce
now everybody wonders which material did you use for making test machine lol
Brinda Mcnally
Brinda Mcnally 5 aylar önce
The silky purple maternally scorch because tiger intialy milk circa a quiet voice. telling, yummy makeup
Charles Givilancz
Charles Givilancz 5 aylar önce
I only use PETG for my parts.
Nightcore Fusion
Nightcore Fusion 5 aylar önce
I mostly use PLA just due to the ease of printing. Things that don't need to be load bearing mostly. If I'm printing a bracket or something to support a good deal of weight, I'll usually use PETG. (I'm never too bothered by the differences between brands. I just go by what I can afford on the day.) But if I'm in a pinch or if I need to print a lot of small objects all at once, I'll use ABS for it's low stringing qualities and low density (meaning a get much more on a 1KG spool than with PLA or PETG.)
Volfan 5 aylar önce
Did you have a specific infill pattern or did you just keep them all solid?
Donald Hollingsworth
Donald Hollingsworth 5 aylar önce
What is the best filament to use to achieve a great surface finish? Something like a 63 surface finish you would get with machining a part?
Donald Hollingsworth
Donald Hollingsworth 5 aylar önce
@CNC Kitchen Thank you for the information.
CNC Kitchen
CNC Kitchen 5 aylar önce
Resin maybe? Otherwise, print slow, print with low temperatures and with a small layer height.
Two Point Oh
Two Point Oh 5 aylar önce
i dont *own* a 3d printer, i dont *want* a 3d printer, ive never *used* a 3d printer... but i'm hella enjoyin these videos
Eonbree 5 aylar önce
this is what i want, thank you
The Lab-X
The Lab-X 5 aylar önce
Systematic and scientific analysis. Great job!
Peter Rothfels
Peter Rothfels 5 aylar önce
Thanks for this really informative video. PLA is the mechanically best choice but there are some cons: PLA is quite rigid but really hygroscopic, not food safe and neither chemical nor UV resistant. If I neeed the mechanical strength of PLA (or even more) I print carbon fibre reinforced PETG (using a hardened steel nozzle). Usually I print standard PETG although prints are not as pretty as PLA prints. I would be interested how much better layer adhesion performs with carbon reinforced filament against a non reinforced counterpart.
Abraham Lorenzo
Abraham Lorenzo 5 aylar önce
Might be a taboo question for some of you but, does anyone know the best filament for making airsoft bodykits/attachments I'm looking for something durable and not at all flimsy?
Carr Rebuilds
Carr Rebuilds 5 aylar önce
Great information! Thank you for all the work you put into these tests! I just started using a 3D printer and have only used PLA. I plan to get some smaller spools of PETG and ABS soon to see how it works.
Technico 5 aylar önce
Are you german
Smiley Face
Smiley Face 5 aylar önce
Léo 5 aylar önce
Hey, would you share the test parts you printed in this video ?
Aaron Liu
Aaron Liu 5 aylar önce
pla because easy to print
SoundMind TV
SoundMind TV 5 aylar önce
Very informative, thank you
Adventure Brad
Adventure Brad 5 aylar önce
Haven't played with abs/asa due to the gasses and need for a enclosure but petg is my favorite over pla for general uses. My environment can vary from Alaska in the winter to Arizona in the summer so petg has proven the most reliable. Thanks for the videos!
auroraglacialis 5 aylar önce
I started using ABS instead of PLA right away because I read a lot that it is a more stronger material, but apparently it is not really that. The only advantage seems to be that its heat resistant and better in impacts. So I might actually use PLA now , its less hassle and seems to be even stronger material. What do you think? The parts I am printing right now are for holing a stepper motor that will cause a force when it turns and the other is kind of a mold that holds on to a metal rot of 1 meter length which has a certain weight that the part will have to hold. So for the motor I guess the heat may be a problem, so maybe ABS is good after all, but for the other parts that will experience some force, I now think PLA might actually be better. However one big advantage of ABS is acetone vapor finishing - this looks a lot nicer than spending hours sanding the PLA with various grain size sanding paper until it is smooth.
Usman Qureshi
Usman Qureshi 5 aylar önce
This guy does what i do in assignments for fun
Obdnanr smith
Obdnanr smith 5 aylar önce
At first I was thinking I'd go with ABS for my outdoor really annoying and very large driveway sign idea, until I found out about ASA. Except I need to be build an enclosure now, since each piece is as big as my Ender3 can print. Unless IdeaMaker's new texture feature can help with the warping of ASA. That would be an interesting to see a test video with a these filaments and texturing. Before I go off trying to print a 10 foot tall circular "Lego tower" and fail a whole lot.
Dan Berman
Dan Berman 6 aylar önce
cring, why stick the filament through the holes in the spool, they have the clip/channel built into the inside of the spool so that it doesn't have the have that bend and the filament can stick out the end.
mark lee
mark lee 6 aylar önce
ABS for me. As I stay at a tropical country, no moisture issue like PLA. PLA is really good if the environment is dry. I have many instances where I would need to re tube the filament when I don't print often. And sometimes I would need to rework, ie baking it, the whole spool or discard it away.
Chris Eadie
Chris Eadie 6 aylar önce
@CNC Kitchen where do you buy a load cell like this?
Vincent Demma
Vincent Demma 6 aylar önce
this felt more like and add for prusa products over an actual informative test. could have done without all the plugging
MWB Gaming
MWB Gaming 6 aylar önce
German engineering: nothing can stop it
Andrew Wilkins
Andrew Wilkins 6 aylar önce
listening to this while my quadcopter with PETG is halfway through the print....fack
Graphic design for Free
Graphic design for Free 6 aylar önce
Very interesting, thanks!
geert remans
geert remans 6 aylar önce
did you ever used galaxy black? at what temp? got this week a new spool an nothing works, it clogs my nozzle every time i'm using a mini prusa
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