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After the release of the cinematic trailer "Beyond Legends" last year, Project NEXT 2021 now presents you the new cinematic "The Bloom" to celebrate MLBB's 5th Anniversary!Tap the video now and enjoy! Keep an eye out for the surprise at the end.
What do you think about this cinematic? Leave your comments below.

Jimi selfi
Jimi selfi 2 dakika önce
Am i the only one cheering for hanzo
kecilxc kiftaro
kecilxc kiftaro 46 dakika önce
Саша Саша
Саша Саша 7 saatler önce
Вау, это круто!!
aisy qayssara
aisy qayssara 12 saatler önce
Not bad 🤨
Maribel Labitag
Maribel Labitag 14 saatler önce
Moonton please revamped hanabi i want it 😢
Lyn 16 saatler önce
I need part 2
kavaxys ace
kavaxys ace 23 saatler önce
Zed shit
Glowing Selena
Glowing Selena Gün önce
Guinevere be like: so y'all are dancing Without me? RIDICULOUS UTTERLY RIDICULOUS
Nozel Silva
Nozel Silva Gün önce
ksksksk Haya é muito perfeito,meu herói favorito sem dúvidas,hanabi e Kagura tnbm, haya e Kagura são um casão perfeito,podia ter uma skin deles juntos tipo cecilion e Camila,eu ia amar vei 💖
YOKI GAMING 2 gün önce
Mybe hanabi will revamp i trust that
M1 LEGEND 2 gün önce
Yes I'm craving for MLBB cinematics and it's good to start now since MLBB has a strong back up from a Giant company that they can compete now to the cinematics of its neighbors!!!😍❤️👏🙏💯
malik bombay
malik bombay 2 gün önce
Hb dan kagura:menang Hanabi:sori baru dateng Hanzo:najis keroyok Hb dan kagura:nyampah malas
ml ff ss
ml ff ss 3 gün önce
Aku ga pake chet tapi di benet
Ceky Gaming
Ceky Gaming 3 gün önce
Harus ada film nya nih keren. 👍👍
Claro Rajan G.
Claro Rajan G. 3 gün önce
I wish there is a part 2 of this where hanabi can say that . Love start's in enemy and the more you hate is the more you love ,😀 to hanzo Then their love stroy starts in that scene heheheh hope so
Ferlin Kiss
Ferlin Kiss 3 gün önce
Someone hack my account what shall I do. I need help to recover my account.
ScivalSmich 3 gün önce
Hanzo like a boss
Ashborn 3 gün önce
I really love the relationship among hanabi ,hayabusa and kagura..The way kagura fought with haya n the way hayabusa shielded her when hanzo suddenly attacks at the last part n how hanabi comes to help them
4 gün önce
Now,can it beat KoG? Im just curious
Melanie Geraillo
Melanie Geraillo 4 gün önce
Pot*ngna mo moonton natch making mo blok
Melanie Geraillo
Melanie Geraillo 4 gün önce
Iba na ngayon mobile legend Tanga na may ari bwst bb*ng moonton match making mo ayosin mna man nakaka tng*na ehh bwst kayo
Bj Alex
Bj Alex 4 gün önce
please make more videos with the kagura...
Ahead 4 gün önce
Haya and Kagura can easily one shot Hanzo but what's happening in animation?
Ahead 4 gün önce
WTH! Why so ugly! Kagura, Odetta & Lancelot faces need to be drawn again.
James Andre Baroman
James Andre Baroman 4 gün önce
Seems like hayabusa getting nerf to the point where he cant easily win 1v1 against hanzo
luna shadow
luna shadow 4 gün önce
Love and war , just perfect
Muhammad Habil Gibran
Muhammad Habil Gibran 5 gün önce
melonSquare 5 gün önce
possible hanzo revamp?
♡onion☆ 6 gün önce
What is that weapon in the end
Red n Black
Red n Black 5 gün önce
@♡onion☆ Oh yeah the Ninja design Persona and Hairstyle is also a big similarity.
♡onion☆ 5 gün önce
@Red n Black I watched her spotlight And she remind me of Akali
Red n Black
Red n Black 5 gün önce
@♡onion☆ Yes but the real main similarity to Hanabis weapon is Sivir another similar skill is Sivirs W and Hanabis first skill
•`Ҡεɳ𝚍αʅʅ〞〭` 5 gün önce
@♡onion☆ yes is hanabi weapon,hanabi is out for 3 years now in mlbb
♡onion☆ 5 gün önce
@Red n Black Is this game mlbb? I’m a LOL player And heard that they are copying it
RAHMAT BAGJA 6 gün önce
Chloe 6 gün önce
Pls revamp hanabi
Kodak Jawa
Kodak Jawa 6 gün önce
Uhhhhh.... Okay 🥵🥵
Akshay ps
Akshay ps 6 gün önce
M1 LEGEND 6 gün önce
It's deserving to be truly called as a: "CINEMATIC"!!!😍💗👏🙏💯🏆
Lawa Family
Lawa Family 6 gün önce
Para silang mga pepe 🥴
Puaaelo Tuiulupona
Puaaelo Tuiulupona 7 gün önce
KAGURA : dont worry Haya i will protect you with my glittery umbrella HANABI : buzzz off rihanna its not raining...
Aljorel Manrique
Aljorel Manrique 7 gün önce
Well hanabi should be on that fight seen with her babe hayabusa duhh for me that god damn princess sucks👸🙄🤮
Ann Jo
Ann Jo 7 gün önce
The reason why Hanbi is not inthere bc she's steel farming
Mimi Cardinal
Mimi Cardinal 7 gün önce
Hanabi revamp pls. And Pair her to hanzo. I Hate hayabusa already 😂
GÜEY 7 gün önce
0:43 Copy paste
Red n Black
Red n Black 5 gün önce
They wanted to save money and time.
BEMBEM 6 gün önce
@GÜEY yeah true they pocket all the money but you can't denied that making a new character is hard:)
GÜEY 6 gün önce
@BEMBEM No it's not😂 its just a matter of money and time but moonton pockets all the money for their animators
GÜEY 6 gün önce
@Lunaerea That's called Incompetent
Lunaerea 7 gün önce
Like you can animate 20+ people with different appearance and hair of course they will have to that every animter will do that it will take them at least 2-3 moths to add people and render
Beings & Happenings
Beings & Happenings 7 gün önce
Andre Vera
Andre Vera 7 gün önce
League of legends 8 years ago is better
Red n Black
Red n Black 5 gün önce
Tbh with you dude they’re almost the same key word: ALMOST
BEMBEM 7 gün önce
Tasha Guevara
Tasha Guevara 7 gün önce
I want to see hanabi🤧
MR BLACK 8 gün önce
MR BLACK 8 gün önce
My Fav Hayabusa😎❤️‍🔥
GB_ Rishad
GB_ Rishad 8 gün önce
i am still amazed how mlbb got this far
max 8 gün önce
I play these
Harshil MLBB
Harshil MLBB 8 gün önce
That starting ninja feel if anyone knows naruto then they can understand
kylano 9 gün önce
The Big 4 And I just have to say... We all know how it is with Lancelot and Odette, but UGH--Hayabusa and Kagura look so damn good together, side-by-side and all, in action!
Kenneth Prime
Kenneth Prime 9 gün önce
2:51 Kagura's pointed nose. Ah so pretty this girl
DARKNESS GT 9 gün önce
Hayabusa dan kagura susah susah menyelamatkan hanabi,odette dan lance santai santai minum anjer
박수진 9 gün önce
I hope there's a next part
ONI Mazu
ONI Mazu 9 gün önce
Kagura just helping hayabusa blocking hanzo not killing hanzo
Death Chanterz
Death Chanterz 9 gün önce
If only the graphics, animation and detail was like this in their TV series😂😂
Orpal86 Channel
Orpal86 Channel 10 gün önce
Uzair Bhai
Uzair Bhai 10 gün önce
We need old haya back 💔
Samui's World
Samui's World 10 gün önce
Why does Kagura’s umbrella have a shield in this animation
Unofficial Ninkai
Unofficial Ninkai 10 gün önce
Where is Hanabi's grand entrance?🥺😭😭
Daisuke Gaming
Daisuke Gaming 10 gün önce
Im sorry but I prefer the old kagura :((
Lunaerea 7 gün önce
Then go a back in time then 💨
Kyrish and kyle Vlogs
Kyrish and kyle Vlogs 10 gün önce
Hanabi protect kagura and hayabusa
Marcus Pante
Marcus Pante 10 gün önce
moonton pls make a squid game/mlbb Collab skin pls
ari erlangga
ari erlangga 10 gün önce
they mix roamce and battle sound very well , god job
Jesse Gonzales
Jesse Gonzales 10 gün önce
Crusty 11 gün önce
Holy crap, Ml's models and animation have gotten way better
Auz Gaming
Auz Gaming 11 gün önce
Says sukanini tapi.....
Kraken Sombra
Kraken Sombra 11 gün önce
Shelmoingam Shinglai
Shelmoingam Shinglai 11 gün önce
I love hanabi bacause she's unlucky
ReDge 1694
ReDge 1694 12 gün önce
Why is it all the guests in odette's ball look exactly the same?🙄
Red n Black
Red n Black 5 gün önce
To save time and money.
BEMBEM 7 gün önce
Creating a character is hard look at attack on titan chibi version you will see characters looks the same on some parts
RIÀN_GACHA_YT 10 gün önce
That's what we call MAIN CHARACTER lol
Como e?
Como e? 12 gün önce
Cara um anime 3D de mobile legends seria muito top!
Chonna Lhouvum
Chonna Lhouvum 12 gün önce
hayabusa,and kagura. r fighting. hardly and odette and lancelott r dancing 😂😂😂😂
toom2015 12 gün önce
Christian Jay Borja
Christian Jay Borja 12 gün önce
Idk why Haya and Kagura not Recognize hanabis Weapon
Christian Jay Borja
Christian Jay Borja 12 gün önce
Btw You can tell that the voice lines and then at 2:55 think You can tell hayas Voiceline Hanabi It's been a long time I think
Akinabichan15 12 gün önce
Hanabi can protect him self
Cariño, Athena Yesha S.
Cariño, Athena Yesha S. 12 gün önce
Odette and Lancelot be like: *living in a fairytale and does not care about Hayabusa and Kagura having problems at all* Hayabusa and Kagura be like: *living in a fight with Hanzo* Good for Lancelot and Odette lol
Nesh Reen
Nesh Reen 12 gün önce
I wish for hanabi revamp
Hairul Mp
Hairul Mp 12 gün önce
New hero
Lou Zefanya
Lou Zefanya 12 gün önce
JhonAdam Cruz Burgos
JhonAdam Cruz Burgos 13 gün önce
The ViewTy of Nature
The ViewTy of Nature 13 gün önce
Agung Andri
Agung Andri 13 gün önce
Wow amazing
Dominic Antas
Dominic Antas 13 gün önce
Hayabusa is dangerous
Eduig Lasquite
Eduig Lasquite 13 gün önce
Pfftthahahaha there look like syndra and zed figthing yone but thene the ending hanabi looks fumiliar than akali
Noelyn Gegremosa
Noelyn Gegremosa 13 gün önce
Venedetta 13 gün önce
This time we can no longer meme Mobile Legends Balmond animations. Damn this looks sick.
julfiansyah ramdani wahab
julfiansyah ramdani wahab 13 gün önce
todoroki's wife
todoroki's wife 13 gün önce
kyk wibu
Kevin Zamora
Kevin Zamora 13 gün önce
ashi kei
ashi kei 14 gün önce
Kdrama Tail
Kdrama Tail 14 gün önce
Animator get paid well
Heimano Teurua
Heimano Teurua 14 gün önce
Pls do a movie, its so excited
Tom Sharma
Tom Sharma 14 gün önce
Copy Cat
santosh kiran
santosh kiran 14 gün önce
Wud have been crazy if saber wud have come to hayas rescue.
TeriWan 14 gün önce
Again happy pakeq hayabusa is now hayabusa Much cooler.
Seejan Shakya
Seejan Shakya 14 gün önce
●Pro players or middle level Players add me ●Id GOMU GOMU SEZAN ●Lets be Friend ●From Nepal
Jasi Rocha
Jasi Rocha 14 gün önce
Miggy Atienza
Miggy Atienza 14 gün önce
yah revamp is good but you mame hayabusa so bad. i thought they only revamp haya but they nerf it😡 moontoon please you kill my haya😭 make him good again we want old hayabusa😭 its like no damage and its harder to use omg
Ray WiltroD
Ray WiltroD 14 gün önce
to know that hybusa is hanzu hatori and hanzo is kotaro fuma are best ninjas in japan
Indra Mulyana
Indra Mulyana 14 gün önce
Ini ada cuma kepotong saat itu.hehe
Salas Cath
Salas Cath 14 gün önce
It nice i like it i wish you can give me diamond
Asem Nitaljit
Asem Nitaljit 14 gün önce
Montoon pls fix Chou fix stun
RYUGI-リュギ-ブラックブラック 14 gün önce
IM SHITTING TEARS RN kagura and Hayabusa:😡😵🏃🔪☂️ Lance and oddete:💃👯👯‍♂️🕺👯‍♀️🕺💃
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