FIRST CLASS TRAIN Across Canada 🇨🇦 (4 Nights, 97 Hours!)

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Jeb Brooks

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Welcome onboard one of the World’s Greatest Rail Journeys! This First Class Train across Canada has it all!
Watch this video before booking Via Rail’s “The Canadian” train from Toronto to Vancouver! On our journey through vast forests, over endless prairies, and up breathtaking mountain passes, we’ll cover nearly 3,000 miles over almost 100 hours!
The Canadian should be at the top of your travel bucket list. In this video, we’ll leave Toronto on Wednesday morning at 9:55 and arrive in Vancouver on Sunday morning. Along the way, we’ll travel in a First Class train car with every amenity you can imagine (and some First Class Luxuries to surprise you!).
Onboard the Prestige Class experience, we’ll have our own dedicated Concierge Team to take care of our every need, a HUGE bed with a massively comfortable mattress, and delicious food.
Our room is in the Park Car, right next to the unlimited premium, first class bar complete with snacks and other treats along our journey.
We even had the opportunity to get out and explore the area around Jasper in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, which also marked the start of one of the most visually stunning days we’ve ever experienced from the rails!
You’ll see the sights, the food, and gain insight into what it’s like to travel on this incredible First Class Train: The Canadian.
0:00 Introduction
1:45 Day 1
11:43 Day 2
20:08 Day 3
25:49 Day 4
37:05 Bloopers
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