0% Sportsmanship, Most Disrespectful Moments

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because I'm batman
because I'm batman 4 aylar önce
Imagine starting the game when someone is injured just to score a goal but you still miss💀
Mason 14 gün önce
what do you mean?
Woogs 19 gün önce
​@yangfxn By pens
Mineblox Proz
Mineblox Proz 25 gün önce
@yangfxn let’s see if he does it as long as messi and Ronaldo did. He just can’t
Simpatico 3 aylar önce
What makes Messi even better is his character and humility.
Valdez Marothi
Valdez Marothi 6 gün önce
​@grumosa ?
路易斯 アルバート 바 가스
路易斯 アルバート 바 가스 10 gün önce
Messi : Hudson Hornet Mbappe : McQueen
Bas Hauwert
Bas Hauwert 11 gün önce
Don’t act like Messi is a saint.
Eduard 14 gün önce
​@Dianzalike the punch he throwned at the Bilbao player? Huh? Its humble yeah🤣🤣
Sav 4 aylar önce
Whenever I have seen Messi play, he is always the picture of class.
AJAY S. SANDHU 20 gün önce
@Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay His PR team is really good🤨
AJAY S. SANDHU 20 gün önce
@Liberated Entrepreneur U nailed it n yes messi fanbase is most insecure n they create a false aura around messi as if he is some little innocent girl 👧 n even media helps him maintain that image n even 👧missi knows it n takes advantage of it
AJAY S. SANDHU 20 gün önce
Common i respect you are Messi fan but i hv seen messi tripping a lot n doing silly things on field
Nâthäñ 狼 Gréy
Nâthäñ 狼 Gréy 20 gün önce
@akash and david fire beats productions penaldo fans lol
akash and david fire beats productions
akash and david fire beats productions 20 gün önce
bayern munich vs psg 2023 second leg, worst messi performance ever
fhdsik 3 aylar önce
Mbappe has to live, at least, three more lives in order to send Messi home
AJAY S. SANDHU 20 gün önce
@DC_Gahyeon Pretty Mbappe must be getting big chunk of money 💵 from Psg for sure to show harmony among squad otherwise it is clear on field n dressing room rivalry between Ney n Messi vs Mbappe n only reason why these three can’t work together
Memaa Glambert
Memaa Glambert 27 gün önce
No need, only 3 months 😏 and He was 19 Long live🤴🏽 Mbappe
DC_Gahyeon Pretty
DC_Gahyeon Pretty Aylar önce
mbappe said messi is the best player even if he loves ronaldo more than messi and any player
DC_Gahyeon Pretty
DC_Gahyeon Pretty Aylar önce
@Fedel ledef messi who is lucky no kante and without pogba di maria will eat a L if kante was here
Fedel ledef
Fedel ledef Aylar önce
@RandomTRshowGuy was luck
Yathome 3 aylar önce
Messi is a grown ass man and a professional. He has 0 time to deal with immaturity and rudeness.
FALL1N1 11 gün önce
@Psykoman91 and yet he had the overall best stats in the World Cup with most dribbles, assists, chances created. Walking or running he is still the winning factor. PSG might blame him for losing, but they never had any chances in the UCL. Not this year, not ever. Midfield wins games. Psg's only midfielder is a short slow smoker from Italy.
FALL1N1 13 gün önce
@Psykoman91 what color is your world cup?
Psykoman91 13 gün önce
Messi is ended, he walks 80% of the time
FALL1N1 Aylar önce
@humangriefman3628 sure. If you remove the fact I have two stores and an airbnb at my 20s, sure. I don't have a job. edit: oh look, the baby deleted his comment.
KitsuneHikaru -
KitsuneHikaru - 3 aylar önce
The way Modric was never seen in any of these kinda videos really speaks volumes.
Gjuroo Majstor
Gjuroo Majstor 14 gün önce
@JP. This is what sport should be about. Respect the opponent even if you win. At this stage of competition in World Cup the emotions are really, really high. It takes a lot of mental strength to forget your joy in victory and to understand and comfort the players on the "losing" side. I'm really glad that Luka finally has his name in the book of world's football history. Greetings from Croatia! 💗🇧🇷
Ya he's a great guy as well as a great footballer ❤️
ivo turi
ivo turi 23 gün önce
​@afa78djd im argentinian and he was EVERYWHERE in that match. Stood his ground for his humble country like a warrior. While being 37 yo. Dont speak bad about Luka Modric, as he is a legend who gained mine and my country's respect
pumpkindud_ 25 gün önce
@afa78djd aint no way you just did that lmao
JP. Aylar önce
Modric is an incredible person and player, I'm Brazilian and I really like him because he did what the coach of our national team didn't do, he comforted our players after the defeat
Tiago Versión
Tiago Versión 4 aylar önce
Messi is the most respectful player I've seen in all the years I've followed football, he's the greatest.
bartiii950 Aylar önce
Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta. And these are only Barcelona players
_AGK_ Aylar önce
@Jibin Jo Varghese I have ,Also seen him kicking a mic ,and ball towards the fans it's happens football is can be frustrating some times but never did he ever want to harm anyone 😇 unlike other players
Jibin Jo Varghese
Jibin Jo Varghese Aylar önce
@_AGK_ u havnt seen messi holding the neck of castan during barca match??
Han Solo
Han Solo 2 aylar önce
Why are people so insecure about the respect and admiration that so many people have for Messi... is it because these people are insecure and childlike just like Cristiano Ronaldo?
m n
m n 4 aylar önce
Messi is the Only player that show respect to others
Anotidaishe Muirimi
Anotidaishe Muirimi 5 gün önce
Not only just watch some videos when he gets angry
Ellie-may Gaming
Ellie-may Gaming 18 gün önce
@jk xs sleeping with his world cup
Md Kibria
Md Kibria 4 aylar önce
Ronaldo did a shameful thing kicking that player unnecessarily.
Paul O'Regan
Paul O'Regan 10 gün önce
Funny though.
Ahmad Ahmed
Ahmad Ahmed 12 gün önce
U only see ronaldo because he the goat🥇🇵🇹❤🐐
luke connor
luke connor 15 gün önce
​@rahmat shaari has a temper cos hes old. Reading your stuff trying to defend cr7 is class. Nah its not because he's old or whatever. He was in over his head and things he can get away with everything he's nothing but ego and in my eyes I don't respect him at all. Countless times he's doing disrespectful things on other teams and his own teams
Magik 15 gün önce
@DCR GAMING you're defo a small kid who doesn't know how to read, so that's all right
Si Lồn
Si Lồn 17 gün önce
​@DCR GAMING pessidog
Nameless Monster
Nameless Monster 3 aylar önce
There are lot of great players in the world but a respectful and calm player like Messi hardly exits. NOT ONLY THE GOAT IN FOOTBALL BUT ALSO A GREAT PERSON IN REAL LIFE.
Mathe Men
Mathe Men Aylar önce
The Messi all you kids are dreaming about does not exist.
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay Aylar önce
@DC_Gahyeon Pretty wowo is nothing. Mbappe gave Messi the finger in the final, shook his fists at him while celebrating a goal. Mbappe had great players thrown out, wants to get rid of Neymar and Messi. He's jealous of Messi and Neymar. He barged into Messi and demanded Ney's penalty after messing up a penalty. Mbappe is toxic. Messi only called the guy bobo, a childish term meaning silly. Big deal. You guys have no judgment whatsoever.
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay Aylar önce
@M.I. He didn't kick the Mexican shirt. It was a jersey. They're all thrown on the floor to get cleaned. He accidentally put his foot on it. Tempest in a teapot if there ever was one.
Pun1Sh3r_360 Aylar önce
Pele the GOAT tho
DC_Gahyeon Pretty
DC_Gahyeon Pretty Aylar önce
mbappe is more respectful do u remember he said camera wo wo mbappe never said something like that do u remember how mbappe hugged him
Rhaecus 4 aylar önce
Neymar, Ronaldo, Mbappe all are there, but not Messi, that is why he is something else ❤️🔥
Rhema Thomas
Rhema Thomas 16 gün önce
Please. There are videos of him too.
Somsuvra Bhowmik
Somsuvra Bhowmik 17 gün önce
@QUASAR Benchiano Penaldo fan for sure 🤣🤣🤣
Tamer Kara
Tamer Kara 17 gün önce
Messi is the only one who is spitting when he gets angry. He deserves more than everone of the others to be in this list!!!
Tamer Kara
Tamer Kara 17 gün önce
Messi is the only one who is spitting when he gets angry. He deserves more than all the others to be in this list!!!
RXLI DVRK 2 aylar önce
I didn't see an aggressive, rude Messi once. Because He Is The G.O.A.T.🐐🇦🇷
tanise gsge
tanise gsge Aylar önce
Rude and aggressive Messi existed just his intentions are not bad
LuccãoHard 3 aylar önce
mbappe is one of the most disrespectful players i have ever seen in football
Miguel_ON 21 gün önce
he says that our football is bad before confronting messi
Thomas B
Thomas B 22 gün önce
@Mist aged like milk, the dude is just on fire actually 🔥
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay
Elizabeth Csicsery-Ronay Aylar önce
@Peace on Earth They're not jealous. They just see his selfish character.
Carl Nagle
Carl Nagle Aylar önce
That first goal he scored against Lille last week was utterly disrespectful. Freak of a dude
DC_Gahyeon Pretty
DC_Gahyeon Pretty Aylar önce
xD he is one of the most respectful keep dreaming about how he cancelled the alcohol because u love it u said he is disrespectful he didn't mean to disrespect messi he actually loves messi but u all misunderstood him
AᅟVᅟϟᅟ L ᅟA
AᅟVᅟϟᅟ L ᅟA 4 aylar önce
Todos deberían de estar de acuerdo cuando se habla de que Mbappe tiene 0% deportividad y es egoísta en el sentido de que sólo se alegra de sus propios logros en vez de alegrarce también de los de sus compañeros. Mbappe puede ser uno de los mejores del mundo pero de nada sirve serlo si solo entra a la cancha a "caminar por encima de los demás" como ya ha hecho con sus compañeros de equipo
KNZ Aylar önce
@Buffed Sans It's funny because you're talking shit. Mbappé said "guys, we are down two 0s, we have nothing to lose. Come on, let's give it our all now" and he managed to motivate everyone. So we had neither benzema, nor pogba nor kanté, so I think France is doing well to have arrived in the final without 3 of the biggest players.
Iggy mich
Iggy mich Aylar önce
@Victor Hugo But Messi is not selfish and assists in giving out the ball tk his team mates uet he is the best scorer in the world.
Just_Mango 2 aylar önce
@Victor Hugo no necesariamente, incluso si eres un scorer debes jugar en equipo sabiendo que tienes monstruos jugando, por eso Isagi da pases como dios manda a kunogami y a la vez shootea con ese egoismo, se extraña al Kylian humilde
Jose Ramirez
Jose Ramirez 3 aylar önce
Completamente de acuerdo
Anvit R B
Anvit R B 4 aylar önce
Messi deserves respect and a better teamates Edit: What i mean is teamates who are kind towards him
Zulfikarali Aylar önce
I thought mbappe was nice
The world revolves around me
The world revolves around me 2 aylar önce
@Ro3gues wow someone is so pissed he wrote an entire essay with amazing spellings like "kidness" "humild" "charakter" "provoced"
170672juan 3 aylar önce
Argentine selection! We are the champions my frien!
Pun1Sh3r_360 Aylar önce
Bruh the girl at the end throwing up the heart love symbol after she just did something heartless & cold hearted af😂 just gotta love how sick twisted this world really is sometimes
Jackson Moseley
Jackson Moseley 23 gün önce
@S.I.P Worldwide fr
Jackson Moseley
Jackson Moseley 23 gün önce
@Amirul Hakimi fr
S.I.P Worldwide
S.I.P Worldwide Aylar önce
Amirul Hakimi
Amirul Hakimi Aylar önce
Totally "Women ☕" moment 😂
E.B 3 aylar önce
La Humildad y el Respeto eran Parte del Juego Bonito. Hoy en dia Hay demasiados Buenos Jugadores que jamas llegaran a ser tan recordados Como sus predecesores
E.B 2 aylar önce
@Ro3gues Well, that is exactly what I mean, this has existed for decades, but as the years go by, soccer begins to lack this character more and more, Today they barely earn their first million and forget the pitiful stories that They tell of their Origins, they forget about Barrio and the fans that support them, they call themselves the best, they are infatuated with their Clubs, I am not saying that it did not exist before but for example seeing Ronaldinho even in this time is a gesture of Noblesa , to remember that act of charity that Maradona did in Italy when playing almost on a flat field to help a sick child, to hear Roberto Carlos talk about his Golpro technique and refuse to accept that it is his own talent and that everything must be plus the weather, the wind and even Fortuna itself, that is already extinct in current football
$AL4Z 3 aylar önce
@Kiwi In the Sky with Diamonds otro ejemplo de un logi
E.B 3 aylar önce
@Kiwi In the Sky with Diamonds si himildad y que
Kiwi In the Sky with Diamonds
Kiwi In the Sky with Diamonds 3 aylar önce
🎀styliee 3 aylar önce
Compare to other players I've seen a very few videos where messi gets anger issues, he's calm quiet and decent only focus on ball and the goal posts rather than dealing with these messy issues 😬 that's Messi and I love him❤️
Chris Stapleton
Chris Stapleton Aylar önce
SPORTS HUB 3 aylar önce
Messi is my Favorite Player Not Just for How he Play also He Showing Respect to Other Player.
DC_Gahyeon Pretty
DC_Gahyeon Pretty Aylar önce
@I’ll try nah he like messi because he hugged him last time and the most understanding hint is he said he is the best player
DC_Gahyeon Pretty
DC_Gahyeon Pretty Aylar önce
he said camera wo wo to a player what is disrespectful for the player
God's Gift To The Ladies
God's Gift To The Ladies Aylar önce
@Marco Gonzalez Sueiro the fact that he did that and still failed to score a goal 😂
SHADOW🗿 ( F2) 2 aylar önce
No . He is a fraud
I’ll try
I’ll try 2 aylar önce
@Fashih Adam he’s the most respect player so far . Be for real everyone has bad side even each of us. But why can’t he like Messi ?
Fabrizio Trocchia
Fabrizio Trocchia 3 aylar önce
Girl at the end celebrated like it was a hard earned goal
Greek Fountain
Greek Fountain 29 gün önce
@Mikkel Holm your comment made me curious so I actually counted it. There’s a total of 25 clips, 23 about men and 2 about women. So 8% of the video is about women and 92% is about men. You’re right, 92% is sooo much better.
Mikkel Holm
Mikkel Holm Aylar önce
​@Doo Doo the video is not 99% men 🤣 Also you're insulting men the most with that amount of simping. She is not going to smash you bro
Flakitohdz30 2 aylar önce
​@Valeria Oh no, they can play the sport. It's just that sometimes they aren't that good. I remember a national team was beaten by some 16 year old boys.
Wasim Akram
Wasim Akram 4 aylar önce
Messi earned my respect 🙌. But mbappe clearly deserved humiliation.
notthespounge_5 2 aylar önce
Imagine if Ross Barkley missed that open goal
Aure Gimenez
Aure Gimenez 3 aylar önce
Yo ni me imaginé que avía tanta maldad en el futbol 😞
EsTeK NL 3 aylar önce
Je pense qu'il y a plus de respect dans le MMA dans les compétitions UFC. Dommage car le foot peut faire preuve de belles valeurs et de fair-play.
random person who says facts
random person who says facts 2 aylar önce
in this wc i supported france but not gonna lie i watched all argentina's matches and i was impressed of how messi is mature; calm and respectful and i'm so happy for him he deserved the winning i hope kylian learns from him and takes him as a senior in psg
D Hojai
D Hojai 4 aylar önce
No way Messi's fans chill after that thumbnail
Hill 2 aylar önce
Clickbait title brings in views sadly
floppy flops
floppy flops 2 aylar önce
@DaPikachuManYT 💀💀 goofy
ZenoX 3 aylar önce
@Obito Uchiharonaldo is the goat kid
Prin _
Prin _ 3 aylar önce
@DaPikachuManYT Rondaldo fan kids thinking changing 1 letter from smb's name would be very offensive: 🤓🤡🦧
BIKE MUTHAPPAN 3 aylar önce
Messi is a calm person who respects everyone😍😍...
maria lordes
maria lordes Aylar önce
Yeah, we should start the canonization procedure for lessi, now & only pray to him for miracles, gimmieabreak, already.
Tt Food
Tt Food 2 aylar önce
What about Thiago Silva?
World 🌍
World 🌍 2 aylar önce
Leo Messi 👍👍👍👍👍
𝙼𝙾𝙷𝙰𝙼𝙴𝙳 𝚁𝙴𝙼𝚈 2 aylar önce
He not have strength for fight
Felipe Londoño
Felipe Londoño 4 aylar önce
Aquí es cuando decimos "Que falta nos hace mas arbitros como Pierluigi Collina en este deporte y mas jugadores con buenos principios!"
Pablo Espino
Pablo Espino 3 aylar önce
Ya no existe y creo que ni existirá, ahora todos son corruptos o hacen lo que se les canta, pareciera que lo hacen queriendo para joder a los equipos o jugadores en especial.
Felipe Londoño
Felipe Londoño 3 aylar önce
@RICHARD HERNANDEZ Si. Yo sé que el fue el que dijo que había que jugarse todo el tiempo que se pierda. Pero el no tiene nada que ver con el VAR. El no lo inventó ni nada de eso. El problema real es que están haciendo que el VAR haga todo el trabajo automático y ya.
si supieras que Pierluigi Collina es el que está dañando al fútbol desde afuera con la implementación del Var en este mundial y con escándalos
Soccer_SHORTS⚽️ 2 aylar önce
2:34 He was not disrespecting the kids. He was mad at his coaches and teammates because they were not letting him play. It was almost the end of the game, and he hadn’t stepped out on the field once. So that’s why he didn’t give the kids a high-five
ak.STUD.io 4 aylar önce
Van Persie slide wasn't disrespect That was well deserved😂
Deborah Olstad
Deborah Olstad 4 aylar önce
Ferdinand goated😂
bananajones 4 aylar önce
the second tackle wasnt disrespectful too. it wasn a foul
Erik Xeneize
Erik Xeneize 3 aylar önce
7:05 que maleducado es Mbappe... Ahora Messi te ganó la final del mundo en tu cara. Vamos Argentina💪
Pacifist 3 aylar önce
Yeh, Mbappe doesn't even shake hands with his opponents. There is 0% sportsmanship, sure he is a great player, but as person, not so much - extremely arrogant and self-centered.
Black Skull
Black Skull 3 aylar önce
Mbappe is one of those kids when he could'nt play football he leaves with the ball with him
God's Gift To The Ladies
God's Gift To The Ladies Aylar önce
iridescent boi
iridescent boi 3 aylar önce
@SpriteSucks dude 💀 did u even watch the vid
isle fredericks
isle fredericks 3 aylar önce
Absolutely true bro... U can say it again 😅
David Fonje
David Fonje 3 aylar önce
Very correct 😂
Coerción 3 aylar önce
In Argentina they say: who is the chubby owner of the ball
Abdul Rehman
Abdul Rehman 4 aylar önce
Messi deserves respect 🙏
Lialian Hangshing
Lialian Hangshing 4 aylar önce
Messi is not included in this disrespectful behavior what a goat
Aminul Jawad
Aminul Jawad 2 aylar önce
You never seen football then
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 4 aylar önce
_AGK_ 4 aylar önce
@Eren Yeager Yeah , and you too i guess ?
Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager 4 aylar önce
@_AGK_ India or Norway?
Jose Luis Enriquez Chuquivilca
Jose Luis Enriquez Chuquivilca 15 gün önce
Con cr7 el contexto de fondo hace ver otra cosa y los otros casos tambien es asi en el futbol ya que es emocion al mas puro estilo del futbol y buebo que mas decir, saludiño!
Ahad Parker
Ahad Parker 4 aylar önce
Messi never disappoint anyone even though he is the best player in the world Love you Goat 🐐
Christian 2 aylar önce
​@Ria.J I prefer batman as a fictional figure though.
Prin _
Prin _ 3 aylar önce
@Parashar Choudhury You are that one homosexual individual 💀
Parashar Choudhury
Parashar Choudhury 3 aylar önce
@Prin _ ok plastic fan
Prin _
Prin _ 3 aylar önce
@Parashar Choudhury Rondaldo fan kids thinking changing 1 letter from smb's name would be very offensive: 🤓🤡🦧
Jax OP
Jax OP 3 aylar önce
Me parece increible que son momentos clarisimos de antideportividadd y no le sacan ni roja xDD
Anthony sabbagha
Anthony sabbagha 4 aylar önce
At 3:42 that man pushed that kid who was trying to help him and giving him a new ball I was so mad Edit: thank you so much for the likes I've never had this much likes before
esperanza wanjiru
esperanza wanjiru 3 aylar önce
true. shame on him for being rude to a little boy
PedroVeterano80 3 aylar önce
He was trying to grab something behind the fence, i can't tell what it is
senpie 3 aylar önce
I aint seeing nothing there
Prince Ofosu
Prince Ofosu 3 aylar önce
Maybe they were up late in the game and he was trying to delay as much time as possible and the kid giving him a new ball probably irritated him. Sometimes those kids either delay the ball on purpose or give the ball quick when they support a team🤷🏾‍♂️
Aiko! 3 aylar önce
Teve alguns casos em que não foi falta de respeito, alguma das vezes os jogadores estavam sofrendo discriminação e se irritaram
@nielandrad 3 aylar önce
Foi o que aconteceu com o Tyson
Soulhealer Gaming
Soulhealer Gaming 3 aylar önce
The lady in the end made me feel that humanity has left the earth and has been replaced by selfishness 😢….heartbreaking
Greek Fountain
Greek Fountain 29 gün önce
@Orân o Anão seems like she hurt her leg but I’m not too sure
Puuha mato
Puuha mato 2 aylar önce
That's the embodiment of Cristiano on the pitch
Orân o Anão
Orân o Anão 3 aylar önce
Can someone please explain what happened to the goalie?
master of study
master of study 3 aylar önce
Messi is the legend 🔥
claudia rodriguez
claudia rodriguez 3 aylar önce
Bueno que conducta tan baja la de Mbappe, pero MESSI superior siempre, respetuoso y buena vibra un profesional siempre 💜✨🇦🇷🤗
Speed Tech
Speed Tech 3 aylar önce
Le football aussi à une face sombre, mais il y a des moments qui sont tristes et injustes😢😢😢😢😭😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
edo medo
edo medo 3 aylar önce
The one and the only...Messi...💪
BUDDY GAMING 3 aylar önce
That's why we love messi🔥🔥
Kike Poveda
Kike Poveda 3 aylar önce
Bien se dice que "el que es grande, lo es dentro y fuera de la cancha, sea el deporte que sea"
Lesley Irene
Lesley Irene 2 aylar önce
Damn, I didn’t know Ronaldo had a bad side
Aandrio Chakraborty
Aandrio Chakraborty 4 aylar önce
That's why MESSI is G.O.A.T,he is not only a good player but also a good human being 😇😇
Allwinyay 3 aylar önce
Have seen how fellow teammates automatically step forward to protect Messi when he is being bullied on the field. It shows how Messi is loved and how united his team is. Just appreciate how Messi was the only one who walked to congratulate his goalkeeper after they won the semifinals while all the other players ran to cheer the scorers. Without goal saving Argentina unable to win in face.of aggression on the FIFA World Cup run-up
Riley grenier
Riley grenier 2 aylar önce
I like it how she took the ball from the injured golie then celebrates with a heart
Leandro Yandún Ortega
Leandro Yandún Ortega 4 aylar önce
*3:20* 0% sportsmanship 100% romantic
Maria Sandra Martinez
Maria Sandra Martinez 3 aylar önce
a$$ 3 aylar önce
jiminpov 3 aylar önce
MrArtdeco 3 aylar önce
Germany squad like this scene
Dave TV
Dave TV 4 aylar önce
Ronaldo Luis Nazario da Lima
Ronaldo Luis Nazario da Lima 4 aylar önce
Momentos antideportivos,los peores aprovecharse de la lesión de un rival.
JAir Moreno
JAir Moreno 3 aylar önce
En el inicio, imagina que tus rivales se preocupen mas por tu salud , que tus propios compañeros de equipo.
ElReyDavid 3 aylar önce
3:11 hasta los años 90's en Argentina se jugaba con media cancha llena de papelitos
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger 4 aylar önce
The humility is what separates legends of the game ( Ney,cr7) from God of the game (Messi) Love you leo ❤️
David Henrique
David Henrique 3 aylar önce
Alguns fazendo gol se achando os fodas, com o goleiro caído, sentindo dor, sem reação nenhuma, da nojo 🤮
JP KEOGH 4 aylar önce
Mbappe has so much ego and is dirty.
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase 19 gün önce
@Black Magik anytime
Black Magik
Black Magik 19 gün önce
@Gaijin Hakase ok that's nice to know 😒
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase 20 gün önce
@Black Magik France was lucky, you muppet. Penbappe scored a hat trick of PKs and gets praised as the next goat, hilarious 🤣
Gaijin Hakase
Gaijin Hakase 20 gün önce
@Black Magik that’s meaningless 😂 Mbappe sucks
Justin 3 aylar önce
@Black Magik Muppet...nice one dude! My statement still stands. Argentina controlled/dominated the entire game up until the PK for France. It was Argentina Vs. Mbappe. Go watch their 3rd goal again. Master class all around. They were never down in the game. How is this lucky? lol France had 2 PKs and one was a handball at 1:17. If anything, France was lucky to get back in the game like they did.
PompeyMatt17 4 aylar önce
I love the way footballers square up to eachother..like little kids in a playground 🤣🤣🤣
light lawliet
light lawliet 3 aylar önce
most of them only know football and nothing else. no emotional intelligence whatsoever.
🌌stardustfall🌌 3 aylar önce
They are ultimately just little kids fulfilling their playground dreams tbh
Catarina Rosário
Catarina Rosário 4 aylar önce
hormones up 😂
Amarillo 3 aylar önce
Por eso es el mejor de todos LIO por que es HUMILDE & UN CABALLERO!!!!!!
Antonio Delgado
Antonio Delgado 3 aylar önce
Nunca pensé que Cristiano hiciera esas faltas, peor la patada que le dio al que tumbó.
Ing. Industrial Dante Paredes
Ing. Industrial Dante Paredes 4 aylar önce
Por eso Messi es el mejor hoy en día, no tiene de ese tipo de acciones en los partidos (y)
Eli Vidal
Eli Vidal 3 aylar önce
guest.youtub nunca a hecho eso, pero si le dio una bofetada a un sinvergüenza que lo estuvo agarrando todo el partido
Celida Gallego
Celida Gallego 4 aylar önce
La admiro mas como persona a messi y como deportista por supuesto
Enrique Martínez
Enrique Martínez 4 aylar önce
En este video, una vez cogió a un jugador del cuello por poner un ejemplo
Cric_ANalyZer 3 aylar önce
Cricket is the gentlemens game ❤ Game of love and unity 💛
Lukas Prien
Lukas Prien 4 aylar önce
Nah thats just bad to take the ball and score after the opponent stopped for your teammate
uselesswhitetrash 2 aylar önce
@aPowerlessHe told them to play fast.
aPowerless 4 aylar önce
yeah if i was his teammate i would of scolded him
Martin Korejs
Martin Korejs 3 aylar önce
Damn, I loved Rio´s gesture with those handshakes, straight ignoring him. Well done Rio.
Vanitas 3 aylar önce
É por coisas assim que eu acho que fair play no futebol é algo quase inexistente pq tem tanto jogador (e jogadora) ruim de espirito que as vezes nem vale a pena, é mt triste
NiKto 3 aylar önce
В одном моменте игрок синих получил травму и корчился на земле, даже игрок белых остановился с мячом и показывал на него, чтоб остановили игру, а свой же игрок синих просто забрал мяч наплевав на своего товарища и дальше продолжил игру, забывая что спорт не только победил и проиграл. Лучше проиграть с честью, чем вот так вот выиграть. Уважайте друг друга.
Random Bangaleeee
Random Bangaleeee 3 aylar önce
Not everyone can be a great Footballer, Sometimes being a winner you lost, It's hard to earn respect and easy to loose it.
Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed 2 aylar önce
bro really the last chick celebrated with heart💀
Santiago Börner
Santiago Börner 3 aylar önce
5:33 is Not 0% sportmanship its a normal goal
Tareq Y.
Tareq Y. Aylar önce
yea but it isn't necessary to celebrate the goal before you score. kinda like show boating.
MessiFX 4 aylar önce
Mile López
Mile López 4 aylar önce
Messi es el mejor jugador del mundo no solo dentro de la cancha hipnotiza con su esencia; sino su persona, su humildad. Messi nunca nos defrauda. Él es leyenda, orgullosa de ser Argentina💙🤍💛🤍💙. all of us who know Messi and his family, he was always a humble and beautiful person
lucas aurélio
lucas aurélio 3 aylar önce
Angelo Belingheri
Angelo Belingheri 3 aylar önce
A diferencia del Mbappe o como se escriba que ni debe pisar la cancha de los castroso que es
V 3 aylar önce
Jugó con uno que era magia pura, como Ronaldinho, algo debe haber aprendido. Messi es una excepción al resto de los jugadores argentinos que suelen ser muy tramposos.
lust zamora
lust zamora 3 aylar önce
Prophesier 3 aylar önce
Ahmenov Amyri
Ahmenov Amyri 2 aylar önce
Gareth bale the most humble respectful player!
Kaio Mdc 🌵
Kaio Mdc 🌵 3 aylar önce
o futebol não é mais o mesmo…
Job Hans
Job Hans 24 gün önce
That messi look to Mbappe is scary asf lol.
Blossom Uchiha
Blossom Uchiha 3 aylar önce
bro- now i understand why most of my class likes messi, respectful..
potatoes 4 aylar önce
Man when I played football back in school time,that one time,one dude slided in and broke the leg of our defending player,shit went wild .police had been called to disperse the fight,earned a few scars that day.
1mran 4 aylar önce
Not that its a competition but the worst moment in the video has to be 1:30 just because he stopped the ball for the opponent but the injured player’s own teammate took the ball😢😢😢
Luca Folkening
Luca Folkening 2 aylar önce
girl at the end acting like she didnt just almost miss an open goal with a hurt goalie 💀💀
Cooking With Lou
Cooking With Lou 3 aylar önce
Damn, how Fábregas didn’t get up and knock out that guy that stepped on his hand! Wow he can hold back. I would’ve KOd boy clean on national tv😂😂
Lola 2 aylar önce
Im just a normal person .. im so sad for messi❤
DEVOID 4 aylar önce
1:02 the woman just disrespected herself💀
Jahkari Mirza
Jahkari Mirza 3 aylar önce
Only in woman's football. 🤣🤣🤣
Manoel Da Costa
Manoel Da Costa 3 aylar önce
As penalidades para os jogadores são muito brandas no futebol, ainda mais se for uma estrela como Cristiano Ronaldo que chutou um jogador mesmo ele estando no chão. A arbritagem e as punições precisam ser mais coerentes, disciplinadas e rígidas para que o atleta pense 1.000 vezes antes de cometer alguma grosseria.
artemis furrson
artemis furrson 3 aylar önce
Crazy how the ref does nothing on some of these. Also crazy how the Ronaldo fans are defending him kicking a guy on the floor.
S.Kingster 2 aylar önce
that was becuz he did not show the clip when they hit ronaldo like that 2 times
ottomanpapyrus 3 aylar önce
*Kicking a ball on the floor
Blake Frazier
Blake Frazier 3 aylar önce
The one with the girl goalie stepping on the ball and hurting her knee...I just... Nevermind 😆
Sergio Leventino
Sergio Leventino 4 aylar önce
Футбол - это бессмысленный вид спорта, говорили они… ❤
3 blade ninja
3 blade ninja 17 gün önce
I like how there's an aggressive nose kiss amongst all this other madness
Josef Tsubas
Josef Tsubas 4 aylar önce
One human gets hamstring, another human sees opportunity before sympathy, filthy acts at its best...
alan alves
alan alves 3 aylar önce
Ao meu ver Enquanto o juiz não para o jogo o lance é válido Infelizmente é assim que funciona Então não discordo dos gols marcados aí
Jackson Sátiro
Jackson Sátiro 4 aylar önce
Uma coisa que eu nunca concordei , cobrar uma falta antes do juiz apitar , bater em adversário no chão é desleal, na minha opinião
mike brandt
mike brandt Aylar önce
funny how rio is like "get the fk outta here then", but then carrick and giggs goes "hell yea bro gimme that" ... wtf is going on man
Anna fnck ☕
Anna fnck ☕ 3 aylar önce
Nada haver a comemoração das meninas nesses 2 gols. Que compaixão, que simpatia.
Gökhan D
Gökhan D 2 aylar önce
Türk Takımları Gerçekten Her Dalda Varız
RADHE KRISHNA 3 aylar önce
Messi is love 💕
Hugo Loand
Hugo Loand 4 aylar önce
Hasta los jugadores profesionales suelen comportarse Anti-deportivamente
KwameAttah 3 aylar önce
In the first moment it's funny how Mbappe still missed 😂, Respect to the goat Messi 🐐 Edit: Thx for 100 likes
Peter YOUNG'N MAGHANDI Dilwane 3 aylar önce
Hate & Jealous makes you a fool
afa78djd 2 aylar önce
There's one brutal one of Saviola deliberately stepping on a player's face and getting red carded for it.
Espiritismo del Mas Alla
Espiritismo del Mas Alla 3 aylar önce
Si hay casos así Por eso uno debe ser agresivo Para que no te pasen a llevar No solo en los deportes sucede En la realidad igual Agresivo me refiero Que a las primeras señales Que notas que se aprovechan de ti Debes actuar.
ReyCanibaI 3 aylar önce
INDIIGNANTE QUE BRONCA!!! … pero luego se me pasa cuando juego un partido y dejo todo en la cancha, TODO!! hasta mi dignidad por un gol 😂
🏳️‍🌈⃠zyArthxr 3 aylar önce
2:13 if salah passed on that moment, mane would be offside
Muhamed 123
Muhamed 123 4 aylar önce
الأخلاق أهم من الأداء رياضي بدون أخلاق مثل الشجرة بدون أوراق
I AM Kkk
I AM Kkk 4 aylar önce
After few years no one remember Mbappe , Messi remains the GOAT 🐐 😂
Parthiv Chandra K
Parthiv Chandra K 3 aylar önce
@Abdulla Mtp Scoring most goals in WCs doesn't make someone a GOAT. A GOAT status is not just based on WC goals; primary kinds of stuff like good sportsmanship combined with consistency are also required.
M.Hisyam 3 aylar önce
Aged like milk
Abdulla Mtp
Abdulla Mtp 3 aylar önce
After few more years, Mbappe will become the most goal scoring player in WC
PauYo Chan
PauYo Chan 3 aylar önce
GOAT = Greatest Of All Time = the best
חיה לוי
חיה לוי 3 aylar önce
What is this nickname - the goat? i don't get it.
alanOHALAN 3 aylar önce
Wow Di Maria stepped on that guy like that, wtf
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