Spider-Man 2: Dr. Octavius' Demonstration (ALFRED MOLINA, TOBEY MAGUIRE SCENE)

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Dr. Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) equips the mechanical tentacles to assist in conducting a nuclear fusion experiment. When things go wrong, Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) comes to stop the demonstration.

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In SPIDER-MAN 2, the latest instalment in the blockbuster Spider-Man series, based on the classic Marvel Comics hero, Tobey Maguire returns as the mild-mannered Peter Parker, who is juggling the delicate balance of his dual life as college student and a superhuman crime fighter. Peter's life becomes even more complicated when he confronts a new nemesis, the brilliant Otto Octavius (Alfred Molina) who has been reincarnated as the maniacal and multi-tentacled "Doc Ock." When Doc Ock kidnaps MJ (Kirsten Dunst), Spider-Man must swing back into action as the adventure reaches new heights of unprecedented excitement.

Stephen Nedumpally
Stephen Nedumpally Aylar önce
I love how everyone is so casually dressed for a nuclear reaction demonstration.
Nugie Nugraha
Nugie Nugraha 9 gün önce
Even they do it in the middle of city 😂
Aditya 16 gün önce
It is a fusion reaction not a fission one. No radiation effects.
Damian TV
Damian TV 19 gün önce
@SL Tag Show e
Damian TV
Damian TV 19 gün önce
Shaquille Greene
Shaquille Greene 20 gün önce
Wouldn’t you want to be dressed nicely knowing that your possible moments could be that night? 🤣
petwel garcia
petwel garcia Aylar önce
The MCU appreciated the mechanical arms of Sam Raimi's Doc Ock that they didn't bother to create another one and neither replacing Alfred Molina as Doc ock.. that's how Magnificent Spiderman 2 is.
alkaxel vlog's
alkaxel vlog's 22 gün önce
Always love Spiderman !!!!
alkaxel vlog's
alkaxel vlog's 22 gün önce
Ecopark land..of bamboo building trshow.info/watch/2LA7UobKR2Y/video.html
Mega Yarfary
Mega Yarfary 25 gün önce
No the muc just understands very well how to make money by capitalise on nostalgia to make more audiences.
Evan James
Evan James 25 gün önce
The power the Sun in the palm of my hands
Kaea Edwin
Kaea Edwin 26 gün önce
@Santiago yeah I mean we gotta think while these suits can look good on screen they can be uncomfortable, so the arms would’ve been to heavy for Alfred molina to have after all that did de age him
Just Some Random Dude with Glasses on
Just Some Random Dude with Glasses on Aylar önce
Octo: “The power of the Sun...” Spidey: “...In the palm of your hands.”
ExiaAvalancheMkII 7 gün önce
@Axz_4K the irony Tony successfully built one inside a cave with fewer materials
Pinkypriyadharshini chitti babu
Pinkypriyadharshini chitti babu 23 gün önce
In spider man NWH?
Juan 0716
Juan 0716 25 gün önce
Ayyy!!! 👍🏽😂
gambikules 26 gün önce
Nano-machines Sun
Meurum25 26 gün önce
@Axz_4K I don’t think Tony exist in his
Daniel's Dimension
Daniel's Dimension Aylar önce
Without the whole tritium sun disaster thing, those arms alone are impressive enough.
Jason Youngkin
Jason Youngkin 17 gün önce
Agni Das
Agni Das 21 gün önce
@Mike B IF he stabilizes it - it is as renewable as the sun. Which isn't infinite and endless either - but it counts as renewable. You're arguing just to contradict instead of trying to understand.
Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow 22 gün önce
Could have advanced prosthetic technology and robotics by decades. Johnson & Johnson, and Lokhead Martin would've paid four arms and a leg for that tech.
ElijahXiong321 Xiong2
ElijahXiong321 Xiong2 28 gün önce
@kxrn._ q
Homeless Partridge
Homeless Partridge 29 gün önce
I could really use one right now
J S Aylar önce
Otto didn't deserve what came to him, he was a brilliant scientist and he had a good heart, he loved his wife and had loads of respect for Peter. Losing someone you love and everything you ever worked for at the same time in the snap of a finger, drove him to insanity.
cris dlcruz
cris dlcruz 3 gün önce
The arms ai did that
NightWolf3342 12 gün önce
He did serve what came to him, even he has a good heart and brilliant, he forgot one basic, common rules on experience - always do the risk assessment and do the safety procedure - in this case, he was capable to understand the power can generate magnetic forces, he can estimate, calculate how strong this force can be (especially when the power get unstable) , and he can definitely find a safer place, like a open place outside the building, audience has to remove all the metals before get in, or figure out how to stabilize the power before demonstration. (I wonder if there were actual radiation when the energy leaked, seem that it's not safe as Otto thought) Don't forget, demonstration is used to show people that you've already tested. You don't want your invention has any kind of unexpected performance, major accident in demonstration that get anyone injured is the worst case and can make you be disqualified in the field, and compensation to the injured can make you broke. Always prepare for the failure in every experience. Treat Science as gambling will only make you fail, or die, or stuck into middle of your career and you can never get higher.
Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow 17 gün önce
There's no way an IRB would've approved Otto's neural-linked robot arms without them being tested on animals first, or approved an untested nuclear reactor to be active in a room full of people without protective gear. He got was coming to him.
Boop Doop
Boop Doop 22 gün önce
also the ai taking over his brain
Rym C
Rym C 23 gün önce
He was already insane when he wanted to continue the experience while that shit destroyed everything around
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln Aylar önce
0:17 I love how out of all the people who laughed at the joke, Peter laughs the most, it shows that he is not only a big geek, but that he also really looks up to Dr Octavius
MrKaravaj 16 gün önce
The funny part is Harry doesnt get it
Camoperson 28 gün önce
And he also struggles with money,so he would definitely take a roll of 20s if he found one.
The Shiny Thunderclap Pokémon, Zeraora
The Shiny Thunderclap Pokémon, Zeraora Aylar önce
Of course. He’s like a father-figure to him, just as much as Uncle Ben was.
Sang Lê Tấn
Sang Lê Tấn Aylar önce
I love how they're demonstrating a nuclear fusion in the middle of the town, with no protection whatsoever
Mike Phelps
Mike Phelps 4 gün önce
I guess Harry and Otto were both so confident that they thought they didn’t need protection.
Sang Lê Tấn
Sang Lê Tấn 22 gün önce
@John Smith imagine initiating the reaction. Even if I could do it in my basement the electric bill would be enough to send me to jail. And we don't do a "fusion" nuclear reaction, "fission" is what those uranium were made for. A quote on quote " inefficient fusion reactor" would be enough to kill you and your neighborhood in seconds ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ \(゚ー゚\) We only learn about the fission reaction and the energy output like 92 235 U + n= 92 236 U then it breakdown into smaller thing like K and stuffs( it's been years so correct me if I'm wrong) Please tell me, how can you do a controllable fusion reaction when it's "the technology of the future"? Yes, it occurs naturally, ON THE SUN, or collapsing stars. Because normally atoms push each other far away cuz the charge in the core like magnets, so it can be done on atoms with low charge and heavy(?) in perspective like Deuterium and Tritium. Usually the extra neutron after the reaction serves as the energy release, where e=mc2 actually explains why mass related to energy in an understandable way. I'm actually pissed when you say something along the line of "it isn't dangerous". Of course it is! Even if this is just some random comment on TRshow dangerous things are dangerous you should never joke about it, no matter how harmless it seem. At least in my opinion.
Peter P21
Peter P21 22 gün önce
And apparently the selling point on the tentacles was their resistance to heat and magnetism. Meanwhile, Octavius is standing 3 feet away from the aforementioned hot, magnetic fusion reaction.
Stallschula 25 gün önce
@John Smith sure you can. Maybe stop watching so many movies. 🤣🤣
John Smith
John Smith 25 gün önce
You can build an inneficient fusion reactor in your basement, they arent dangerous.... go to school
MassiveTree Aylar önce
I love how everyone winced when the pins went into his spine but his back was facing away from everyone so they couldn't see it.
putalawea equisde
putalawea equisde 19 gün önce
@Joel this trilogy aint good, the first movie is okay. The rest suck. ALl marvel movies are made for little children mind adults who never grw up. They are garbage man. The only good marvel movie is iron man 1, and thats a fact. lol grow tf up.
Puti Pinoy Player
Puti Pinoy Player 26 gün önce
You could hear it 😉
LoggingFire 29 gün önce
I mean, he was wincing, they probably realised something was stabbing him
ChromaFox Aylar önce
@MassiveTree Or when you find out in that same scene her hair is blowing the wrong way, but Spiderman is actually just a non-moving mannequin.
Jeff W
Jeff W Aylar önce
Also, the pins seemed to go through his shirt, which means all those wounds are way more likely to become infected.
Blaise Dahl
Blaise Dahl Aylar önce
Otto is excellently portrayed in this film. A great archetypal genius. There are some great comments on this video about what Otto could have done had the sun not exploded or had he simply applied the arm technology to other fields. Octavius is brilliant, but had he curbed his ambition and put the sun project on the back burner (temporarily), he could have specialized the arm tech, and would still be a highly respected scientist. What’s tragic about the character is his motivations are truly good and benevolent on the outset, but in the moment of the reactor firing up, he has a moment of hubris with “The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand” line. Then struck by tragedy, losing his wife, his life’s work ruined and melded with AI mechanical arms, he plunges into darkness.
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen 23 gün önce
@Edvin Parmeza I don’t think Otto was on a deadline. I think he was just a hurry to finally make his life’s dream a reality. It’s the opposite of Norman’s situation where it was more desperate and pressed for time.
Garzea Aylar önce
@Edvin Parmeza deep...
Edvin Parmeza
Edvin Parmeza Aylar önce
Well, time waits for no one, maybe he had a deadline, like Norman, who was losing his company, and needed to try the formula on himself...if people had infinite time to achieve something, there would be no mistakes and no villains.
Ike Simerson
Ike Simerson Aylar önce
Also, it’s crazy to think that Otto’s fall doesn’t begin when the arms fuse to him, but when he’s too proud of the achievement to think about the danger he’s putting others in
Alyson Cardoso
Alyson Cardoso 22 gün önce
@Axzilyte he probably either just kept it on or cut it
Axzilyte 25 gün önce
how does he take off that shirt tho, does he pull off the arms? cuz if so, then now he has a bunch of holes in his back directly into his spine, infection go brr
bluemassgamer17 29 gün önce
He was the Icarus of science. Venturing too close to reach the pinnacle of scientific achieve while losing the respect of the sheer raw power that nature can unleash upon him at a moments notice. The sun have us in the palm of its hand.
BackwoodsVlogs Aylar önce
Harry: “I’m in charge here!” Doc places a tentacle on his cheek: “do you feel in charge?”
290revolver290 23 gün önce
Bane 😂😂😂😂😂
G E T  R E K T
G E T R E K T 27 gün önce
@K vinci I'm on your schedule, captain.
K vinci
K vinci Aylar önce
@C H sir mind your blood pressure
K vinci
K vinci Aylar önce
@Datguy18 east blue?
LionOfNaples Aylar önce
@SomeGreekGuy one tentacle for each cheek
Abdullah Sami
Abdullah Sami Aylar önce
The best spider man series of all time .. nothing can replace this trilogy 😍
tyler finney
tyler finney 23 gün önce
I have to agree, SM2 was my favorite in particular
MrSkinner 28 gün önce
Larry Cap
Larry Cap Aylar önce
@AQUA ICS nolan trilogy is very similar to raimi's trilogy they have one amazing movie, one masterpiece and the 3rd movie ranges from meh to okay(I still love spiderman 3 and bane tho lol)
Doudymac Aylar önce
Nope. In my opinion Doc Oc alone is the best "Villain" Marvel ever put on screen.
rock lee
rock lee Aylar önce
trshow.info/watch/3f1tvQpKHZc/video.html. Link to full movie
Montesama314 Aylar önce
Doc Ock just revolutionized the medical field with those metal arms. They could be a form of prosthetic or bio enhancement, and updated, more precise versions of the arms could be used in complex surgery. They might even be useful in waste disposal or construction, with the right alterations to the extremities. But let's focus on the sun thing.
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen 17 gün önce
@Self2Self Well those arms were created specifically for managing his fusion reactors. So he kinda needs them in that regard.
Jeff W
Jeff W Aylar önce
Yeah, that's what I thought was weird about this scene/set-up. Not ONLY did he create these amazingly incredible robotic arms, but he ALSO invented AI, and he ALSO invented some-kind of fusion-reactor thing. Like, maybe spread it out a bit? Introduce the arm things in an earlier scene, THEN the fission stuff later on. And, the audience doesn't even see all the spike things being driven into his spine (through his shirt), but they still all cower anyways. Just really weird stuff.
monstermunchxxlpaka Aylar önce
it's hard to break so if you want to check it out: trshow.info/watch/F3Mb7fJlY9Y/video.html
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen Aylar önce
@BlurbFish I would also probably be wowed by the arms if I was in the crowd, but I’d also be equally wowed by the thought of a machine that can create clean safe renewable energy.
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen Aylar önce
@TheWutangclan1995 Ock literally describes his invention as a perpetual sun providing renewable power for the whole world. How can something like that not be super helpful and game changing?
Bishop Gutierrez
Bishop Gutierrez 29 gün önce
The worst part about this scene is that right before he pulled the plug it really did look like it stabilized itself
Phil_The_Bench_Presser 21 saatler önce
@Antonio Vásquez exactly!
Antonio Vásquez
Antonio Vásquez 27 gün önce
Yeah, but Rosie was already dead and Otto’s chip had been fried.
Abdullah Anik
Abdullah Anik Aylar önce
"Ladies and Gentleman! Fasten your seatbelts." This line always gives me goosebumps.
Super Dicas
Super Dicas Aylar önce
"Ladies and Gentleman, im gonna blow up the city". YTP pizza time
Jhowy 7112
Jhowy 7112 Aylar önce
The crazy thing is that this demonstration shows the kind of genius Otto was. He presented two DIFFERENT inventions that had the potential to change the scientific field extremely. A near perfect link between man and machine as well as a cheap, renewable, and clean energy source that had the potential to essentially change the world. Both would completely alter any scientific developments moving forward of how to incorporate what he invented. Like how do we use his energy source to power cars for instance and basically everything else powered by fossil fuels to eliminate a huge bulk of pollution? How do we make all of our technology more efficient by having one person connected to the systems run everything rather than an entire team while making it better and faster than the work of a team? Either would be a generation defining inventions and he was going to introduce TWO! Hahaha he used the first one to help in his demonstration for the second! Someone who would invent either of those would be considered one of if not the smartest man of all-time. He didn't just invent both, he invented them simultaneously! Bro was multitasking with possibly two of the greatest inventions. It didn't work out but if it did. I would hate to compete for a job with people in the MCU. When you're smart in that universe it's a different kind of smart haha.
Shayan Siddiqi
Shayan Siddiqi 25 gün önce
It's not even that he was multi-tasking. He had one big problem he wanted to solve, and one of the smaller parts of his equation to solve that problem was, in itself, one of the most important problems that could have been solved.
Brandon Williams
Brandon Williams 28 gün önce
Knowledge is true power my friend but it always comes down to knowing what to do with the knowledge that is provided knowledge is useless if your not doing anything with it or using it to greater the good of mankind
Jeff W
Jeff W 29 gün önce
@tombalabomba03 Neuralink is vaporware.
tombalabomba03 29 gün önce
Elon actually currently working on it, its even called "Neural Link" ffs xD
Jeff W
Jeff W Aylar önce
All they needed was a throw-away line like "We're going to sell Fusion first, then those arm thingy's." Or "the arms are still being approved by the patent office". Boom, all ya need.
Ramsay Bolton
Ramsay Bolton Aylar önce
As a child the first time watching this the moment the tentacles started rising up I got chills
MotionBrickStudios 29 gün önce
@M S yeah
Jeff Harder
Jeff Harder Aylar önce
Same here. Once those arms became self aware, I knew we were screwed lol. They scared the hell out of me
Michael Nee
Michael Nee Aylar önce
As a child first watching this and as a grown man rewatching this I still get chills.
M S Aylar önce
The "clink clink" metallic sound of the tentacles rising up and opening their tripods for the first time was surreal... I could literally feel them before me.
DeathofInk 28 gün önce
Just as Robert Downey Jr. was born to play Tony Stark, Alfred Molina was born to play Doctor Octopus.
Da Hooman Centipee
Da Hooman Centipee 27 gün önce
So true. Because of this movie, whenever I read any Spider-Man comic with Doc Ock, I automatically imagine Molina's voice for him as I read his lines
A N G O U R I E 25 gün önce
I decided to re-watch all the SpiderMan movies after No Way Home and i gotta say i enjoyed this one the most!!!
D R O N E MICHAEL FASS HIM 25 gün önce
we found the rubber band
NahNotNFS Aylar önce
3:38 this clapping of Harry always cracks me up, I don't know why 🤣
Matty Ice
Matty Ice Aylar önce
Lol it's like he had a slight stroke.
Roztomilý Frodo
Roztomilý Frodo Aylar önce
Its his face
Video Deposu
Video Deposu Aylar önce
I wasn't ready for that i clicked and i relieved the comment lmao hahaahah
Charly Hustler
Charly Hustler Aylar önce
I don't know what was that
9ja Gist TV
9ja Gist TV Aylar önce
Ryan Gangadin
Ryan Gangadin Aylar önce
Goddamn I forgot how beautiful this movie is. The cinematography is off the charts
Ivan Dovranić
Ivan Dovranić Aylar önce
I swear to God, this was the only time that I've believed in Science Fiction. No suspension of disbelief required. Wall-to-wall outstanding moviemaking.
Jeff W
Jeff W Aylar önce
@Cosmopavone Just because a film has one ridiculous premise, doesn't mean that nothing should make sense.
Cosmopavone Aylar önce
@airlockengage Lol, the fact that some people seeks logic in a movie about a boy who got superpowers because he was bitten by a spider it's so funny
airlockengage Aylar önce
@Gatling Hawk Artistic license, sometimes you need to sacrifice real logic for a more interesting image. It's something they understood more back then than today. Realism doesn't usually make for an interesting story, and it often denies the audience emotional and symbolic imagery that helps the story. For example, Doc Ock being exposed like that literally makes us feel exposed AS him. He is exposed in that scene, taking a massive risk in showing his work to the world. The UV protection on his eyes helps mask some of the emotion coming from him so we don't entirely know how to feel about him. Hiding the eyes helps create mystery and uncertainty.
Gatling Hawk
Gatling Hawk Aylar önce
Still an amazing scene tho
Gatling Hawk
Gatling Hawk Aylar önce
Not for me unfortunately:/ Doc was the only one wearing UV protection, but the rest of his body is exposed. And a fusion experiment was done in his apartment. Like bruh.
RANINRAI Aylar önce
this scene shows how insane Doc Ock was because he conduct a dangerous experiment in an expose environment, open to reporters. it should have been done with reporters behind protective walls.
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen 27 gün önce
@Diante Wimes Still a little strange that he doesn’t have more safety measures in place and is under stricter supervision so that nothing goes wrong. But this is almost a nitpick since even if Otto was being more carefully watched by folks hired to observe him, he’d probably react the same way he did when Spider Man tried to pull the plug.
Diante Wimes
Diante Wimes 27 gün önce
Like Norman said in the first movie, risks are part of laboratory science.
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen Aylar önce
@Nosh Thé movie certainly isn’t very subtle that he’s got a bit of an ego. But hey, show don’t tell, right?
Nosh Aylar önce
@Austin Johnsen I agree, it is also displayed in this scene trshow.info/watch/vNeFDNelxrQ/video.html
Super Dicas
Super Dicas Aylar önce
@Elon Musketeer its just a super hero movie, chill
Questions for Science
Questions for Science Aylar önce
Only plot hole I have to bring up is that the tentacles would probably weigh several hundred pounds. He wouldnt be walking on his two feet like he just put on a backpack
TimeMasterXX222 2 gün önce
@The Great Papyrus considering there is tons of little needles going into the back of his spine i dont think it would be safe to take it off anyway
The Great Papyrus
The Great Papyrus 28 gün önce
@Sebastien Gendron If the fusion reaction went well the arms probably would’ve been removable. I always just assumed they got fused to his flesh at the same time as the chip broke, thus forcing them to remain as a part of him.
Le poopie
Le poopie Aylar önce
@Sebastien Gendron the arms don’t need to sleep. They could suspend him mid air to sleep. Like a hammock. Who knows. Arms could lay itself down as a bed and just put a mattress in between
Sebastien Gendron
Sebastien Gendron Aylar önce
@Arun Moses I guess you're right, I hope the wife is into tentacle henatai (it's gonna be really interesting in bed or really awkward)
Arun Moses
Arun Moses Aylar önce
It is cool, so who cares about scientific accuracy lol
Desmond Johnson
Desmond Johnson Aylar önce
Honestly, spider-man 2 is the greatest spider movie of all time In my opinion 😆
Twosometime 23 gün önce
The best of best superhero movie.
Me gusta el pan
Me gusta el pan 27 gün önce
Into the spider-verse: How does it feel to be wrong?
Jeffrey Ali
Jeffrey Ali Aylar önce
@GOD OF DESTRUCTION VEGETA 3 was actually good, and would’ve been better if given more time and probably didn’t shoehorn in venom so late in the movie
sts Aylar önce
@GOD OF DESTRUCTION VEGETA I thought 3 wasn't bad, but it was mediocre. Venom is an uninteresting character. He shouldn't have been in the movie, but the studio forced Raimi to put him in it. That's what threw the movie off the rails.
Akshay Gowda
Akshay Gowda Aylar önce
Tobey is the Best Spiderman. Spiderman Trilogy is 100 times better than MCU Spiderman (IRON BOY JR) movies.
Cipher Aylar önce
"The power of the sun" "In the palm of your hands" nowayhome watchers will understand
kerosoldier 29 gün önce
its was a powerful moment in the movie
Andres Hermosa
Andres Hermosa Aylar önce
Honestly the best spiderman movie up to date!..I don't care fight me!!..the action the story line. The quotes it made it really a classic!. Love alfred can't wait to see him on no way home... The train scene alone beats out everyday other movie lol. Such a cinematic masterpiece
Herovadam 29 gün önce
Juned Mujawar
Juned Mujawar Aylar önce
Ti àmo
Vince Sergi
Vince Sergi Aylar önce
They conducted a nuclear fusion reaction...in a studio apartment in New York. Nothing can go wrong here. Plus I just love the fact he wears goggles to protect his sight and builds mechanical arms to protect himself from the machine, but everyone else is fine.
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen 22 gün önce
True, but according to one guy leaving the apartment after the experiment if Otto had added more than a drop of tritium as opposed to the amount he had then he could have destroyed the city. Harry also has a line later on that more tritium will destroy the city.
EchoEXE Aylar önce
Imagine the money that Harry and Otto could make if they focused on prosthetics instead. (And yes I know this is what Otto did in the PS4 game but this version of him can clearly create better ones.)
TimeMasterXX222 2 gün önce
@The Vroom which that inhibiter chip gets competely busted while doing this experiment
Anxious Earth
Anxious Earth 23 gün önce
@The Vroom Tbf, Otto in the game was on the clock. His natural motor functions were deteriorating. He needed a neural prosthetic. Plus, the arms in the game were not AI controlled. The danger was not being influenced by AI but that they messed with his brain chemistry. It altered his emotions and inhibitions. Though, he could have just used the helmet version he tested earlier. That one worked pretty well even without a direct link.
The Vroom
The Vroom Aylar önce
@Stevee which is why they made the user go crazy even with the combined help of Peter Parker and Otto And unlike ps4 Otto, Otto had the sense to add a inhibitor chip, and he did this without Parkers help
Stevee Aylar önce
I think PS4s arms were more advanced tbh, technology in SMPS4 Timeline is highly advanced than what we see on Raimi’s movies
Stevee Aylar önce
@The Vroom so did these. Both arms AI controlled Otto and affected his mind
LAD Teknologies
LAD Teknologies Aylar önce
What a great Dr. Octavius! This trilogy was actually well made, nothing will ever be perfect but it was solid!
bar of soap
bar of soap Aylar önce
5:07 I love how damn casual doc oc is to spiderman, basically like "what's good man!? What are you doing"
Eula of The Lawrence House
Eula of The Lawrence House Aylar önce
@John Michael "NOOOO"
John Michael
John Michael Aylar önce
@bar of soap Until he hit him... Lol
bar of soap
bar of soap Aylar önce
@Ringy Ring distracted or not, he's so chill
Ringy Ring
Ringy Ring Aylar önce
I mean, he was so focused on the fusion reaction, what else would he say if somebody (even Spider-Man) interfered with it?
Patrick Jones
Patrick Jones Aylar önce
When I was younger I thought this scene was wicked cool... creating a sun like that. Now that I'm older I realize how stupid it was to test a nuclear fusion reaction in the middle of a city. hahha.
Justin Arzola
Justin Arzola Aylar önce
Especially to a group in a labhouse
MrHumanMan Aylar önce
I never noticed that the two bottom tentacles had a second internal set of broader claw. I always knew they existed, however I thought it was just a continuity error when in some scenes they were traditional claw tentacles then in other scenes the broader design. The scene here where Otto first activates his tentacles shows perfectly how the two sets of claws integrate into each other, and in the countless times I've watched this movie I've only now noticed it.
Shaquille Greene
Shaquille Greene 29 gün önce
The fact he thought it was okay to do something that he knew he couldn’t control is wild!
Buster Aylar önce
I like how supportive Harry is to Otto. It’s like they almost had the same friendship as Otto and peter
You could tell that the tech was actually the thing that would soon have almost gained full control over his brain and that really gives me goosebumps still to this day
Pasta Aylar önce
Fun fact about tritium: while it’s very rare in nature, man made tritium is mostly used in pistol sights because it glows better in low light than uv reactive paints and doesn’t need to be “charged”, it’s also a byproduct in nuclear reactors that use water cooling because of the hydrogen in water molecules. However it’s not a fuel in reactors like the scene suggests
Alessandro Piredda
Alessandro Piredda Aylar önce
@Nicholas Duncan I think you are mistaken, sir. Nowhere in his comment (but I am sure he knows it) he talks about the energy required to keep the fusion happening. Even if that was the case, and I was wrong, a comment praising and remarking what he said wouldn't be something worth pointing out as you did. You're comment is worthless, I am sure you have better use of your brain than this. Have a nice day
Nicholas Duncan
Nicholas Duncan Aylar önce
@Alessandro Piredda the problem being that he already said the second part. You didn’t add anything.
Alessandro Piredda
Alessandro Piredda Aylar önce
@Nicholas Duncan and I said said "thank you for pointing that out" It was supposed to be a praise, not an addition to his comment. In the second part I added a little detail for those wondering why it is not profitable.
Nicholas Duncan
Nicholas Duncan Aylar önce
@Alessandro Piredda That's literally what he said...
Alessandro Piredda
Alessandro Piredda Aylar önce
@Blue Fenix thank you for pointing out that, regardless of the claims, it is still not profitable. The energy used to maintain the reaction is higher that the one produced.
The Incredible Holt
The Incredible Holt 23 gün önce
I love how Doc Ock is so matter of fact of one of the most impressive prosthetic displays ever made.
Mike B
Mike B Aylar önce
Otto Octavius is a genius who invented some fantastic things, he basically made it some that people with paralysis due to spinal cord injuries could walk again, he created a high strength metal that was "impervious to heat and magnetic fields", he created nanofibers that allowed him to directly talk with his brain, he created AI. But the whole point of all of that research was to basically put a piece of tritium in the middle of his device? Was he planning on forever standing in front of it to push all the "solar prominences" back in whenever they popped out? Now where his genius was lacking, he decided to create a fusion energy source that was open to the environment, so not only would all the spectators have been literally roasted alive by the temperature of the fusion ball (which doesn't magically stop at the boundaries of the machine) as the gamma rays created by something of that temperature would make the rest of their day really bad, but fusion doesn't work if too many impurities are in there namely the air which while it can fuse has much MUCH higher temperatures required to do so. Also some fail safe built into the machine would have been good too, like an overload breaker or something.
marvel plus
marvel plus Aylar önce
Side2k Aylar önce
That is how most of the comics work. Bruce Wayne saves tens of people as Batman, while he could've saved tens of thousands as billionaire. But then we wouldn't have cool Dark Knight.
Mike B
Mike B Aylar önce
@Peter MJ Of course no human hands could harvest the power, no human hands should have to harvest the power.
Peter MJ
Peter MJ Aylar önce
Dude he created the arms so he can manage and over see miniature the fusion power. No human hands could harvest the power so he made the arms to do so.
Pano Kostouros
Pano Kostouros Aylar önce
0:17 Tobert's dorky laugh here cements him as the best Spider-Man
Abrar Jawad Fardin
Abrar Jawad Fardin Aylar önce
If that experiment didn't go wrong it would've helped millions of people
Justin Arzola
Justin Arzola Aylar önce
And it nearly wiped out the city but at least ock corrected his mistake with that sacrifice
Callum Rangan
Callum Rangan Aylar önce
I love Peter's senses going haywire when the paperclip starts moving. Then he's like "oh shit" when the lamps an lights start getting pulled. And then we're like "oh shit"
Joshua Wheatley
Joshua Wheatley Aylar önce
i cant describe how much i love this film. i grew up with spider-man 1-3 and just love them all.
dragonflysurgeon Aylar önce
Personally my favorite bad-guy transformation in any superhero film. And one of the best superhero movies ever made.
swyx Aylar önce
we never appreciated how well this movie has aged
BlueBoy 1
BlueBoy 1 Aylar önce
I love how only Doc Oc needs those heavy duty shades to protect himself from that mini-sun. Obviously standing 10 yards back reduces the brightness enough to make looking at it perfectly safe.
MrSirFluffy Aylar önce
Otto: *Casually creates artificial intelligence capable of fusing with the human mind.* Also Otto: "Looky, a battery thingy."
Giga Atom
Giga Atom Aylar önce
I’m gonna miss some shots like at 2:35 that use practical effects when no way home comes out. Really made the tentacles feel real
Pakku Devadiga
Pakku Devadiga Aylar önce
those wer real
Klaus Кровосос
Klaus Кровосос 28 gün önce
the fact that it was in a house and everyone was just chilling with no protection while a star was created is beyond me.
James S
James S 23 gün önce
This is cinema. A true masterpiece. The MCU hasn’t had too many movies like this.
Just Some Guy
Just Some Guy 19 gün önce
There are so many plot holes in this scene alone. Stfu.
Divine Goku Black
Divine Goku Black Aylar önce
There’s always little details I miss, like at 4:24 Otto is wearing a watch that flies off his arm
Austin Johnsen
Austin Johnsen 20 gün önce
As weird as it is that Otto is doing this experiment in the middle of the city with little safety measures, I think it’s important to remember what that one guy exiting the apartment said about adding more than a drop of tritium could have destroyed the city as opposed to the amount that was used.
Miguel Yang
Miguel Yang Aylar önce
"The power of the sun in the palm of my hands." Dr. Octavius must be so proud of Tony Stark's achievement of fulfilling his dream without the risk of destroying the entire NYC.
Anthony Bengoechea
Anthony Bengoechea Aylar önce
Just here watching old clips of these awesome villains before watching their updated ones in the new Spiderman. Still can't believe they're gonna appear in the big screen again, mind blown!
Simple Jack
Simple Jack Aylar önce
“The power of the MCU…in the palm of my hand”
BBQs Aylar önce
This makes me want to watch a What If of Doc Ock successfully doing this experiment and gave the world this cheap, renewable energy. He would've been treated as a hero.
bluemassgamer17 29 gün önce
He would be the Tony stark of his universe. With some people trying mimic his creations while failing creating abominations while most use his tech for everyday use.
Ike Simerson
Ike Simerson Aylar önce
Imagine inventing both a machine capable of producing potent enough fusion to power a city likely for 100’s of generations, but also a set of arms that LINK TO YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM.
Jermaine Haslam
Jermaine Haslam Aylar önce
Alfred Molina is incredible as Doc Ock and he plays the mad scientist role very well! He was just a guy trying to do some good in the world, but it backfired on him which makes him sympathetic and he ended up doing some good for the world by sacrificing himself to destroy his invention to protect people!
Gavin Perry
Gavin Perry 27 gün önce
I love how unreal and comically these films were unlike today's were each and every detail has to be perfect . Because " Fans" Will point them out
Caleb Berezowski
Caleb Berezowski Aylar önce
I never thought I was, we were all, going get to experience Alfred Molina and William Dafoe play these characters on the big screen again. I can’t wait!
Mudder1310 Aylar önce
Molina as Doc Ock was perfect.
trebledc 28 gün önce
This is the best Dr octopus character in decades and glad their bringing again one last time.
InsaneTacoz Aylar önce
I've always loved that monitor behind Otto when he's explaining the chip, starting at 2:04
Mateus R. de Andrade
Mateus R. de Andrade Aylar önce
0:17 I like that Harry is the only one who doesn't laugh either because he's still depressed for the death of his father or he, as a business man, is too anxious for the results
All Me
All Me Aylar önce
Even if it was just a temporary spike, anyone with a gold filling or pacemaker would have been in a lot of trouble.
gmu_alum08 25 gün önce
The magnetism in space can get so strong that it can rip the iron right out of your blood. That usually happens of you approach a pulsar, this was "just" a sun but still
Music is more Important than your politicians
Music is more Important than your politicians Aylar önce
Padster Aylar önce
MASTER-OF- EVIL Aylar önce
Probably dead
Michael Overton
Michael Overton Aylar önce
Great scene in the movie and beautifully unfair to play in the game. A true spectacle to watch in both scenarios for completely different reasons.
marvel plus
marvel plus Aylar önce
smeef met meer smeef
smeef met meer smeef Aylar önce
it was a good joke ngl
Antonio Vásquez
Antonio Vásquez 27 gün önce
I like how it’s a nerd joke and Pete is the one who laughs the most.
Patrick Wilson
Patrick Wilson Aylar önce
Hi nice meeting you here
MUSCLE MAN Aylar önce
True 😂😂
Mr. Alright
Mr. Alright Aylar önce
I always thought that the arms took control of Doc Ock and that his chip thing failed. Only a few months ago when I watched this movie again I finally realized that the chip was broken. I honestly don’t know how I missed that obvious detail. Maybe I should stop eating all that glue 😂
Branone Aylar önce
Dude creates an entire star in his house as an experiment and invites people over like it's just a little get together.
Seyumai Ayami
Seyumai Ayami Aylar önce
"No human can withstand the environment" *everyone moves closer to the sun*
Houda B
Houda B Aylar önce
Watching this before spiderman no way home just to remember the plot 😂😂 it's been like 12 years or more since i watched this movie 🙂
Andres Hermosa
Andres Hermosa Aylar önce
U gotta do a whole marathon from first to last lol
StaRiX Aylar önce
Doc Ock wears goggles to protect his eyes from the sun, meanwhile he has an audience of people without any eye protection and they didn't even go blind after seeing a tiny sun.
LoggingFire 29 gün önce
Probably just didn't care
Edvin Parmeza
Edvin Parmeza Aylar önce
The moment the government and the army found out that Otto invented those arms, they would have confiscated them immediately, consider them as "dangerous for the society" and use them for their missions...this is the only thing I find as unrealistic in this movie, otherwise it is a masterpiece
Cool as a Shaolin monk
Cool as a Shaolin monk 29 gün önce
When u grow up u realise how iconic this scene is
Yan Blanke
Yan Blanke 28 gün önce
0:19 damn, he really did liked that joke. great movie, amazing expressions by tobie.
cris alvarez
cris alvarez Aylar önce
what an amazing scene i love it.
Velin Sevven
Velin Sevven Aylar önce
"the power of the sun, in the palm of my hand". Are we sure this guy wasn't evil even before he lost control to the arms?
Abdul Eve
Abdul Eve Aylar önce
@Rick Blaine but he did good during no way home
Rick Blaine
Rick Blaine Aylar önce
That’s the point of making him say that for the first time here. That hubris was always a part of him.
Addison Rader
Addison Rader Aylar önce
So would the machine have worked if instead of increasing the size and tridium amount, he just increased the machine size, but kept the tridium the same?
Sarthak Malhotra
Sarthak Malhotra Aylar önce
@Jaime Valencia hahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
Jaime Valencia
Jaime Valencia Aylar önce
No cause it was gonna soon stabilize it was just a spike
Péter Gaál
Péter Gaál Aylar önce
Otto Octavius: Nothing can stop me to hold the power of the sun in my hand Gravity:hold my beer
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo 28 gün önce
HOLY MOLY can we all take a second to realize Sam Raimi's brilliant mind of having the sun implode like our sun? It expanded to a "red giant" once Spiderman unplugged it, then it's gravity pulled it all into a singularity just like all stars. Man that's a cool way to show it disappearing. I think irl though, that sun is too small relative to Earth to pull an implosion like that
Funkky Monkey
Funkky Monkey 28 gün önce
This dude invents durasteel, biomechanics, and fusion, but opts out of safety glass and a nice, nonmetalic warehouse for his highly dangerous and magnetic experiment.
Daniel Verberne
Daniel Verberne Aylar önce
After letting Indiana Jones down in the rope department, Alfred Molina went on to score these nice gigs!
Blackhowling Aylar önce
I laughs when he died in Indiana Jones as he deserves it I cried when he sank into river as Otto can't wait for new spiderman
Andrew Randell
Andrew Randell Aylar önce
Imagine if Otto's smart arms could initiate the fusion reaction process?! A wearable mind-controlled multi-limbed prosthetic fusion reactor...damn.
glootech Aylar önce
Alfred Molina is FLAWLESS in this movie.
Daniel DeVito
Daniel DeVito Aylar önce
This movie was so damn good
Declan Aylar önce
Keep in mind, according to the whole multiverse thing in the MCU, this trilogy is now officially canon, as well as all marvel movies/shows prior to Iron Man (2008).
Da Hooman Centipee
Da Hooman Centipee 27 gün önce
All I know is that this means if someone were to start watching they MCU movies from the beginning, they would now have to start with the Raimi trilogy and the 2 Amazing Spider-Man films since No Way Home has made them relevant again and part of the canon because of the multiverse
Rush Alias
Rush Alias 29 gün önce
Not quite all marvel.movies...just raimi spider man. We have no other solid proof that the x men/deadpool or fantastic four are canon...yet
Thomas Aylar önce
For a genius he sure was stupid for starting a fusion reaction in his living room, in the heart of new york city. Even if it hadn't gone disastrously wrong, the radiation itself should have killed everyone present.
Random Weeb
Random Weeb 29 gün önce
Just saw No Way Home, the movie definitely did all the Spiderman movies before it justice.
Jordan Krzywicki
Jordan Krzywicki Aylar önce
3:55 I imagine that in the upcoming movie he’ll say “multiverse” instead of “sun”
GUNCHURCH-CODM 28 gün önce
The music the score the cinematography this movie is once in a lifetime!
forbiddenbeat Aylar önce
"Which is why I developed this inhibitor chip" and put it right here in a cheap plastic case, where it's definitely not going to get broken.
SidJustice1 15 gün önce
I sitting here like, “Damn! That was intense”…not that I haven’t seen this about 100 times 😂😂
Robson Rover Repair
Robson Rover Repair Aylar önce
I remember reading Sam Neill was originally planned for the role. As much as I wanted it to be him, after watching this film, it was unquestionably the best actor for the role.
Lil18thletterking Aylar önce
Sam Niel to play spiderman...I guess for some people it could work..hey stranger things have happened.
Zhi Zhong
Zhi Zhong Aylar önce
This was a really good movie and depiction of doc oct. My only issue is that the arms in this scene is short and realistic, but in the later fight scenes, they look to be 5x longer, silly long
RC-7341 "Reaper"
RC-7341 "Reaper" Aylar önce
They're able to be extended/stretched out from anywhere between 8ft and 24ft in length
_ _ohen779_LoveS_RNG_ _
_ _ohen779_LoveS_RNG_ _ Aylar önce
Emile Vinesh
Emile Vinesh Aylar önce
I bet most of us here are rewatching all the scenes from Spider-Man 2 in preparation for No Way Home. I'm really glad they brought Alfred Molina back as Doc Ock, instead of recasting him for the MCU. Raimi's Spider-Man 2 is still one the best Spider-Man films, and Molina as Doc Ock is one of the best comic book villains ever put to screen.
Jeremy Aylar önce
Doc Ock's rubber band joke is a favorite ice breaker of mine!
Stephen Chow
Stephen Chow 22 gün önce
2:00- "Dr, if the artificial intelligence in the arms is as..." Doctor Octagnapus: "Wait who said anything about them having AI. What's in that book you're holding, is that the script?"
Mr BlahBah
Mr BlahBah Aylar önce
This scene is so beautiful with the music and the sun thing
Gigazerker TV
Gigazerker TV Aylar önce
You know, if you "create" a sun inside Earth's atmosphere it will blow it all. But we need a movie after all.
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