Avalanche And Oilers Exchange Handshakes Following Their Four-Game Series

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Yıl önce

Watch as the Colorado Avalanche and the Edmonton Oilers exchange handshakes after their four-game series which saw the Colorado Avalanche sweep their way to their first Stanley Cup Final since 2001.

@davidlarocque5848 Yıl önce
Goodluck Colorado! You guys totally deserved all four of those wins coming from an Oilers fan you were the better team and I have nothing but respect for both your organization and players. Now go win the Stanley cup on the behalf of the Western Conference!!
@trashboat1320 Yıl önce
Lol your not an oilers fan
@dzaharsher6078 Yıl önce
So cool to hear u say that. Edmonton fans make good fans. As an Avs fan im glad to have Edmonton fans cheering the Avalanche on with us. ✊
@avsrock1561 Yıl önce
I like sportsmanship..... good man you are.... to heck with anyone that says different....
@avsrock1561 Yıl önce
In the past I've always rooted for the team that takes out mine.... that way its we lost to the cup champs.....
@hatricklov Yıl önce
Thanks SportsNet for capturing the moment the Mansons got to each other in the line. TNT's broadcast overlooked this storyline and didn't show it. Former teammates, fellow countrymen, and situations like this are some of my most anticipated moments in the handshake line!
@subsnclubs Yıl önce
Cuthbert narrating, classic moment.
@bbutters2 Yıl önce
I'm glad Mack and Drai had a friendly handshake, love that kinda stuff. Drai was HURTING badly in this series and was still a top 3 performer in this series. Mack said, "sorry about that trip" to Drai and Drai looked like he said it's okay. Such great players. I changed my mind and I'm rooting for the Avs now. Mcdavid seemed like he wanted the handshakes to be over quickly.
@zacharyflaig Yıl önce
Good sportsmanship all around in that exchange… great catch!
@bbutters2 Yıl önce
@@zacharyflaig Thanks, always good to see good sportsmanship isn't it. Be cool.
@alexniemy7346 10 aylar önce
yeah i noticed mcdavid just wanted to get the handshake over, i cant imagine how much that loss hurt him.
@PrinceAnt722 Yıl önce
And this is why I love playoff hockey: to watch two teams battle it out in a best of seven series, only to shake hands and show mutual respect to one another in the end. Gotta love it!
@rastaisfuture8630 Yıl önce
Thanks God for competition and capitalism.
@SevastianDonahue 11 aylar önce
@@rastaisfuture8630 thank the players attitude
@casketbrain7697 Yıl önce
Good for McKinnon and Colorado well deserved, Edmonton made it to the final 4 nothing wrong with that
@mikelittle3269 Yıl önce
When you get swept like that yeah something went wrong
@dpnmnwgo1 Yıl önce
​@@mikelittle3269 Don't forget that Tampa got swept in 2019. A historic defeat and a necessary one to get to where they are today.
@michaellucas669 Yıl önce
Loaer talk
@thaihoang8898 Yıl önce
was the other goalie hurt? why stick with an old Mike Smith? he's not Tom Brady....
@depthconnection Yıl önce
Well you got swept.... Not great
@americaisacontinent. Yıl önce
As an Oiler fan, good luck Avalanche. You guys beat us 4 games straight, you proved you are a better team. Thank you Oilers for giving our city good celebrations and joy. We needed that.
@SSBBModder13 Yıl önce
A well deserved Oilers exit at the hands of the Avs, I hope Colorado gets the cup this year, they absolutely deserve it
@iTRON. Yıl önce
Thank you Oilers for an exciting playoff run!! With a little tinkering on the back end this summer I think the Oilers will be a force to be reckoned with next season. A lot of depth and growth was added to the team this season plus a good amount of playoff experience. Already looking forward to next season!
@BestSomebodyNA Yıl önce
Oilers will need some more stability in net and in the backend - a deep playoff run will help in free agency for the team's leverage in signing depth for cheap. Best of luck! McDavid deserves his cup.
@depthconnection Yıl önce
Thanks for the sweep!
@23rt2308u24tkhg Yıl önce
What depth?
@anttipulkkinen6196 Yıl önce
@@23rt2308u24tkhg 1-2 experienced / leading players for the defence and a high level, consistent goalie?
@easternsaxon7820 Yıl önce
Depth? Hmmm…the team say otherwise. One line doing all the scoring is not a team with depth. They only have one PP line.
@almaguapa-sailboatliveaboa440 Yıl önce
What a game!!! So exciting!!! The level of playing - speed, passes, turn arounds, obstructions, … - is just fantastic. 🤘😎
@frasermelissa2659 Yıl önce
Proud of the Edmonton Oilers Wonderful Season ❤️ Can't Wait 🙌 For Next Season 2023
@rayress930 Yıl önce
Two classy teams that make the NHL playoffs second to none...good series
@jdbroome8125 Yıl önce
1 oiler W would have made it just a little bit more interesting ..
@jonclark3421 Yıl önce
I’m sorry but “classy” and oilers don’t belong in the same sentence. When the squeeze is on, your true colors show and they were dirty.
@stashoneill Yıl önce
@@jonclark3421 That’s what a team does when they find out they’re not as good as they thought they were.
@chadgrov Yıl önce
Yeah Kane was super gentlemanly
@jonclark3421 Yıl önce
@@stashoneill I get it, every team has goons and kadri got what was coming to him and even landeskog better be careful because you reap what you sow.. BUT… Edmonton wasn’t even playing the puck at times. They were just head hunting. Even Mcdavid was dirtier than I imagined.
@thekingofbohemia1 Yıl önce
I think the handshake line in hockey is one of the truly great things in sports.
@owenposer6720 9 aylar önce
Can’t wait to see this years McDavid in the playoffs, he was a beast last year and this year he already had more points then last year with 20~ games remaining. Plus nuge and Hyman are having career years alongside drai doing his usual
@hazard7372 Yıl önce
i hope that one day McDavid and Draisaitl will win stanley cup, they really deserve it, excellent players, McDavid is out of this world
@billknox4121 Yıl önce
Av’s are just too fast and talented and it will show again against the East . As a Pen’s fan , I haven’t seen a team this good since Gretzky and company
@AWCTB Yıl önce
You gotta consider most of colorados 56 wins this season came against the weak west, New York or Tampa will be able to skate with them. I’m not saying they’ll beat them though.
@PatrickRoy30 Yıl önce
@@AWCTB 4-0 against the Rangers and lightning in the regular season.
@zacharyroll2920 Yıl önce
@@PatrickRoy30 This is true, but regular season don't mean squat in the Cup Final. Nashville won the season series against Colorado and got swept. If the Avs keep playing this way, though..... Go Avs.
@billsouza4457 Yıl önce
One flaw...Goaltending. East team will win the cup because of this. Most important position in sports.
@archimedes2261 Yıl önce
@@billsouza4457 Goalies also need good defensive protection Smiths had many faults but good defenders would have taken care of that infront of him.
@DonnieTHORMacLEOD Yıl önce
A victory isn't a victory unless you win against the team that made you rise to greater glory. This was one such victory .
@davidgordon1700 Yıl önce
I remember MacKinnon being so pissed last year after again being eliminated. Tired Of losing he was on a mission this year and is he delivering or what? Let's Do This!
@JerBuster77 Yıl önce
They were just a top line and nothing more last season. This season the Avs added depth to the lines and had an adequate goalie tandem.
@depthconnection Yıl önce
AVS got this.
@pritok6 Yıl önce
@@JerBuster77 they weren't just top line they still god kadri, burakovsky, nichuskin, saad, compher... their secondary scoring was great vegas just got their number last season played shutdown hockey and everybody is playing 200ft hockey. basically did to the avs what avs did to oilers
@AttilatheThrilla Yıl önce
I hope McDavid and Draisital feel exactly the same way Nate did
@harmagician1 Yıl önce
I remember it as well. He was determined to not let an early exit happen in 2022.
@brodi5367 Yıl önce
Well done both teams. The two eastern teams left are giants with the best goalies in the league right now. Should be fun to watch.
@SerWhiskeyfeet Yıl önce
Respect to the Oilers fans for staying for the handshakes. Most fanbases would have made for the exit as soon as their season was over. My Avs are gonna win the cup but Canada is due. If any team breaks the curse of Roy I hope it’s y’all, GG Edmonton. I no longer have to lay awake worrying about McDavid :)
@kataangsucks Yıl önce
Canada winning a Stanley coup is impossible since they cant get any of their 7 teams to win one in the last 30 years. Not a surprise since even Canadians dont want to live there
@allancrandlemire7033 Yıl önce
@@kataangsucks I like to live in Canada. So do the majority of players who grow up and get drafted to teams in the USA I imagine??? I feel like it's pretty fair to assume that as a country Canada is still doing ok hockey wise....just based on Olympics my favorite player js Russian though because I'm more a fan of skill than geography
@fox110110 Yıl önce
@@kataangsucks There’s always the clowns like you who show up and make comments like this during a sportsmanlike handshake video.
@canicetang8837 Yıl önce
I am expecting a really good Stanley Cup regardless of who the Avalanche would be facing, either the Rangers or the Bolts. If Tampa get the win in Game 4, then it is all even to the Best of 3 where the experience of the two-times defending champs would take over. The Oilers thought they could do the same "Run-and-Gun" against the Colorado. Boy, were they sadly mistaken! The ability of the Avalanche to come back from multiple goals down twice in Game 4 to even taking the lead. Despite Kassian''s desperate game tying goal. It was just a matter of time that Colorado would run the Oilers with a sweep at their own building. The only thing that Colorado needed to do now is to have the extra rest on those injured players, hopefully Kuemper and other injured players can comeback for the Stanley Cup Finals. The injured finger on Kadri was significant. It would be a great morale booster if he can make it back.
@themaddhacker1875 Yıl önce
That was one hell of a game go Avs go
@nalgene247 Yıl önce
To all the Oilers fans to stayed and gave a round of applause to the Avs during the trophy presentation: very classy. I will remember you as the true Oilers fans. GG, and go Avs!
@dzaharsher6078 Yıl önce
I like Edmonton fans compared to some teams. As a Colorado native and a die hard Avs fan I really respect Edmonton people as good hockey people.
@donziperk Yıl önce
I will say Oilers fan are great that way. They stayed and gave the Sedins a great send off in their final game of their careers. We done Edmonton fans.
@jdbroome8125 Yıl önce
Yes they are used to losing by now glad they signed Kane to turn their season around and make the playoffs … show me the $$$ he is saying now
@asstasticyeager5402 Yıl önce
That was so awesome. Usually an empty Arena. Much respect to oiler fans
@jonmendelson1104 Yıl önce
@@jdbroome8125 As a Sharks fan I say give him lots of money. There's some speculation that depending on the results of the grievance he filed, he could end up having the Sharks owe him the amount of money they were supposed to pay him minus whatever he gets as an actual contract during the time that he's on a new team. There's also speculation that he could end up reinstated back to the Sharks under his old contract.
@Randy_Savage_ohyeah Yıl önce
What a game...congrats AVs!!!
@richardbelliveau8881 Yıl önce
McDavid sprinted through that line lol
@michaelmotter2486 Yıl önce
I hope Kane enjoyed watching that loss in his street clothes! Great run Edmonton, good young team that I'm sure we'll see more of in the playoffs to come. Now go get that cup AVS!!!!!!
@depthconnection Yıl önce
Kane was ejected for the remainder of the series. As he should be.
@roecentauri Yıl önce
@@depthconnection What did he do? Seems I missed that.
@AW73911 Yıl önce
@@depthconnection he was suspended one game, which was all the Avs needed to close out.
@AW73911 Yıl önce
@@roecentauri Kane was suspended for boarding on Kadri that likely ended Kadri's playoffs since he had surgery yesterday, Kane had a history and in that hit obviously turned to make the hit when he didn't have to.
@gulfbreeze76 Yıl önce
The sportsmanship, the toughness, the battles... there is no better sport than hocky. IMO
@canadianasterixgmail Yıl önce
I am not a fan of either team, but I admire Avs play and how they dominated the Oilers for a sweep out 4-0. Go Avs Go!
@leilani8446 Yıl önce
The way the avs fought back shows how much heart that team has
@canadianasterixgmail Yıl önce
@@leilani8446You are absolutely right - they fought back in Oiler's arena. I wish they win the cup as they are most deserving.
@kevinle5460 Yıl önce
Good series! Hope the Avs can win it all
@alanconnelly3921 Yıl önce
Most exiting 4 game sweep I've ever seen
@Bird-is-the-word Yıl önce
Best part was there was no handshakes for Kane. Good on Avalanche for finishing it.
@Overtimewinner Yıl önce
Glad Kadri's not in the picture either.
@ericmk4021 Yıl önce
@@Overtimewinner Yeah cause Kadri was so dirty versus the Oilers ya?
@Overtimewinner Yıl önce
@@ericmk4021 No but hes been dirty in literally his last 3 or 4 playoff runs. Colorado probably wins the cup last year if he doesn't get suspended for 4 games. And him not being in the photo is fitting since he literally pulled stupid stuff that caused his trade to the Avs in the first place and cost the Avs in the past.
@kpov2533 Yıl önce
@@Overtimewinner stop living in the past bud. Kadri has done nothing wrong this year.
@NobeRobe Yıl önce
@@Overtimewinner Cant really say Kadri was the reason last years failure since didnt they win 4 games in a row without Kadri. He has been rather clean player ever since joining Avs.
@kiss100kiss100 Yıl önce
Маккинон сделал Макдэвида! Колорадо МАШИНА! Наконец-то! поздравляю с выходом в финал! Я ждал этого с 2001года! 😎👍👍👍 Мощнейшая команда! Абсолютно заслуженно! Теперь последний шаг! С такой потрясающей игрой думаю нет шансов ни у Тампы нм у Рейнджеров! Вперёд за кубком парни!!! 👍👍👍
@TheBulbasaurKing Yıl önce
If I'm the Oilers, I see no shame in this series. The Avs are on a whole different level and to make it this far after mopping the floor with Calgary (a team on paper that should have crushed the Oilers) is a big step in progress. I was even surprised they made it past LA
@gtmo55mack20 Yıl önce
The flames are a better team then the oilers though they just played like crap in that series maybe they were nervous lol
@nidavelllir6923 Yıl önce
hoping avs go for the cup this season, these boys are on fire, GG
@pauljmorton Yıl önce
While I love to celebrate the advancement of my team, it also really tears me apart to see the opponent and their fans disappointed and sad.
@johndondertman1502 Yıl önce
For me Connor McD is the most exciting payer in hockey... great series!
@peterpuck10CA Yıl önce
never gets old watching smith exit the playoffs.
@GR1MR34P3R420 Yıl önce
GGs boys this Canadian Avs fan gets to watch Cup Finals hockey for the first time in 21 years LETS GO #GoAvsGo and NOW ARE STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS
@BloggerMusicMan Yıl önce
The better team definitely won this series. Congratulations Colorado. Either Tampa or New York will tough, but this team has played better than any team so far in the playoffs. I think this could be their year.
@RealKevinPlays Yıl önce
@dzaharsher6078 Yıl önce
Notice we threw the presidents trophy and we didn't pick up the conference trophy?? We want it. Were going to get it.
@st0rmchild Yıl önce
@@dzaharsher6078 That stuff doesn't make any difference. Avs are simply unstoppable.
@tamman994 Yıl önce
@@st0rmchild that’s what he said lmfao
@archimedes2261 Yıl önce
Both teams deserve to be in this position, but as usual only one can be in the final.
@danno45100 Yıl önce
A lot of respect for this oilers team. Mcjesus was a man on a mission this playoffs along with king drai. They will be back and will win a cup.
@canicetang8837 Yıl önce
You can't depend on two superstars to carry a team while the rest didn't show up. That never worked in the playoffs, period! Look at the previous Oilers' Dynasty from 1983-84, 84-85, 86-87, 87-88, 89-90: Check the lineups then to the 2022 edition and what kind of differences do you see? Lots of depths on the Dynasty Teams from top to bottom. Basic Hockey Winning 101. Kenny Holland is still inheriting with the Tanking Oilers' mess from the years' past. It will take a while to get back on track again.
@danno45100 Yıl önce
@@canicetang8837 they have a lot of depth, their super stars just ran train on the league this year in the playoffs. The oilers need a few pieces on the back end defensively and a couple depth players up front. Also maybe make a trade to get a solid goalie because Smith is not the answer. This team will be back, they have a great core of players to build on with and an experience like making a conference finals will do amazing for the players and growing their game. The same was with the avs in the past year, they had to face their demons and they did that this year and conquered. Oilers will be back soon
@canicetang8837 Yıl önce
@@danno45100 Compared to the Avs, the Flames and even some other teams rebuilding in the Pacific? Really? Please educate me then. In the AHL Calder Cup Semi-Finals, it is the Stockton Heat (Calgary Flames) vs. Chicago Wolves (Carolina Hurricanes). Both finished first in their own division respectively, Bakersfield Condors (Edmonton Oilers) were swept by Stockton 3-0 in the Second Round. Plus there are lots of fat cat contracts like Nugent-Hopkins. Nurse really worth that $9M Plus tag? Kane did well despite his antics and would demand a lot more, who would take the lame-duck contracts of both Koskinen and Smith? Hyman would like to cash in, Jesse is still raw for his age and experience in Europe, those young guys like Kailer, Mcleod and other youngsters want more money. Will Holland need to give these players a raise while getting rid of others? Looks like they are really tight against the cap anyhow.
@trvman1 Yıl önce
Little chance of that because of Salary Cap. Kane will be gone because he will chase the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ because he owes MILLIONS of dollars and Oilers don't have the money to match a big offer. It will be interesting to see what they do in trades to get a goalie and defense. Trading Leon would get them some defense and a goalie and maybe be enough to sign Kane.
@danno45100 Yıl önce
@@trvman1 I’m interested to see what they are going to do that’s for sure. I’m not an oilers fan, but definitely excited to see what the off season has in store.
@asstasticyeager5402 Yıl önce
Much respect for Edmonton. You guys are go to be around for years to come.
@That90sShow Yıl önce
@skyline5354 Yıl önce
The look on McDavids face , like he couldn’t wait for the handshakes to be over, just go through the motions and gtfo lol Go Avs!
@User-wt9jk Yıl önce
Had hoped to see more from mcdavid and MacKinnon in the handshake 😅
@patton303 Yıl önce
This series was a lot closer than the scoreboard showed. Be proud of that team, Edmonton. A few minor adjustments and you’ll be right back here next year. Now go Avalanche!
@That90sShow Yıl önce
No it actually wasn't
@JustAFan444 Yıl önce
Lol what series did you watch? Edmonton played well for what? Three, maybe four periods in four games?
@dougl1758 Yıl önce
Haha. No they are not a good team. They lasted 4 games once they got out of their division and were playing the other teams backup. This is just gonna mask how bad they are, but hey, the fans believe you are close so good job 👎🏻
@dragoniv Yıl önce
Good game Colorado. See you here next year, same time, same place. With any luck we'll be trying to knock off the defending Stanley Cup Champs at that time.
@rockomontana2863 Yıl önce
Oilers team individually has to FEEL the Pain of losing and make mental note of this series to prepare for next year's Stanley Cup Playoffs/Finals.
@michaellucas669 Yıl önce
And if they don't get 4 lines they'll lose again
@jameson1239 Yıl önce
@@michaellucas669 they need defence and goal tending more then 4 lines
@depthconnection Yıl önce
They were lucky to be there. Swept by the AVS.
@scottbecker4367 Yıl önce
@@jameson1239 they need pretty much everything except a first line.
@kot.8320 Yıl önce
Жалко что Варламов ушёл из Колорадо он был бы рад финалу НХЛ!
@SamuelLesko Yıl önce
My thoughts and prayers are going out to those Oilers fans on the stadium paying thousands of dollars a ticket.
@matrixisreal2023 Yıl önce
Colorado way too strong
@therocket2591 Yıl önce
As a flames fan i believe the same thing will happen to us, the Avs were the better team than the oilers and the flames
@woxineaucrows7355 Yıl önce
Great goal-scorring series.
@curtisdoucet Yıl önce
I am proud of the Oilers thank you for a great ride you just ran into arguably the best team in the NHL. hold your heads up high boys you did your city Proud. GG Aves Go win yourselves a Cup!
@ksdonald9756 Yıl önce
I thought the handshakes were outstanding. Hokey players are the nicest people.
@cantrait7311 Yıl önce
Oilers overrated looked like second raters
@wordsmadeofenglish Yıl önce
Trying to goon the AVs from the first drop of the puck is nothing to be proud of especially Kane and Kassian. Get lost Oilers you're next years Montreal then McDavid will off to LA or New Yorkand you can start all over again with draft picks that you'll screw up.
@maniacchen Yıl önce
Two years in a row, a Canadian team does us proud, go oilers!
@Rooz247 Yıl önce
proud of the nothing division this is what happens when u face a Tampa based elite team and no Kadri? or Kuemper? funny stuff
@lduff155 Yıl önce
Congrats to Connor McDavid and Draistl on an amazing post season. As for their fans.....they have gone full Isiah Thomas mode. They are hanging onto beating Calgary in the BoA to deflect from their teams getting their ass handed to them. I hope McDavid and Draistl get a shot at a cup in their career. They have more than earned it for carrying their team to this stage in the playoffs.
@j0ebiden865 Yıl önce
To any Oilers fan that is upset... I've been there... TWICE. Avs faced heartbreak two years in a row but they were better for it now. Oilers will be where the Avs are now soon, they are too good not to be. Some key defensive player adds and the championship will be there.
@hockeyhurricanes46 Yıl önce
Good game Avalanche and Oilers. I hope someday my main favorite team Jets can have first Stanley Cup Final appearance.😭 Edit: Or better yet Jets win their first Stanley Cup.😭🏆
@dzaharsher6078 Yıl önce
@DDWyss Yıl önce
When Teemu Selanne comes out of retirement and scores 94 goals in a season for the Jets, Winnipeg will win the cup!
@mrquirky3626 Yıl önce
As a Canucks fan, the Jets and probably the Senators are the only other Canadian teams I'd be fine with winning the Cup. There is too much bad blood between the Canucks, Oilers and Flames for me to ever cheer for an Alberta team and Leaf and Canadien fans would be too unbearable if they ever won. If you ask most Canadians if they'd want a Canadian team to finally win the cup again, all of us would say yes. But if you then asked them specially which team they'd be fine with winning, the list likely narrows a lot.
@kazpa58 Yıl önce
please don't blame the goalie it was everyone on that team
@ricter29 Yıl önce
Congrats Colorado, don’t beat yourselves up oilers hell of a run. Nothing to be ashamed about
@tomreedyjr3631 Yıl önce
Might end up being a good year for me: GO AVS!! LORD STANLEY'S CUP ALL THE WAY..!!
@facetiousmonkey5322 Yıl önce
No shame in losing to a better team. The Avs were a near unanimous pick to win the west and proved the pundits right.
@anthonymoring7061 Yıl önce
McDavid could be the leading scorer without even making the finals.... He'll definitely be in the top 5.
@anthonymoring7061 Yıl önce
@@JordBrown91 you don't think Tampa would trade Kuch for McD? McDavid would just make Tampa more dominant. Kucherov has the better team though for sure.
@williamwilliam728 Yıl önce
The mom must be happy it's her son. I have a feeling even if I was Dave Manson I'd be kinda happy his son beat my team too.
@ajyu7289 Yıl önce
Wish we could have seen Lehkonen and Kulak. 2 former Habs teammates
@julybunny7518 Yıl önce
I think all teams who where going up against the Avalanche knows that they where going out, Just cause that the Avalanche are so fast and quick.
@johndee1855 Yıl önce
Big NYR fan here , but hockey fan first … live , luv ,played the game …. No one beating the Avs …there deep,fast ,relentless,focused …
@cromdaleblvd4677 Yıl önce
the aves are just on another level!!! they out played edmonton every single game!!!
@depthconnection Yıl önce
@gus7007 Yıl önce
Not really. 3 of the games where tight and could go either way.
@cromdaleblvd4677 Yıl önce
@@gus7007 Nah they had the oilers huffing and puffing every single game!!! they couldnt handle the speed and the defence of colorado!!!!
@gus7007 Yıl önce
@@cromdaleblvd4677 they where better yes but it was "closer" than 4-0 , Oilers had their chances but they didn't take them. Also Mike Smith didn't help... Congrats to avalanche tho!
@depthconnection Yıl önce
@@gus7007 oilers got swept. And dominated. End of story.
@markhughes7163 Yıl önce
@user-gb1mj4ob7o Yıl önce
Спасибо за сезон "Ойлерз"
@snoaway Yıl önce
In Canada you’d probably get a fine for shaking someone’s hand especially without a mask
@avsrock1561 Yıl önce
Moms probably happier....lol... priceless
@Dr.Acula76 Yıl önce
Mom Manson definitely happy her son made the final. Right about that!
@kazpa58 Yıl önce
and come on we all where surprised the oilers made it to the second round .
@canadasugardaddysugardaddy1797 Yıl önce
Agreed. The oilers didn’t beat the flames. The flames beat themselves when Markstrom, Tkachuk, Gaudreau and Lindholm didn’t show up
@reggiegeorges5850 Yıl önce
Congratulations NEW Denverland, Colorado 🏒🥅🏙️🤍🤍☄️🤍☄️🤍
@jeffnoury3425 Yıl önce
@user-lm1di5tw4m Yıl önce
Ура, нефтяные в отпуске )💪👍👋🎉
@beervlog99 Yıl önce
This is why I’m a leaf’s fan so I don’t have to see my team get swept
@alpearson9158 Yıl önce
yup 55 plus
@andrewcosley2830 Yıl önce
Ducks fan here rooting for Cogs and Manson to get a cup!
@Abognvm Yıl önce
As you should!! 💪🏼💪🏼👌🏼
@AzaliFinrandi Yıl önce
I still quack for Manson, what a great puckup by Sakic...sad to see Manson go as a Duck but loving him as an Av as well.
@jamiegustkey2573 Yıl önce
If this was little league... Palms would be laced with spit, and you would hear all the way till the end of line... "Good game... Yeah right!"- 😂
@biffdanielson2820 Yıl önce
Oilers would be scary if they could add some depth and defense. My Avs finally going back after 21 years!
@breakaway2x Yıl önce
Avs would be scarier if we had a healthy Kadri, Girard, Kuemper.
@biffdanielson2820 Yıl önce
@@breakaway2x kadri could be back. I still don't know what's going on with Kuemper.
@donziperk Yıl önce
They are in cap space hell they can’t afford depth and remember you have to pay a premium to get players to move to Edmonton.
@st0rmchild Yıl önce
@@biffdanielson2820 Doesn't look good for Kadri. Broken thumb. Probably done for the season.
@biffdanielson2820 Yıl önce
@@st0rmchild duct tape
@dwb1904 Yıl önce
Dallas fan here.Congrats!!
@andrewklaus5682 Yıl önce
KINGS would’ve done it better with a healthy team! Lets go AVS!
@horacereynolds5851 Yıl önce
Let’s go AVS almost there
@dutchovenderlinde2407 Yıl önce
LET’S F^*%ING GO AVS!!!! What a team effort!!!
@t2av159 Yıl önce
I have found the bandwagoner
@dutchovenderlinde2407 Yıl önce
@@t2av159 nice try. Been a fan since I was a little kid. I don’t remember much about ‘01 but I definitely remember all the heartaching second round losses and years of being last place. This feels amazing!
@dantonsapp2084 Yıl önce
World Junior teammates Holloway and newhook 🥰 both hugged eachother
@boscogaming1180 Yıl önce
Goodluck Colorado!
@pincessdogg5222 Yıl önce
Canada, don't lose heart, your hockey teams are not championship character but your mule deer are spectacular!
@cheericoke2484 Yıl önce
Why thank you
@pincessdogg5222 Yıl önce
@@cheericoke2484 I am here to help. I think Tampa will win it all.
@robban7398 Yıl önce
Вэл Легенда Ничушкин идёт дальше
@LS15QD Yıl önce
Smith is just a shocking goalkeeper. No wonder they got swept. He tries to play so much. Just stay in goal man
@chrisbee9643 Yıl önce
@alpearson9158 Yıl önce
only liked in two places leafland and Colorado...........................rest of us see him as he is
@ncy0131 Yıl önce
LEHKY DOES IT AGAIN... that is all i will say. go habs go
@BlueshirtFan4Ever Yıl önce
I lost a $50 bet to a friend at work, that's what I get for picking Edmonton to win. Oh well 🤷🏻‍♂️. It'll be a fun Stanley Cup Final and I hope the Rangers will bounce back and take the East.
@deto7192 Yıl önce
Too fast team 😜😜 Oilers 🥶🥶🏃🏃
@dps0610 Yıl önce
This Colorado team is scary. I honestly feel like Tampa is the only team that can slow them down, but they’re so beat up that I don’t know that’s possible any more.
@weepingdalek2568 Yıl önce
We'll see, that series still has at least two more games to be played (and that's if the Rangers win both)
@dps0610 Yıl önce
@@weepingdalek2568 that’s what I’m saying. I think Tampa is barely getting out of this series, if they even do. I just don’t think the Rangers are capable of stopping them at all.
@PumaTomten Yıl önce
Gotta feel good not needing to shake E.Kanes hand
@user-ob4rw7pn8i Yıl önce
Калорадо не избежать Кубка!
@waggylads Yıl önce
That was a fun game to watch but seasons really gonna end on a 4 goal third to blow a 3-1 lead I like smitty but it’s time we cut ties
@mm700 Yıl önce
Let’s Go Avs!
@igon5176 Yıl önce
The NHL loaded the Oilers with number one picks to build a Canadian cup winning team. How’s that working out for ya?
@kingoftrolls19 Yıl önce
Lol it must have been awkward for mansons dad to hug his son after getting swept lol.
@25ciskey25 Yıl önce
More like a proud moment
@alanconnelly3921 Yıl önce
Entertaining 4 games
@breakaway2x Yıl önce
The difference is Avs know how to play high octane offense and shut it down defense. Oilers only know how to play high octane offense.
@dougl1758 Yıl önce
I think the Avs are in for an eye opener. First 2 rounds the oppositions best goalie was injured then they faced Mike Smith and the Oilers. That offence is going to dry up when facing the East’s goaltenders and then the mistakes will start to hurt them. The turnover on the Oilers 5 goal isn’t a mistake Championship teams make. Just over 3 minutes left and they turn it over 5 feet inside the blue cause they are still trying to score
@pritok6 Yıl önce
@@dougl1758 well tampa made a lot of mistakes against rangers and toronto it's not like they play same perfect hockey like last two seasons. Will it be hardest series yet against rangers/tampa? Yes. Can it go both ways? yes. I still believe it pushes avs to the next level I am just worried about consistency of goaltending.
@unit-0- Yıl önce
@@dougl1758 the eye opener will be waking up to the sun glaring off the cup. Too many eastern fans read a meme that the west is weak and have no idea what the scorecard looks like. The west beat the east more this season with literally only 3 teams in the west under 500 against the east, lol, and the Avs beat them 22-8-2, against those goal tenders, and against Husso who was the starter... seems like people aren't even aware of who is who. #BandWagonFans or something.
@dougl1758 Yıl önce
@@unit-0- the East has won 5 of the last 6 Stanley Cups. Montreal beat 2 West teams last year to get to the Stanley Cup. The numbers don’t lie and they spell disaster for Samoa Joe, I mean Colorado
@Koladownunder Yıl önce
Oilers got 🔥
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