How to maintain Climbing Fitness with very little effort - Training routine

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Magnus Midtbø

Magnus Midtbø

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I train about 4 hours a week on average to maintain my climbing shape. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that I have climbed for 20+ years. But I still find it interesting.

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Tom Runge
Tom Runge Aylar önce
I myself, a climber, really do enjoy all the training videos as much or probably even more. It could possibly have an impact on my training which makes it valuable. So even if they dont seem to have more to offer than the videos with Adam, it pretty much depends on the target your aiming at. Its kind of awkward that so many people just watch because it looks entertaining but the main reason i am subscribed to this channel is the "tryhard" and the connecting to the sport. This comes alongside authenticity.
ravenruppie96 Aylar önce
What he said. Thanks for sharing as per usual!
David Amir
David Amir Aylar önce
I sort of agree with you - the reason I watch again and again is the climbing and the connection to the sport - but - initially when I started watching - I did not climb, its Magnus that actually made me want to climb and from V0 I can now do V5/V6. So - I am also interested in videos that will help me break this barrier and move on to V7/V8 :-)
charlie jeffrey
charlie jeffrey Aylar önce
Completely agree, seeing training videos like this helps me refresh my own lack of training
Marcel Aylar önce
Same here!
Alex Enders
Alex Enders Aylar önce
Ja mann!
ELJAMM0 Aylar önce
Magnus your videos are insane! Especially the million subscriber specials, you're looking tired though so don't burn yourself out for us, We're all still going to be here if you take a rest! Love the content.
Chad Tuinman
Chad Tuinman Aylar önce
No matter what I always learn something new in every one of your vids, even just watching you climb alone is enjoyable. ✌️
Mindy Reyes
Mindy Reyes Aylar önce
Absolutely agree with everyone's comments. Magnus, I play a lot of your older content in the background while I work, even with a beyond stressful week, your videos give me a mood boost so, I'll always be grateful and this fan will stick around too,
Deviljho Aylar önce
@Flippin Fiend you don’t realise just how much times it takes to plan out videos and edit them. Come up with ideas and such.
Let tuce
Let tuce Aylar önce
@ELJAMM0 Wow what an attitude. Talk to your own son that way, son. Don't disrespect some random person on the internet to defend a random internet personality. Very white knighty/fanboy of you, son.
Aleksandar Nikolic
Aleksandar Nikolic Aylar önce
Yeah, Whenever you need to take a rest from making videos at 3 o'clock in the morning because need a quite gym, do so. 'Cause why can't we wait. Your not our Mum.
Ari Messer
Ari Messer Aylar önce
Magnus there is no doubt that you’ve kept making better and better content as you’ve gone on! Views won’t always consistently go up, but your creativity, charisma, and insane brute strength is gonna keep bringing me and many more people back to see more
Mikko Rantalainen
Mikko Rantalainen 26 gün önce
And if you want views, you have to play by TRshow rules. Thumbnail and title matter a lot! See Veritasium video about the details if you're interested.
Sonny Knutson
Sonny Knutson Aylar önce
Agree! Don't put to high expectations on yourself. You will be more sad if you stop making videos. You do have good quality. You ARE the top climbing channel. No need to constantly aim for higher quality :) What you are doing is working so keep doing it ^_^
Grant Moser
Grant Moser Aylar önce
As a climber and someone who enjoys training/fitness I enjoy these kind of videos. Would love to see more. I will gladly watch.
lo ze
lo ze 19 gün önce
Yeah Magnus - don´t worry about the videos not being flashy enough. I think your followers value the actual content and the appearance comes second.
Dave MacLeod
Dave MacLeod Aylar önce
An important reminder that the factors involved in climbing hard are very broad and difficult to pin down. Thanks for that, I think it bears repeating often!
Tom Middleton
Tom Middleton Aylar önce
Get magnus on some hard scottish trad dave!
Dante Law
Dante Law Aylar önce
Dave MacLeod and Magnus Midtbø collab confirmed :)
livehardxlovehard Aylar önce
This is a great video. For those of us who have been watching you for a long time, these videos are highly enjoyable. Please don't feel discouraged by the algorithm, which will of course show this less than the more "crowd-pleasing" videos like those with Adam. It is a real and valuable service to your regular viewers to make these training videos, and it's awesome that you do that for us even if it doesn't always make the video go viral.
blablabla1000able Aylar önce
Starting the video with a 90 seconds ad is probably not the best for the algorithm
livehardxlovehard Aylar önce
@TheBcoolGuy Exactly!
TheBcoolGuy Aylar önce
It's a niche, but it is valueable to those within it. Not everyone needs to see everything. It is fantastic to give something inspirational, educational, or insightful to those who will use it.
Majd Ramadan
Majd Ramadan Aylar önce
2:07 is just such a sick shot. Astounding work as always!
chaosengine Aylar önce
Yeah, no wonder he's only training for an hour or so if he does five problems at the same time...
Richard Doan
Richard Doan Aylar önce
It took me a little while to realize it wasn't five people. 😄
Case Regan
Case Regan Aylar önce
What you say about not wanting to do things unless you're getting better is so relatable! I feel like it's held me back in the past because when inevitably I hit a (temporary) peak I lose motivation. Everyone loves progress but the key is to love what you're doing too.
collard alexandre
collard alexandre Aylar önce
Agree with most people in the comment, I actually enjoy more training videos because it gives me motivation and also new training ideas. It is probably more relatable than a really hard boulder. Keep up and don't stress your content is really good. Love from France
Julius Krebber
Julius Krebber Aylar önce
Magnus, huge fan right here. You motivate me to try even harder and that's valuable to me. You look pretty tired though so if you need a rest, just take one, we'll still be there afterwords!
Life in colour
Life in colour Aylar önce
You can really see how much effort you put in this videos. It is so nice to watch you climb and how you film it.☺️
Dark Aylar önce
Please don't be discouraged by the algorithm, which will of course show this less than the more "crowd-pleasing" videos like those with Adam; making these training videos is a real and valuable service to your regular viewers, and it's awesome that you do it for us even if it doesn't always make the video go viral.
Thomas Meyer
Thomas Meyer Aylar önce
It's insane, that even when you post a video with content like this (just climbing and training) it still seems to get better and better with that insane production quality (the drone shots, the 5 Magnus's in the same picture etc.). But I feel kind of bad that you don't get to train more than 2 times a week because of us. So feel free to post whatever you feel like - or even include more sponsored content if that helps you with finding somebody to help you ease the load in terms of edit or anything. After all, we're all just addicts to your content and would watch most things you put out ;)
antE4 L
antE4 L Aylar önce
8:43 The reason Magnus can climb alone is because he (part)owns 4+ gyms... You forgot to mention that gives you the possibility to go there by night when it is closed, and not that you can close gyms during the day :D
Patrcia Clemons
Patrcia Clemons Aylar önce
Hour before it opens too
Lunacity Aylar önce
Lol, I don't think the gym would be in business long if Magnus came in every day like "everyone out, I've got a video to make!"
Aaron Aylar önce
Yea, I did realize that didn't quite answer the question. Jokes on him though, we have a 24h gym here.
emmy Aylar önce
honestly, i love those trainings videos at least as much as the collaboration ones. I take differnt kind of insight, entertainment, motivation from them, so for me the mix is what makes every video feel a littel bit better than the last one :)
Alex Tighe
Alex Tighe Aylar önce
I noticed a similar thing in my last few years competing in elite men's gymnastics. After so many years in the sport and so much muscle memory, I no longer needed the insane training regimes in order to maintain shape...and I actually started enjoying having more time for other things. I think mentally it was good for my mind to get outside of the gym and that positivity carried back over into training!
thomas Aylar önce
magnus, i really love this kind of video's! just climbing and also the calisthenics kind of training afterwards is really nice to look at. I think you don't have to be insecure about this kind of content because i love it and i think most people do, so keep going!!!
Jo MB Aylar önce
Don't fear the pressure Magnus! The videos with Adam were so good, but the essence of this channel is you. And that's why you have so much followers! Keep going!
Gwynbleidd Aylar önce
Don't compare yourself to Adam, Magnus! There will be always someone better. You're a great inspiration for a lot of climbers. But I understand it's hard to keep producing a better video each time. I really like the co-op videos with other climbers/athletes/military and so on. Great video, as always! ;)
amazuecos Aylar önce
There are some of your videos with superproduction, awesome editing and high quality content but these training seasons are pure gems. It make us feel we are watching our gym fellow who is able to send every possible beta. It make us wonder which one is gonna stop you, and dream about been so smooth as you even if It was only a 6A. There can possibly be huge gyms in Tokyo but the one we loved most was the tiny one you were training with locals. Just keep doing what you like cause for us It is gonna be always high quality videos.
John B
John B Aylar önce
This exactly what I was looking for especially when I go without climbing for a while.. thank you!
Florian Brenken
Florian Brenken Aylar önce
After watching since the very beginning, I must say, that these videos don't feel underwhelming at all! To me, they just feel like home :) there's nothing nicer than a classic magnus mitbø video! Keep up the great work!
Simon Aylar önce
Part of why I love your channel is because of the variety in content; from straight up climbing, really hard boulders than even you struggle on, collabs, challenges, training sessions, and everything in between, there's never a dull moment! Keep it Magnus!
Tejas Dharmaraj
Tejas Dharmaraj Aylar önce
We love them all- the ones where we feel like we're on vacation (Adam), ones where it's like hanging with the friends (Wide Boyz, Juji, Bouldering Bobat), ones where it's more personal (our favorite Normal Girl :-) ), and just coming home from vacation to pure climbing with your thoughts and insights. I feel especially grateful that you invite us into your world in all its forms. You also inspire me to keep trying and regain form and fitness even when there are peaks and valleys in that journey too. Thanks for all you do.
Climbing_Chef Aylar önce
They (the videos) don’t always have too be better, aslong as they are quality entaitainment which they have always been. Just continuing like has been done before. Great content love it
Eliška Handlířová
Eliška Handlířová Aylar önce
I enjoyed this video. You don't need to have something special in every new video. What I like a lot are your comments and ideas in between of boulders or exercises.
AzulM Aylar önce
Actually, it took me a while to watch the series with Adam because I was afraid of expecting too much and being disappointed, but this video I clicked on right away 'cause I know good old Magnus will never disappoint 👌🏻
Dylan Scott
Dylan Scott Aylar önce
Always appreciate the time and care you put into your videos, Magnus! Would really love a Q&A video where we could learn more about your experience training and hanging out with Adam 😁
Dmitry Aylar önce
Magnus, these types of videos were what initially got me interested in your content. As you branched out, tried things like arm wrestling, you made me realize that it's possible to be a climber and arm wrestler. Cool to see what you do to maintain your form! Stay strong!
Roger Aylar önce
Great content, as always. Keep doing videos as long as you can, Magnus! You're honestly my favourite youtuber and the only one I follow religiously. Good work.
Brevin Jones
Brevin Jones Aylar önce
Training for climbing is one of the things I’m most interested in growing in, keep making videos like this! I wanna learn what’s the most effective way to improve in the gym and out of the gym. Love your videos! Thank you for being so intentional!
nick petrunin
nick petrunin Aylar önce
Magnus, I started watching your videos when I first started climbing and have been watching them for 5 years now. You have inspired me with your dedication, skill and motivation in an awesome way, I feel like I'm a better climber directly from watching you and applying some of the concepts you go over in my training and climbing. Keep up the good stuff as I know you will!
Viktor Szuhai
Viktor Szuhai Aylar önce
Magnus, your content is great, cheer up, dude! All I can say is just a huge thank you for all the motivation what you give us to be a better climber and even more important: a better person. Climbing is important but I find it super that you show us how hard it is to manage all other aspects of life together if you are a climber. Businness, work, relationship, training the same time, these are challanges we face, too. That's what makes your content unique.
C & O Crux Crumbler's
C & O Crux Crumbler's Aylar önce
I love climbing. I love sharing my tryhard moments with others. I love watching and cheering on others during their tryhard moments. When all the pain you've endured finally pays off, and being able to share those times with everyone in the community is a beautiful thing no matter how its shaped or edited. Love your videos Magnus, just like I love alot of other hardcore climbers videos and I wish you many more enjoyable climbing sessions throughout the rest of your career!
Lorcan Mc Auley
Lorcan Mc Auley Aylar önce
What a nice comment 🙂
Noric Couderc
Noric Couderc Aylar önce
Like so many here, I can say that I also enjoy the more relaxed videos in the Oslo gym. I guess it doesn't really matter what Magnus does. What I like most about these videos is that Magnus is willing to say to the camera "I wasn't sure people would like this video after the collab with Ondra". That's very open and honest, and I think that's what people like.
Guillaume VACHON
Guillaume VACHON Aylar önce
Magnus, just after a monster double dyno of 2 meters : "it's a move, once you have done it once, it's okay". As all the elite sportsmen, you make such "extraordinary" exercises every day that you don't realise that us, mere mortals, will never be able to send such crazy moves ! Love it anyway, you are a great inspiration and even after the amazing series with Adam, you keep making good contents Magnus, don't worry !!!
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Aylar önce
For what it's worth, I actually really enjoy videos like this where it's just about training or a normal climbing session. It's really interesting to see what you do for training and how I can utilize some of these exercises in my own training. Don't worry so much all the time! People love your videos and I don't think anybody has any doubts about the quality of content you're releasing
Alexander Regentov
Alexander Regentov Aylar önce
Cheer up, Magnus, everything you do - is great, because you have passion! Don't lose yourself to approve-ish addiction. A business though, creating is about you having positive emotions after the process in the first place. We love what you do and how you do it irregardless whether it's a thrilling trip to a distant place like Jordan or a spicy weekend with bobats (not to mention hard training sessions, that are, naturally, a must). You improved so well since the first vid, just keep going like you want it to go :)
YesReneau Aylar önce
Yaaaaaaas. All these climbing videos come right after I have a super awesome bouldering session at the gym. So motivating.
Chris Croteau
Chris Croteau Aylar önce
From one perfectionist to another I know that you always have a concrete vision of where you want your channel to go and it is frustrating when you feel like you’re not progressing. However, I personally love watching your videos simply to watch you climb and train and get myself even more stoked to go climb or get my climbing fix when it’s not possible for me to go climb. Anything else, like collabs, trips and challenges are just the cherry on top! The best videos are the ones where you’re just psyched to be doing whatever you’re doing. Don’t be scared of doing videos like this where it’s just a chill, intimate session with some great tips, they always make my day better! Loved the layered simultaneous shot at the start too btw!
Manuel Manzano
Manuel Manzano Aylar önce
It would be pretty nice to see you climbing more on rock, traveling, project something hard and learn about the process. Even if you always says that it's not the content that most people like!!!
Sam Green
Sam Green Aylar önce
I agree, I'd love a video discussing what goes into a big project climb.
Andrzej Jagielski
Andrzej Jagielski Aylar önce
Hey Magnus! I love the training videos, it helps me to see your daily routine as well and think how I could use some of what you do to improve my climbing, I believe it is important to keep a mix of super unique stuff (like the one you've made with Adam) and this more practical videos on the channel. This way it is easier for me to relate to you, as I treat one as pure entertainment and the other as how-to. I'd love to see whether you keep any sort of diet? I was wondering if there's need to have dietary routine as well to be good (and consistent) at climbing as you are, even though you don't compete anymore. I'd love to watch the video on diet if you ever done one.
Philipp Puchner
Philipp Puchner Aylar önce
No. Ith as been covered more than once before, but maybe the last vid where he talks about it was too long ago. Main point: He just eats what he likes. Everything. When he was competing he had to restrain a bit of course, to be a few kg lighter, but then he said he was always grumpy and in a bad mood, so he really doen't miss it too much. But, just between us, i believe that what he defines as his "eating everything nutrition" is still "better" than what most of "us other ones" are probably eating. And if it is just the amount.
Kieran Mullee
Kieran Mullee Aylar önce
I still share your old training videos with friends when they ask me how to get stronger, particularly with hand/grip strength. Most other sports know nothing about hand strength compared to you and the climbing community. I find these videos extremely interesting and useful!
Hydalf 22
Hydalf 22 Aylar önce
Hello Magnus, I've been following you quite a while now, I think I speak for the community by saying that we love watching you in your normal environment just as much as we love watching you on big projects like with Adam. Your evolution is impressing and I'm sure it won't stop for now, but please don't put too much pressure on yourself, we love watching you anyways Best regards from France :)
Aarya Bhatt
Aarya Bhatt Aylar önce
Great job Magnus! I love all the new content you put out constantly for us and this video especially WAS AWESOME!!!
noone Aylar önce
As much as I absolutely loved the series with Adam I must say I also really enjoy the more mundane look into what you actually do for training and things that actually could help me be a better climber!
Lbr Phoenix
Lbr Phoenix Aylar önce
I love these types of videos!! It motivates me to train more and achieve my goals!!! Thank you so much :)
Dries van Oosten
Dries van Oosten Aylar önce
The videos you made with Adam were truly amazing and I understand that it might be hard to go back to "normal" videos. Just know that your "normal" videos are still inspiring amd helpful and vastly more valuable than most of youtube...
Ryan D
Ryan D 25 gün önce
Bruh, I joined the local gym the other day, you're truly inspiring, and I love how chill you come across. I've only just started bouldering, but this seems like a fantastic way to stay fit
The Colin Show
The Colin Show Aylar önce
Loved the video Magnus! I love seeing how different pro climbers train, so I really enjoyed this. Also, I my be, no where as big TRshowr as you are, but I get that pressure to try and outdo you're last video, in every video or you just don't wanna upload. But don't let the perfectionist mindset rule you. There is a difference between striving for perfection and striving for excellence. Perfection is a circle, where there is no win for the person. Excellence let's you be able to take a step back from your work, and say "that's good, and I know the people that see it will think it's good as well." I believe Thinkmedia has some videos on this topic. Don't be afraid to chill some man. If you feel like you need a break or a mental reset, we'll be here for ya when you come back. Lastly before you go, I just wanna say that you inspire me to go further in climbing. Especially in bouldering. I've tried to like it, but after an injury I had, It freaked me out. But after watching your videos, it made me want to try jumping on the harder boulders. And I went from a hardest redpoint boulder of V2 to a hardest redpoint of V4 in just two days! And I was about to get a little less then half way up a V7. I know it's not, but it was a big motivation for me. Anyway, I'm thankful to have found a climbing TRshowr who actually looks more at the fun side of climbing, training, and is not afraid to let down his walls on camera and be honest, yet still be serious enough to take seriously. Thank you and God Bless.
Calpol Man
Calpol Man Aylar önce
Magnus, the camera work and editing on this video is amazing! You've come a long way in 4 years
Sylvia Climbing
Sylvia Climbing Aylar önce
I love the honesty. I feel like when you go and climb with someone that is so much better, it always give you a little bit of a down. I love this video! Also it would be amazing if you could do some more rope climbing videos! I really enjoyed them. So maybe you could do another hardest lead climb in your gym.
Anonymous Viewer
Anonymous Viewer Aylar önce
Do what you love Magnus. Climbing is what introduced me to your channel but I stayed for the things that only you can provide like your personal touches/wisdom. Sure people wanna see hard climbs but there are tons of videos like that on TRshow. I think your channel success has more do with your personal qualities than whether or not you are a better climber than anyone.
LeGogoo Aylar önce
Amazing video Magnus! I find these training videos very insightful and interesting :) don't stress too much about the TRshow stuff, I think you should post videos that make YOU happy. We watch them because of you, so the content doesn't really matter that much. Keep up the great work
Christian Schilling
Christian Schilling Aylar önce
Hei Magnus, as a person watching your Videos for years know (and i watched every video of you) I want to say, your videos are not the highest quality stuff or the most fancy stuff! Thats not why I am looking your videos. For me, its just you as a person. You´re motivating and inspiring! And watching your videos after a workingday to calm down and get motivated, its perfect. In my opinion, you do not have to bring always the highest quality stuff. Just be you, show us that you love what you do and have fun with it! Do not compare with other TRshowrs out there. Thats all i want to say! Thanks for the content in the past!
kevinvs757 Aylar önce
That warm up sequence at 2:06 was hypnotizing. I replayed it to watch each route, it's fun to see how Magnus climbs intermediate routes that we plebs battle with, so flowy
Rolf Karlsson
Rolf Karlsson Aylar önce
Here's something to ponder: What is better and how do you measure it? Always showing more and more difficult things? Editing? (According to who) Getting better at spreading knowledge and motivation? Volume (length and amount of uploads). Or? My point is that improving isn't a single factor nor something that you likely can see from week to week. That you feel that Adam is better isn't strange since you're "old" and he's also active as competition climber while you choose to step down from that. To me there isn't that large difference between you two anyway - you are both way over the average guy/girl! You probably need to learn to set more long term goals then what you're used to from your competitive career as well as realize that those goals aren't as easy to measure and also affected by others that you don't have control of. Many thanks for inspiring this close to 50, non climber to increase training!
Daniel Fry
Daniel Fry Aylar önce
Love the training videos. They help me to motivate myself to stay focussed on my own training. Seeing someone do impressive deadhangs/campus moves makes me want to train more
John Chapman
John Chapman Aylar önce
Your videos are always amazing - I find what really sets them apart and has been such a huge part in your following is how honest and sincere they are. Your passion for climbing, video making, running your various companies etc is just super obvious and appreciated. I really like seeing the 'you' in all of your videos, whether it's climbing with Ondra (which was the first time I think I have ever thought of Adam as even remotely human lol) or training videos or seeing some of the cool crags and gyms around norway and europe! Thank you!
Alex G
Alex G Aylar önce
Hey man, I like these videos better than the collab ones. They're more useful to me as a climber, I don't have much time to do it and watching how you use your time helps me make use of mine!
G S Aylar önce
Love the videos and find them very interesting! I'm merely v3-v4 so when I see the way you train and climb gives me an idea of what is possible if you put in the hard work!
Dillon Aylar önce
I think you should be satisfied with producing consistent quality videos like this with special videos/collabs/projects periodically, instead of just trying to one-up yourself every single video!
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor Aylar önce
Love this video. Definitely keep these type of videos coming. This keeps us hardcore climbers happy and you'll get my view everytime!! The more vids the better. I would like some vlog style stuff aswell.
arnout de smedt
arnout de smedt Aylar önce
I've been following your channel for more then 2 years now. Don't worry, your videos are not boring at all and the quality is getting better and better. (camera angles, explaining clearly, presentation..etcet). Even the videos with your girlfriend were inspirational (she was just above my level at the time) I started climbing 3 year ago ,and to be honest your channel has been the most inspirational of the climbing vloggers/youtubers I have discovered until now. To me personal you seem like a very gentle personality, with a passion and expertise in climbing. Very enjoyable, never arrogant always down to earth. even the "boring" training videos, give me a guideline what to train. as 3Oy guy, I still have some climbing goals. Always been very sportive guy, i'm just sad i didn't discovered this sport sooner. Never been in a stronger physical shape then I was young (power wise , condition is non existent). keep it up, I hope to one day enjoy one of your gyms ^^ . friendly greetings from Belgium.
Jake Moody
Jake Moody Aylar önce
This video is great, love seeing you bouldering and coaching and always great to see training insights!
Radian Plays
Radian Plays Aylar önce
Magnus please keep up the entertaining content!!😃 I come for the try hard like a lot of others in the comments 💪 I recently started breaking into climbing V8 being able to do 70% of the moves give or take and I have finished one ☝️ , and I am touching on V9’s which some just feel impossible. What I remember though is where I was in my climbing journey when I stumbled upon your first ever TRshow video. My flash grade was V3 and I was pulling through everything. Although after more practice and watching your videos, I was inspired to say the least. Throughout my journey I have consistently come back to your videos for psych to climb hard, climbing education, and the passion and balance that you have as an individual. Thank you Magnus for all that you do for us viewers.
Velocity Wolf
Velocity Wolf Aylar önce
Just keep in mind that a video is still good even if it isn’t “better” it’s still super enjoyable to see even the videos from a year ago because your the places that you’re improving from were already super high! I also love these kinds of videos because they feel more personal to me as a viewer, like were just hanging out in the gym and working out
Terje Mathisen
Terje Mathisen Aylar önce
I tried that Slab of the Week boulder, just getting established on the start holds felt impossible, glad that you at least had to try twice to send it. :-)
veeti22 Aylar önce
Interesting to see you use the Veloce. Do you ever use the VSR since they are fairly soft too?
inferiorquality Aylar önce
Keep going! They are definitely getting better and better, it is clear that you're working hard to make varied content. The Adam collab was great but the regular stuff is also great!
Tom Stuart
Tom Stuart Aylar önce
This video was super useful for me!! Absolutely loved it. Started climbing around 3 months ago and find it really useful to see your training routine and now I have something to base my training around
Akiko Hirakawa
Akiko Hirakawa Aylar önce
I really like watching this video cuz it makes me feel I’m in gym. I’m already happy to watch Magnus just keep climbing. You are not just teaching but also training yourself very hard. That’s why I can keep watching your video.Thanks Magnus!!
Lev Abramov
Lev Abramov Aylar önce
Don't worry i like your videos a ton! I think a video on climbing training boards and comparing their differences would be a great upload.
OSCAR Gragrera Fernandez
OSCAR Gragrera Fernandez Aylar önce
Love the new things in the edit that you are using,also a fantastic video to know how you train
Micah Neil
Micah Neil Aylar önce
Tysm Magnus, I’ve been watching ur videos for a while and have been trying to get into a training routine for a while but have been held back by multiple injuries, hopefully this will inspire me (:
Maffin Aylar önce
Keep up these kind of videos, they're awesome and help a lot just watching your movement and body positioning. They're highly motivating while videos like with Adam or the army are entertaining. Both are good, both needed!
xnsb b
xnsb b Aylar önce
I'm not a climber but I love your videos man. I got hooked when you were doing the collabs with Juji. Would love to see more lifting/gymnastics content
Lars Schnitzler
Lars Schnitzler Aylar önce
Honestly, as some kind of documentation/lifestyle-vlog videos and as a source of training- inspiration, I really liked the old time- videos, with just a lot of training and so on. Almost feels/felt like having training-sessions with you everytime. 👍😉
Tim Brolo
Tim Brolo Aylar önce
Great video, really appreciate the training insight. I'm struggling to maintain fitness, only climbing once a week usually
Jake Lee
Jake Lee Aylar önce
I truly appreciate the conversations you share about content creation and training. And I know that plenty of us don’t require a new level of video every time.
Ryan Aylar önce
Training routines from elite climbers are always welcomed! And, thanks for wrapping up such a great series of million sub episodes. That was indeed epic
Nariana Pereira
Nariana Pereira Aylar önce
Nice one! We do really enjoy these type of video, cause it helps with OUR training sessions! And also, it shows the "average" or "weekly routine" of a high level climber. So, nice job and don't push yourself too much! You're awesome. Cheers from Brazil.
Vladimir Svinin
Vladimir Svinin Aylar önce
Would be cool to see you try something on the moonboard. Thanks for the videos, we like those with simple training as well :)
matteo carbini
matteo carbini Aylar önce
Thanks magnus you’ve gotten me into climbing and so far one year In, I love it more and more every day I go.
A Mostly Functional Jess
A Mostly Functional Jess Aylar önce
These chill, laid back videos full of honesty are always welcome for me. TRshow is a tough game, you're doing incredibly at it for a relatively niche channel, be wary of that burn out!
Calvin Gemmell
Calvin Gemmell Aylar önce
Dont be so hard on yourself Magnus, the first videos I started to watch of yours was your workout and training routines, and I learned a lot from them as well as your other videos. You consistently think of great ideas and never cease to amaze. Much love and keep going strong
sven weiland
sven weiland Aylar önce
9:43 I watch you since around that time. And I still really enjoy the climbing plus training videos. I watch because I enjoy the content no need to blow my mind with every video. Don't get too concerned with outdoing yourself every time. TRshow is way more about consistency!
christina cleveland
christina cleveland Aylar önce
The recent collab was cool to see, but it was the videos of you climbing (like this one!) and trying challenges that made me subscribe in the first place. The videos feel like a climbing session with my friends (do a climb and talk about it) and have been so nice and encouraging during COVID. It is also great seeing the training in the video too, the tips are helpful and it inspires me to train!!
sigmal47 Aylar önce
You are a great role model, thank you for the nice thoughts on training motivation :)
GeekyGaia Aylar önce
For someone like me who is still fairly new to climbing, I appreciate the videos on tips and training routines
Will Keel
Will Keel Aylar önce
I think you are really hard on yourself mate. Your content is great. Yes, some videos are more interesting than others (as like everything). But it's ultimately interesting enough that we keep coming back for more, even if you think the content should be better at the time. It's good that you want to keep making better stuff, but this video in particular is still good enough, as well as all your other content. Keep at it mate, if you have the devotion to the channel it will naturally keep getting better.
MaxStealsStuff 8 gün önce
Great video, liked the nice editing tricks. For me personally even more fun than the videos with adam. It must be to find the right balance for your content with such a diverse viewership, with opposing tastes. There is definitely the core of actual climbing people who enjoy training, outdoor stuff and so on, and then theres the larger part thats here for 'entertainment', challenges and more of the playful content. Honestly I believe its fine if some videos cater to different preferences - viewers are here for the overall program and the guy in front of the camera and will just pick the vids that speak to them the most. No need to worry about pleasing everyone!!
Stevepunk 13 gün önce
Everyone brings something to the sport. Keep it up man; you're bringing in heaps of newbies with all these videos!! (and probably your gyms too)
Egor Panfilov
Egor Panfilov Aylar önce
I do scientific work, and your videos remind and motivate me to stay fit and stay strong. Please, Magnus, don't get discouraged, there is much more to your content than just fun :).
Linyu Aylar önce
I discover climbing 2 months ago. I've watched almost all of your videos. You inspire me and i can understand your doubt about the quality but for me i enjoy it all the same. I like you as a person and i won't watch your videos just because i find it worthless without Adam! Adam is Adam you are you. Don't worry, we should enjoy while we can.
Duncan Ewell
Duncan Ewell Aylar önce
Love these training focused videos. That's what got you here. Obviously you gained a lot of viewers doing colabs but those guys took interest because of your awsome training videos. Keep up the awesome content and stay true to what you are...a beast of a climber
Mackretchmer Aylar önce
Love the content and thanks for sharing why you've changed shoes! Would be interesting to see you do a video with Scarpas most basic shoe to see how much the shoe helps/effects abilities.
BenMark235 Aylar önce
It would actually be really helpful to see some of your failed attempts at boulders, because sometimes when I fail a hard boulder (for me) more than a handful of times I get easily demoralised.
Syfax Aylar önce
Hey Magnus, a new fan of yours and a newbie to the sport overall, I started climbing maybe 4 months ago, and after I watch your training videos, you know, just watching you climbing some bolders for fun, I get super motivated and excited for my next training session. So don't worry you're far from being boring. Maybe some day you'll come and rate climbing gyms in Montréal, Canada 🇨🇦 😉
Anh Le
Anh Le Aylar önce
Magnus you are way too hard on yourself! Your videos are always great and you’re a great climber. You’re so talented and humble and the standard you hold yourself to is ridiculously high.
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