The Greatest Solo of All Time

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Rick Beato

2 aylar önce

In this episode I discuss what I believe is the Greatest Solo of All Time. This musician had a massive impact on mine and many others, musical journeys.

Original Video:

Aimee Nolte Music:


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Rick Beato
Rick Beato Aylar önce
For those non-musicians that have written to me you can donate to my channel through this link on my website Or you can become a member of the Beato Club. My Beato Club is exactly like Patreon.
Keith Townsend
Keith Townsend 20 gün önce
Rick just "Thank-you" l can more than appreciate your love & knowledge of music. IMO it's 2nd to none. Just love your videos! - Keith Townsend -
John Norris
John Norris 24 gün önce
I think that this track was OSCAR saying watch me lock the orchestra out by purely music. Quite a feat to achieve. Genius. If you got it.
Kevin Kilgore
Kevin Kilgore 24 gün önce
just want to say that "improvisation" is a murky word for me, but this IS a GREAT video to introduce people to a trio that is beyond imagination for most people... SO SOLID. truly great. Perhaps you might do a video on the subject of improv, how it is developed and instituted in playing. I am certain you are aware of the broader signification of the word improvisation but for MANY people they believe it is just inventing on the fly when in reality it is NOT. There is practice and thinking that is CRUCIAL BEFORE ANY improvisation on this level.
ben lee
ben lee 25 gün önce
Love it brother keep posting videos like this amazing tickling of the key's you are the man..
ingsve Saatler önce
I guess this is something where you have to be a musician to appreciate because to me it's simply not interesting music. I get that it might be impressively done but I just don't find any pleasure in listening to it.
Nikolaj Ihlemann
Nikolaj Ihlemann 2 saatler önce
Extreme shredding! Amazing!
rob sinclaire
rob sinclaire 3 saatler önce
Jumpin' At The Woodside - Count Basie & Oscar!
Jay Slangen
Jay Slangen 7 saatler önce
I love your big statement titles that never disappoint.
Nate Frary
Nate Frary 9 saatler önce
The unmitigated joy on your face while you were listening to something you have undoubtedly listened to many times was awesome to watch.
Paul Dockree
Paul Dockree 17 saatler önce
Can I paraphrase Liar Liar. I have heard better. There is an "illegal in how many States and the surname Craine/Crane" subtext. But seriously folks - and Rick Beato - the greatest solo I heard of all my time hearing - so far. Oscar Peterson. Et al R.I.P.
zxc1972 20 saatler önce
3 seconds in and you're wrong! now i'm gonna settle down and see what you actually have to say!
Macrae Morse
Macrae Morse 23 saatler önce
My dad was also a huge Oscar fan and I listened to a lot of his music when I was very young. When I was about 12, I ended up in the hospital for a couple of weeks and shared a room with an old guy from Montreal. He was Oscar's piano teacher when he was young and was so happy that a 12 year old was an Oscar fan. I was so impressed to meet his teacher.
Jon Stein
Jon Stein Gün önce
My dad also turned me on to Oscar when I was young and I ended up becoming a jazz pianist myself. Your enthusiasm Rick has brought back the magic of those early musical experiences - thank you and keep up the great work you're doing on behalf of music, musicians, and fans. Brilliant!
Brian M
Brian M Gün önce
No idea why I've never heard of this Oscar solo...holy crap!!! How the HELL is it that NO ONE in that audience went flying out of their seats as soon as the last note was played?? If I'd been there, I think I would've jumped up with such force that they'd only see my feet dangling through a hole in the ceiling!!
cooltrain27 Gün önce
I clicked on this thinking it would be some killer guitar solo. The thing is, I’m 3 months into learning piano and my mind is completely blown! Thank you so much for this Rick! Now I know about Oscar because of you.
Mck Idyl
Mck Idyl 2 gün önce
Rick, this may be the greatest Rick Beato post of all time.
Mark Ferri
Mark Ferri 2 gün önce
Rick I grew up east of you in Schenectady. My pop was into bebop also and his fave player was Charlie Parker. He LOVED Bird! As you know Autumn in New York is lovely and so is that song with Bird on alto sax, Mitch Miller on oboe, Ray Brown on bass and Buddy Rich on drums. Takes me right back to NY this time of year!
Illiad mcswain
Illiad mcswain 3 gün önce
Okay...two comments on here...probably one of the best piano players to ever play...with my limited jazz knowledge.
CHARLES LORD 4 gün önce
Keith Emerson was the greatest (IMO) rock keyboardist of the 20th century... But Oscar was THE GREATEST overall. RIP both of you!
dave minion
dave minion 4 gün önce
wow your dad was so old he literally grew up Civil War vets, mad props. plus he shares his love of music with his son, which is pretty cool too!
David Harrison
David Harrison 4 gün önce
10:43 a lick from Charlie Parker's Au Privave... gorgeous
Squire Hogg
Squire Hogg 5 gün önce
this is great stuff in that it is informative, in-depth, and illustrative about Jazz, a musical art form that must never die. And it's video about a great musician, among great musicians. I would not argue against this being the greatest jazz solo of all time.
Squire Hogg
Squire Hogg 5 gün önce
my side story- I could have executed about 65% of this performance when I was in my hey day as a piano player as a youth. I was never a professional musician, but studied piano with Alan Swain in Evanston Illinois. My dad played bass with Denny Zeitlin, when Denny was a young man. I worked at Ravinia and was allowed to do a sound check on the Bosendorfer before Oscar's concert in the summer of 1984.
delroy64 5 gün önce
Been putting out great content lately.
Dystopian63 5 gün önce
cool breakdown. Dude, please de-interlace the old footage before posting. The fingers are the give away.
Christopher Gomez
Christopher Gomez 5 gün önce
wow nice to see oscar peterson content getting 1.2 millions views!! Bravo sir!!!
John M
John M 5 gün önce
I guess it is good, but I hate it
Magnus McKie
Magnus McKie 5 gün önce
My dad had a couple of Oscar Peterson’s records, but was a bigger fan of Art Tatum who still blows my mind. Have you got an Art Tatum video Rick...?
jelyfisher 6 gün önce
Usually jazz just sounds messy to me, but yeah. This was phenomenal.
Marcelo Ramos
Marcelo Ramos 6 gün önce
gracias ricky
Gen Lic Sum Poon
Gen Lic Sum Poon 6 gün önce
Music is very subjective. While I'll agree this guy is talented, I'll also say it's not enjoyable whatsoever for me to listen to. There are many genres for a reason. To call this the best of anything is purely subjective.
PJRE 7 gün önce
Bless you Rick, lovin' it!
Walid Sahraoui
Walid Sahraoui 7 gün önce
You just got a New subscriber from Algeria. Absolutly wonderful video,Thank you.
Ross Buchanan
Ross Buchanan 7 gün önce
I love it. Oscar was pretty much my introduction to not only jazz, but what it is to experience musical genius - when I was about 14 yrs old. He has had a massive impact on me. This video is awesome - it reminds me that there are so many people deeply affected by Oscar the same was I was (and still am..) Mindboggling!
Dalibor Kollár
Dalibor Kollár 7 gün önce
I would love to see Rick checking some artists from even older era, like Django Reinhardt for example
bassmith448 bassist
bassmith448 bassist 7 gün önce
The man has two brains. One for the left hand, one for the right!!!!
bassmith448 bassist
bassmith448 bassist 7 gün önce
Cause Oscar Peterson has more chops than Porky Pig that's why!!!!!!
idcook 8 gün önce
I listen to Peterson on rate occasion because his playing (pardon me) is just so fkin insane that I can barely stop mentally and physically oohing and ahhing long enough to just sit and listen. Maybe the very best pianist ever.
Michael Vickers
Michael Vickers 8 gün önce
Great video! I've been a Oscar fan for ever! Both Tatum and Mr Peterson are amazing!!!;
Alina Sings
Alina Sings 8 gün önce
What is the correct spelling for Amy Nolteen soI can't find her channel? Please. I LOVE Beato's passion and knowledge! He's so great!
Joris Donkel
Joris Donkel 8 gün önce
I'm not into be-bop, blues, jazz and all that kind of music, it never crossed my life. That's no value judgement, it's just describing where I come from. I also never heard of Rick Beato. Just call me ignorant. Then I stumbled upon a video of him talking with my musical hero Brian May, analysing the genius of Freddie Mercury and the song 'Bohemian rhapsody'. Fascinating! From there I landed on this clip "The greatest solo of all time", expected a guitar solo and then heard and saw this!!!! Oscar Peterson was not an unfamiliar name to me, but what and how he played was! I'm absolutely flabbergasted by this solo and thank Rick for sharing his passion for it with the world ad now me!
MIKE VALAM 8 gün önce
PhotoDaveJax 8 gün önce
Amaaaazing!!! 😳
Philip Grice
Philip Grice 8 gün önce
Ronnie Scott's was a great jazz bar. The only problem was being in Britain, there was no air conditioning. When it was crowded, which it usually was, it was hot, humid and the music was fucking awesome! I missed Oscar Peterson but was there for Jimi Hendrix. Oh yeah!
Danny Hood
Danny Hood 8 gün önce
The difference between a 1 4 5 blues rhythm played bee bop on guitar and rock n roll blues is astronomical. Im no jazz guy, but that raw example of Rick playing bee bop puts rock blues rhythm too shame.
KD Stable
KD Stable 9 gün önce
You're just a rich, talkative, instrument collector
mmakshak 9 gün önce
Duane Allman on Boz Scaggs' "Loan me a Dime". I guess I'm talking about music or notes I would never have thought of, while you might be talking about the technical abilities of the musician.
Taylor Conliff
Taylor Conliff 9 gün önce
You should do a “what makes this song great” on Janis Joplin
Hans Von Mannschaft
Hans Von Mannschaft 9 gün önce
I believe I could do, with some effort, a couple things the people on the video did. I mean... sitting on a chair, and with some help (for the moment), properly assembling a tie knot. Hey! Something's something!
Carlos Cappellini
Carlos Cappellini 9 gün önce
It is a matter of taste, but IMHO Kenny Kirkland's solo on "Giant Steps" live has suprême spice. Lyle Mays on "Straight on Red" from the Travels album...tasty. Keith Jarrett on "Oleo" live.. And so on...
Jim Baxter
Jim Baxter 9 gün önce
Staggering use of chromatics all over the changes. Rhythm and time sig variations on basic R&B themes. Like a music 'tag your it' one plays the other sits idle.
canio giordano
canio giordano 10 gün önce
The Master Art Tatum docet.
Sam Ham
Sam Ham 10 gün önce
Deep Purple. You fool no one is the best...
Harry Aivaliotis
Harry Aivaliotis 10 gün önce
I learned a lot from your channel not only how you analyse things but also from the way you think and talk about history. Thank you so much for this.
Kevin Seel
Kevin Seel 10 gün önce
OMG, that was mind blowing. So many good memories enjoying and appreciating jazz with my dad, like you. I miss him and I need to listen to more jazz!
Alessandro Rossini
Alessandro Rossini 10 gün önce
Legendary, unbelivable, unreachable level... mind-boggling... holy cow...😱
Derek Brodehl
Derek Brodehl 10 gün önce
Nobody’s going to get this reference in 2021, but I’d bet it’s this performance that killed Chico Marx.
Gene McFadden
Gene McFadden 10 gün önce
Emphyrio Hazzl
Emphyrio Hazzl 10 gün önce
I would really be delighted of a musical analysis of the song "Suffering of the Stream" by And Also The Trees (although there are a lot of other candidates in their repertoire that kinda baffle me musically, the sleepers for instance for more recent ones). It's most likely not much the type of music you enjoy but I think they would be very interesting to analyse nonetheless. Really loved your analysis of Sting's modal composing, among many others :). Keep making amazing videos!
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 11 gün önce
Why keeping making videos about jazz, when 99% of the general public finds jazz boring, repugnant, and unappealing? I remember playing a great jazz record for my friends and they said stuff like, "yeah, that's just 'jamming.' I don't like listening to someone who is 'jamming' because it's boring. They're getting enjoyment out of playing it, but I'm not getting any by listening to it." Analysis of pop tunes is more interesting because pop tunes are more pleasing and entertaining to the audience.
dat2ra 11 gün önce
Bull! That so-called music of Oscar Peterson is nothin' compared to the brilliance of "nigga" this, "nigga" that and "muthafukka" of modern rap and hip hop.
Alfred Dowaliby
Alfred Dowaliby 11 gün önce
Rick, thank you for this and for your wonderful enthusiasm and spot-on commentary/interpretation! This is undoubtedly THEE greatest solo of all time. And I don't even feel like I'm going out on a limb by saying the greatest playing, on any instrument, in any genre, by anyone, ever.
t4fnut 11 gün önce
If you want more of Oscar, and there is plenty, I would recommend Indiana, I Can’t Get Started, a medley of I Loves You Porgy/Georgia and some others.
couchdr 11 gün önce
Unbelievable, thank you for sharing this Rick. Absolutely amazing.
johann daccarett
johann daccarett 12 gün önce
can onlon
can onlon 12 gün önce
Keep the flame burning - a Talent like Oscar Peterson should be remembered for future generations to appreciate. Great job Rick.
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander 12 gün önce
Sorrea 12 gün önce
In all those years, audience still have not learned when not to clap. ClapCattle. Clapping while music plays, clapping when singers sing their tune, drowning out whatever is done. If there really is one of those idiots with an applause sign, shoot him, pl0x
Jason Jones
Jason Jones 12 gün önce
What blows my mind is how they can carry through these complex metric modulations at crazy tempos, and still come out at the exact pulse from start to finish. See 3:33 and 13:33
John Livington
John Livington 12 gün önce
That was insane piano playing thank you rick
tim johnson
tim johnson 12 gün önce
It was ok.
Kelly Coleman
Kelly Coleman 12 gün önce
Oscar is the greatest pianist of all time.
Msq3dman 12 gün önce
I can see Oscar Peterson's influence on Hiromi's solo in Seeker. Phenomenal musicianship, and thank you for highlighting such talent! Your the best, Rick!
A Cor
A Cor 13 gün önce
,(August 15, 1925 - December 23, 2007) was a Canadian jazz pianist, virtuoso and composer. He was called the "Maharaja of the keyboard" by Duke Ellington, simply "O.P." by his friends, and informally in the jazz community as "the King of inside swing
matotuHELL 13 gün önce
Wonderful video. I did not know Oscar, so thank you for introducing him. The playing is crazy and your commentary adds a lot insigh.
R Reichel
R Reichel 13 gün önce
Greatest solo of all times in my opinion is In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly
Jiii Piii
Jiii Piii 13 gün önce
november rain is my fave solo of all timw
Johnboy 13 gün önce
Ummmm No.
Thomas Guitarman
Thomas Guitarman 14 gün önce
Oscar Peterson is hands down the greatest jazz piano player ever in my opinion and maybe the greatest jazz musician ever
Fifth Business
Fifth Business 10 gün önce
As a Canadian I’d love to agree with you, but that’s a tough one. Art Tatum, Thelonius Monk ...
Alex Tseng
Alex Tseng 14 gün önce
mind blown
New Chapter
New Chapter 14 gün önce
And today's young 'auto tune' kids 'think' they have talent. My God.
Lawrence Shuda
Lawrence Shuda 14 gün önce
Paul Leavitt
Paul Leavitt 14 gün önce
Unbelievable!! Wow!!
lps warrior fan 186
lps warrior fan 186 14 gün önce
3 seconds in and I'm saying either Comfortably Number (Live from Delicate Sound of Thunder) or No More Tears.
sainteal 14 gün önce
Love these Jazz videos you do! They are the ones that I watch the most! Jazz is a true American Art form that more people should be aware of! Oscar was an amazing player and is a legend in every sense of the word!
The X Stream Network
The X Stream Network 15 gün önce
BB King. Less is more.
Lidy Beff
Lidy Beff 15 gün önce
I accidentally watched this, it should have a Jazz warning. A discordant noise that assaults my eardrums.
Steve Suveg
Steve Suveg 15 gün önce
What about Oscar plays Gerswin? Thats the album my Dad gave me that changed my life. Great job Rick!
Leo Verran
Leo Verran 15 gün önce
How bout shut the f up and listen
Sabrina Cadini
Sabrina Cadini 15 gün önce
I just found you on TRshow, Rick, and I love your videos! My father was a jazz musician and later editor at a jazz magazine in Italy. I grew up listening to jazz music every day in the house since I was a baby, and Oscar Peterson was one of his favorite musicians as well ❤️
Loafer69 Keysndrums
Loafer69 Keysndrums 15 gün önce
Imagine being there for that. Huge privilege.
Loafer69 Keysndrums
Loafer69 Keysndrums 15 gün önce
My Dad introduced me to Peterson. 😊
Dan Ward
Dan Ward 15 gün önce
How about George duke one of the best !
Steven Smith
Steven Smith 15 gün önce
Sublime. More of this, please.
Aerochic 15 gün önce
Videos like THIS is why I love your channel! :)
Pete Randall
Pete Randall 15 gün önce
Wicked! Blew me away!
Yesman 2
Yesman 2 16 gün önce
See, the thing is, back in 1974 we were only into rock music so our fave keyboard players were Emerson, Wakeman, Lord etc. God this is shockingly good, wish I’d been into jazz at the time. Gonna get me some Oscar Peterson albums after this. Better late than never.
Jarkko Jousmaa
Jarkko Jousmaa 16 gün önce
Jazz is such a universal music genre. Usually almost all other music genres respects Jazz music, or at least jazz players. This video is a great example of that. Incredible. just amazing.
Matt Blatchley
Matt Blatchley 16 gün önce
I'm not a jazz guy, but THAT is beyond alive and full of utter joy...thank you for sharing this with us Rick!
Gerald Gauthier
Gerald Gauthier 16 gün önce
Macavalon 16 gün önce
It's impossible
Splotbang 16 gün önce
Check out Oscar Peterson live in Berlin, recorded in 85. About 30 minutes in he let's it rip with a solo only he could pull off. The production quality of the video and the musicianship on this recording is as good as it gets.
GARY FALKNER 16 gün önce
Saw Oscar Peterson in the 70s. .Sanno Hotel Tokyo
Renato Viana
Renato Viana 16 gün önce
Amazing video.
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