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KAI's 3rd mini album "Rover" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: KAI.lnk.to/Rover
01 Rover
02 Black Mirror
03 Slidin’
04 Bomba
05 Say You Love Me
06 Sinner
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KAI 카이 'Rover' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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YouTube 2 aylar önce
an ✨iconic✨ comeback
kai's rover on repeat
kai's rover on repeat 2 aylar önce
Please stop freezing the views
nice life
nice life 2 aylar önce
احبك عمو يوتيوب
✿ℬ𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 ✿
✿ℬ𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 ✿ 2 aylar önce
نورت ساعدنا طيب
zaianb 2 aylar önce
يحح فديت
✿ℬ𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 ✿
✿ℬ𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 ✿ 2 aylar önce
تكفى نبي نوصل 10M
snowing 7 gün önce
Keep ROVERing!! Let's reach 40M by end of the May
ISA sossie
ISA sossie 4 gün önce
Esta canción es insuperable!! KAI ERES TAN INCREÍBLE
Isabel  Silva
Isabel Silva 3 gün önce
Gracias a todos los que hicieron posible que salga esta increíble canción y, Kai eres el mejor!!!!!
Pame Alomoto
Pame Alomoto Gün önce
Qué buena temporada para el kpop, imposible no mover el esqueleto con tan buenas canciones como ROVER :)
snowing 19 saatler önce
Keep ROVERing guys! Let's work more hardar for this masterpiece!
SrJinxed 2 aylar önce
OMG!!! Kai's voice, this beat, so PERFECT!! Love it! Love it!
Toka_Exo99 2 aylar önce
Everyone agree
Exooooooooo 2 aylar önce
Yes King!
engin mehmed
engin mehmed 2 aylar önce
Original muzik DARA -MR ROVER 🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬❤️❤️❤️❤️
Catt 2 aylar önce
melim-exol 8 gün önce
Vamos por eso 40M
KJITUBE 3 gün önce
Rover MV has now surpassed 38M Views! - It remains as the most viewed SM soloist MV, most liked and most commented SM release this year!
tqz.1 4 gün önce
كاي يستحق كل الدعم وصراحة اغانيه عن الكيبوب كله والله انه يغلبهم كلهم
Mrs. Rover
Mrs. Rover 4 gün önce
حقائق = تعليقك = حقائق
Athena Maxima-1
Athena Maxima-1 5 gün önce
vamos por esos 38 M !!! go go go
melim-exol Gün önce
Vamos por los 40M❤
Vic Riv
Vic Riv 2 aylar önce
Definitivamente ser EXOL es lo mejor, tanto los albums grupales como solitas son grandisosos. Sigamos apoyando al osito Kai
Aidan 8 gün önce
with kai always ♡
Prakash Kp
Prakash Kp 6 gün önce
🦋 Kai is precious 🦋
Dimash_Kookmin 8 saatler önce
Por culpa de tiktok me enamoré de está canción ❤ buenísima!
Jean Curado Ribeiro
Jean Curado Ribeiro 8 gün önce
Cara, eu realmente gosto demais dessa música!
Apasaree Ungphakorn
Apasaree Ungphakorn 2 gün önce
Kai deep voice at the end is always my fav part of the song
inkaisociety 12 saatler önce
Train lovers
Train lovers 2 aylar önce
MV - 100% DANCE - 100% VISUAL - 100% RAP - 100% VOCAL - 100% KINGS - 100% INSTRUMENTAL - 100% SLAY - 100% HANDSOME - 100% EVERYTHING - 100% KAI НИКОГДА НЕ РАЗОЧАРИВАЮТ НАС!!!
Rizma 2 aylar önce
callmeprik 2 aylar önce
@Rizma fck
2 aylar önce
​@Rizma papansin ang putek hahaha hindi mahal ng idol nya hahaha
Ayğanım 2 aylar önce
Neshat M
Neshat M 8 gün önce
Kai is another level ♡
Kelia Mae Mendoza
Kelia Mae Mendoza 10 gün önce
Kai is spectacular. I love Rover as a song but the whole album is gold.
Daljhin Gutiérrez Montedoro
Daljhin Gutiérrez Montedoro 3 gün önce
Sooooo amazing by far. Lo visual, la coreo , el beat , agradezco a todos por tremenda obra de arte.
RANI 7 gün önce
I only have one word to say : ✨MASTERPIECE ✨ (I am not really a exol but this song is pure masterpiece)
Solaf-سُلَافْ 6 gün önce
ابرار حسن
ابرار حسن 4 gün önce
m 4 gün önce
hiba 20 saatler önce
I love kai's voice, he has a beautiful unique voice
Eat Me!!
Eat Me!! 2 aylar önce
KAI you're such a gem in this world. You're untouchable. The album is beyond a masterpiece. You're genius. The people behind this album are GENIUSES. Congratulations!!
Lennie Jean Panugaling
Lennie Jean Panugaling 2 aylar önce
Totally agree. Stream. Stream. Stream
Alexiss Miranda
Alexiss Miranda 5 gün önce
Kai nunca decepciona😊
Alejandra Alfaro Gutiérrez
Alejandra Alfaro Gutiérrez 6 gün önce
Solo nini puede superarse asi mismo con cada song 🫶🏼
irene calderon
irene calderon Gün önce
Kai is so cool, I love him and I love his song 😍😍
Rebeca11 Moreira
Rebeca11 Moreira 9 gün önce
Música perfeita
snowing 3 gün önce
Soloist Kai is everything! HE IS TRULY ON ANOTHER LEVEL!!
Angielene Cabasag
Angielene Cabasag 2 aylar önce
Kai never disappoints!!! Kudos also to the dancers, they compliment Kai so well! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
AFRAH🖤 2 aylar önce
No emoji
وش تسوي باسمي 😗
وش تسوي باسمي 😗 2 aylar önce
m 4 gün önce
Please no e.moji
Kai Xin
Kai Xin 5 gün önce
my favorite choreography of all times
alice Bisoen
alice Bisoen 10 gün önce
In love with this song Feeling bad that i didn't knew about this song 😢
Nina B88
Nina B88 3 gün önce
Rover never gets old. It still sounds as fresh as the first day
snowing 6 gün önce
Less than 1M to 38M Let's goooo Beautiful Rovers!!
JA DIAZ 2 gün önce
Let's push to 40M. still listening everyday since release
Syrine Attia
Syrine Attia Gün önce
Let’s dooo itttttt
جيسو الكفو
جيسو الكفو Gün önce
Yesssss 😭
💕army and exol 💕
💕army and exol 💕 Gün önce
Let's go
kimberly quiej
kimberly quiej 2 aylar önce
KAI is art 💗💗
Dian Rossemaya
Dian Rossemaya 2 aylar önce
Delet the emoji plis
-𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐨♀️ 2 aylar önce
𝘕𝘢𝘮𝘫𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘺💜 2 aylar önce
With 0 talent
-𝐡𝐢𝐬𝐨𝐨♀️ 2 aylar önce
@𝘕𝘢𝘮𝘫𝘰𝘰𝘯𝘦𝘺💜 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jarin Roshni
Jarin Roshni 4 gün önce
Why is this man sooo damn charming! He's literally slayin with his expressions! And that goddamn voice! With that goddamn dance! 💔 Can't take my eyes of...can't unhear it!
zaku 9 gün önce
Aunque sea un remake de otra canción, Kai hizo esta cancion suya, canto muy bien y baila como siempre bien. ❤
levi heichou
levi heichou 3 gün önce
Not an exo-l but loved this song a lot . Kai really✨ slayed✨ this one
flumitio 3 gün önce
ty for the support
Aidan 3 gün önce
i hope you check out his albums too ♡
Syrine Attia
Syrine Attia Gün önce
Thank you for supporting our Kai! Please check his discography it’s really diverse and unique!
Abela Fadi
Abela Fadi Gün önce
Me too😭💓💓💓
Angelpcyeol 8 gün önce
This masterpiece should've passed 100M until now ㅠㅠ
sinfully-sarcastic 4 gün önce
If people didn't sleep on EXO these last few years or if SME promoted it well. But what can we do now? Nothing but ste3am
🪷 melody 🪷
🪷 melody 🪷 2 gün önce
How does this not have more views?! This song is absolutely amazing. ♥ Masterpiece!
shahrukh Khan
shahrukh Khan 11 saatler önce
EXO Members MVS dont have youtube ads thats why all the views are organic , unrealistic number of views are just paid views and farm streaming from same fans
NUMNIMJUNG Onnuam 2 aylar önce
Don't stop streaming everyone. I think this will be the only thing that let the members of EXO know how much we miss him. They've been gone for almost 2 years, it might take a bit. But I believe they will make a big difference in KPOP. We should all show our love through this, EXO is coming back in a big way.
yesss let's do it
Sadness 2 aylar önce
We are one
Reren 98
Reren 98 2 aylar önce
Yess faiting
Sulastry Aningrum
Sulastry Aningrum 2 aylar önce
Yes I do it everyday too
Kaniz Fatema
Kaniz Fatema 2 aylar önce
Please don't use the word 'str34m'directly
Sneha Bisht
Sneha Bisht 7 gün önce
What a voice and the lyrics... Awesome 🎉🎉
m 4 gün önce
Please no emoji
m 4 gün önce
snowing 5 gün önce
Can't stop watching this masterpiece
Sadness 2 gün önce
Love KAI Love Rover
Tamanna learning academy
Tamanna learning academy 9 gün önce
In love with this song😮❤️
snowing 3 gün önce
Kai is the best artist ever
Arhynia 3 gün önce
Yes🙂 he is super hardworking and multi talented
EX9LIGHTSABER1 2 aylar önce
Kai's dance, voice, visual, act, everything is so perfect!!
Nkn 6 gün önce
37M 🎉🎉🎉 Let's go To 40M before it comes out of the training breaker within two weeks.
L Jasper
L Jasper 6 gün önce
Not only is his dancing amazing, but his voice is so smooth and warm.
snowing Gün önce
Our kai worked so hard for this masterpiece! Let's reach 40M by end of the May!
Base To Ace
Base To Ace 20 saatler önce
We will! 💪🏻
stan exo
stan exo 18 saatler önce
shahrukh Khan
shahrukh Khan 11 saatler önce
Yeah hopefully
Sajal Butt
Sajal Butt 5 gün önce
Best dancing song of this year for me 👌👍... I just heared some lines of it on a youtube short ...and now im here to listen this amazing song
Kai Xin
Kai Xin 5 gün önce
welcome to the rover world !
Sajal Butt
Sajal Butt 5 gün önce
@Kai Xin thank u so much .. I'm in 👍
Arhynia 5 gün önce
Sajal Butt
Sajal Butt 5 gün önce
@Arhynia thanks dear
baby ern
baby ern Gün önce
Inlove with Kai's beautiful voice
Sophie Vanderbilt
Sophie Vanderbilt 2 aylar önce
I loved his first two albums SO much that I was actually nervous for this release. I couldn’t imagine someone impressing me like this 3 times in a row…but he just keeps bringing it! Love love love this song and MV. Kai, you’re amazing. All my love and support for you!
Phenomenal Thoughts
Phenomenal Thoughts 5 gün önce
Totally new into this world of Kai It's my first time hearing him Listened in a short and now here to enjoy this whole amazing song which is making me dance ....💃💃
Arhynia 5 gün önce
Sara Arantxa
Sara Arantxa 5 gün önce
You will never regret it I have been his fan for 7 years already
Phenomenal Thoughts
Phenomenal Thoughts 5 gün önce
@Arhynia thank you ☺️
Phenomenal Thoughts
Phenomenal Thoughts 5 gün önce
@Sara Arantxa wao it's amazing
mMmh_iing 3 gün önce
Welcome to our fandom!
anti-yunjin 4 gün önce
I am not really an Exo-l but this song caught my attention This is such a ✨MASTERPIECE ✨ I can't stop listening to this ❤
Jome Travels
Jome Travels 3 gün önce
Yeaa I am also not an exo fan but after hearing this and mmmm by Kai I just love him and his gang
Mrs. Rover
Mrs. Rover 3 gün önce
EXO are the most talented group, You should listen to their other songs they're just so beautiful
anti-yunjin 2 gün önce
@Mrs. Rover sure
Zikra Qureshi
Zikra Qureshi 2 gün önce
This song got mee...I didn't knew Kai before, but now I think he's the king of kpop
Aarush 1
Aarush 1 2 gün önce
Welcome to family of exo-l’s
Tamara Rioja
Tamara Rioja 5 gün önce
Kai is Art
Nini K
Nini K 2 aylar önce
Kai never disappoints, I love you forever.
Flor Soledad REYMUNDO APUMAYTA 2 aylar önce
Yess me tooo I love kaiii
foulsbtw 12 gün önce
Psychofocus 8 gün önce
No sé porqué siento que Kai haciendo servicio social debe estar bailando y haciendo pasos de rover mientras hace lo que le ordenen jajaja. Sería muy él de su parte.
My Nini Heart
My Nini Heart 8 gün önce
Still so grateful for Rover and the whole album.
Dayra Martínez
Dayra Martínez 14 saatler önce
Kai cada día te extraño más espero que te encuentres bien te amo y siempre te esperaré
simp for kai
simp for kai 8 gün önce
I love his voice so muchh
Mirna B
Mirna B 2 gün önce
D-18 Hola,buenas tardes!!, si no estoy mal ,en tu país son las 16:26 pm ,en el mío la 01:26 am ,hoy solo quiero pasar a decirte que iré a dormir ya,estuve viendo mv y videos de sus inicios, ha pasado ya un tiempo en el que estamos conectados, tantas memorias vinieron a mi ,gracias por hacer a Exol tan feliz , quisiera soñar con el EXORDIUM 2017 cuando los pude ver en vivo en un concierto .Termina bien tu día, te esforzaste tanto e imagino lo hiciste tan bien ,cena rico,toma un baño y agradece todo en tu vida ,por favor, mantente feliz y sonríe, un abrazo con todo respeto ,me despido ,los párpados ya se cierran lentamente y cuesta mantenerlos abiertos
My Nini Heart
My Nini Heart 2 aylar önce
Only a man with top-tier artistry can deliver such fabulous mv. He nailed everything from visuals, choreo, VOCALS! KAI is one true ACE !
snowing 5 gün önce
Kai is the best artist , he deserves all the love and support
Fahdlullahi Olaoluwa
Fahdlullahi Olaoluwa 4 gün önce
I'm sorry but bts and blackpink are the goat 🎉
zakiyah razzak
zakiyah razzak 3 gün önce
@Fahdlullahi Olaoluwa they r talking abt solo
Natsu Pan Natsu
Natsu Pan Natsu 9 gün önce
Congrats Mr. Rover for reaching 36M, let's keep fighting
L Jasper
L Jasper Gün önce
Kai has talent and creativity AND is so handsome! Rover rover.
Glory Mer
Glory Mer 9 gün önce
936k. vamos ya 36 m... apoya también Film Kai #Rover a 1 m
meki 9 gün önce
si vamoooos
Silvia Beeskow
Silvia Beeskow 9 gün önce
Vamos que se puede!!
snowing 4 saatler önce
Kai is such a sweetest humble person! Kai is not just a great artist he is also a great human being
gorgeousangel Vyky
gorgeousangel Vyky 2 aylar önce
Another masterpiece from Kai. He just has his own unique style. This one is hitting hard.
BaekhyunLuv 8 gün önce
I'm obsessed with this song
HyuugaPrincess15 5 gün önce
Kai is so freaking beautiful and has major stage presence
Arhynia 3 gün önce
He is fire on stage
KJITUBE 6 gün önce
Rover MV has now surpassed 37M Views! - It remains as the most viewed SM soloist MV, most liked and most commented SM release this year!
inkaisociety 12 saatler önce
Soo Yaa
Soo Yaa 2 aylar önce
Kai is such an incredible singer, his range is so wide, he sounds different in each song, he sounds different in each part of a song, and he doesn't stop improving from album to album it makes me sad he debuted solo late cause this is a voice i want to listen to all the time it makes incredibly sad but I'm so happy with his three mini masterpieces.
Jamie liu
Jamie liu 2 aylar önce
love his voice so much
jina 2 aylar önce
same same
a.t.l Aylar önce
Lolll he is an undeveloped vocalist😂😂 bffr
a.t.l Aylar önce
nahh SM knows that he is not worth it, that's why they doesn't promote him because he knows that he can't sing live, that's why all his performances are lipsync
I'm a Dreamer
I'm a Dreamer 8 gün önce
I wish this song is become more famous❤❤❤
Hua Cheng
Hua Cheng 6 gün önce
Ikr! it's so catchy
m 4 gün önce
Please no emoji
m 4 gün önce
Fani Jelita
Fani Jelita 4 gün önce
37M sudah kita dapat mari membuatnya 40M dalam waktu dekat Semangat
☕Franglos☕ 3 gün önce
Eita como ele dança beeeeemmmmmm ❤❤❤❤
H &M
H &M 7 gün önce
The best scene which i love it is when Kai in black and singing to high with a storm around him 🖤🖤🖤🖤🤍🤍🤍🤍 wow🥰
m 4 gün önce
Please no emoji
m 4 gün önce
H &M
H &M 4 gün önce
@m why?!
aurelia 2 gün önce
I love this song so much, it is stuck in my head most of the time!! the whole kpop industry is in love with this song, this song brings all the fandoms together frr ROVER is such a bop
가잘 2 aylar önce
His voice is amazing, his looks, and everything about him is so beautiful that I can't describe it
Hatice Akyüz
Hatice Akyüz 2 aylar önce
Don't use emoji views freezing cause of emojis
m 2 aylar önce
Please no..emoji
m 2 aylar önce
m 2 aylar önce
AFRAH🖤 2 aylar önce
No emoji
Nena 2003
Nena 2003 5 gün önce
Kai definitely knows how to pick his tittle tracks
Giants Kimberly
Giants Kimberly 6 gün önce
This song deserves 1B views
Nkn 3 gün önce
Let’s go 40M 👏
Fatima Kyungso
Fatima Kyungso 6 gün önce
Wonderful song iconic voice
RedPixie Gün önce
My favorite song, MV and album this year so far
Red Flower
Red Flower 2 aylar önce
let's go 7M.I do like how this mv is short attractive and more than perfect.The best album of Kai
brin 2 aylar önce
lezz go for the king!
NiniBear12 2 aylar önce
snowing 4 gün önce
Don't slow down Rover now! Let's work more hardar for this masterpiece!!
sarcasticmind 5 gün önce
This song is just addictive
Alison Burger
Alison Burger 3 gün önce
snowing 6 gün önce
Best artist kai deserves all the love and support
RCDaisy Dog➓
RCDaisy Dog➓ 3 gün önce
Kai did such an amazing job I love this so much !!
k ym
k ym 2 aylar önce
Ningún miembro de EXO puede decepcionar cuando se trata de música , lo dan todo. Y aqui una muestra más ,Kai ♡
Suhani Fighters
Suhani Fighters 8 gün önce
So addicting song
Drishti Kedia
Drishti Kedia 10 gün önce
Amazing 😢
snowing Gün önce
Amazing kai deserves everything
Yumi-Chan🌸 4 gün önce
This song is soo adicting. I listen to it all the time
snowing 3 saatler önce
Please 40M ASAP, kai is the best he deserves all the love and support!!
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