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Kazuki Official

Kazuki Official

Yıl önce

This video is about 12 fighters and their weaknesses.
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Kazuki Official
Kazuki Official Yıl önce
Which is your favourite fighter and why?
RenzzXchooU Yıl önce
"Let's Vote for kazuki's house reveal 😂"
emoarch Yıl önce
For me Ruby can counter almost any hero as long as she's tanky enough but still deals damage. She's one of the best Fighter/Tank heroes in my opinion because of her lifesteal and short skills cooldowns. The only problem is because of teammates who don't want to clash with the whole team.
The Gaming Cephalos
The Gaming Cephalos Yıl önce
Terizla's passive also serves a curveball. Each HP lost will convert to damage reduction, so he can be a damaging fighter or an annoying tank with bloodlust and demonic wings in his build. He can deal massive damage in his first skill if they are in a very low health, while terizla's hp is on the critical levels (if you have the right emblem on). His second skill can be cancelled if any enemies with cc hits him, but in some cases he can still deal damage with the third move of his 2nd, but the animation of him hitting the ground is not visible so watch for that bug.
BaldKid Yıl önce
About Paquito, it would be better if you gank him early since his movements are limited during the early game due to the recent adjustments and make sure not to fight him alone. The best way to deal with him is to not take the fight till late game since he would have unlimited skills and a ridiculous amount of shield to the point that you'd think he's Esmeralda.
Kl Sajol
Kl Sajol Yıl önce
Another very helpful video for the players who's struggling how to counter the fighter heroes, thanks for the guide and tip Kazuki.👍
Angus Yıl önce
Every heroes that Kazuki recommend for countering heroes are great, except I disagree on the Phoveus part, I think Esmeralda and Minshittar counter him better than Lunox and Eudora. I personally using Phoveus to rush my rank up to mythical glory and I gotta say these hero counter more efficiently than some heroes that Kazuki mentioned. It's just my thoughts, u guys like it or not can just straight up doubting me.
sheshgamer Yıl önce
Let's just appreciate that kazuki is making a vid and for all the upcoming events❤️
Madeline Sta Rosa
Madeline Sta Rosa Yıl önce
Fun fact : You can find the real sun by using Wanwan by hitting him using her first skill before he ults the real sun will have a mark.
Wait, you forgot Lapu-lapu Kazuki. He ain't a demi assassin any more as Moonton changed him into a pure fighter in the description right? But as a Lapu user seasons ago when he got revamped, the only thing that you could counter him is a regen and damage hero like YZ and Esme. His shield will be nowhere if you also use anti healing items for this hero. I think Dominance Ice is the perfect defensive item for him.
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Yıl önce
Also, a tip from Thamuz user like me, his weaknesses are marksmen who can deal damage from afar (Thamuz is sometimes a melee heroes and you need to get close to damage enemies. Also assassins and heroes with high mobilities that can damage him while escaping his first skill.
Hervianov Yıl önce
I salute Kazuki's video, because you are able to edit videos neatly,
Chandan Boro
Chandan Boro Yıl önce
My favourite fighter is Silvana as she has both stunt and damage. She can controll the battle field more than any other heros . And she is very easy to use.
Thank you Kazuki cause we learn a lot of things from you 🌹❤🙏
Blunlone Yıl önce
Wow! Another video that really helps me in ranking up! Also, I oftenly use Balmond as a jungler. So, I know now how they will counter my Balmond. Thank you, Kazuki!
annray cadiz
annray cadiz Yıl önce
I Always Love your videos because you always put your effort thru your hardwork.
Telo White
Telo White Yıl önce
I use Carmilla with Blade Armor to counter Sun. Then I wait for his ultimate before I cast mine so I deal damage to all 3 Suns, and the gold and exp I gain from killing his clones is just glorious. It never disappoints.
•Shadow •
•Shadow • Yıl önce
I did not know that claude and lunox are counter to most of the fighters I use, and thanks for the explanation, great video.
SushiOkie Yıl önce
Thanks for the tips Kazuki! Im really struggling mastering Masha. So thank you. I'll be more pushy lol and watching the map for enemies who want to gank me.
Beansprout Yıl önce
Not all guides here are precise if i'm to be frank, especially on the counter section but i'm not saying it's bad. All i wanna say is that experience is the best thing and the only thing to learn and adapt on these things. Be more versatile as possible, experimenting in bot lobby is ok, then move up in classic match. If your hero pool widens, you'll have more knowledge of those heroes whether its an ally or an enemy. If you're playing against a hero that you also plays, surely you know how that hero works and eventually you'll know how to handle and counter it. Watching top players gameplays is also helpful. You can learn and copy their playstyle, priorities, rotations and builds. Experience is the teacher of all things don't forget.