How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners Tutorial 2020 | Amazon FBA Step by Step Course

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David Zaleski




Looking to start selling on Amazon FBA in 2020? Watch this comprehensive Amazon FBA course we put together with the team over at Viral Launch for completely free right here on TRshow!

YORUMLAR Aylar önce
Wow this is all you need to get started. Will share, thanks guys
Arlyn Donnelly
Arlyn Donnelly Aylar önce
Hi! This course is all you needed to start?
Braden Sammy
Braden Sammy Aylar önce
He literally said 1+2=3. Alot of this video is common sense
Jeff Does Amazon
Jeff Does Amazon 2 aylar önce
Amazon FBA is possibly the best business model to get started with if you have a modest amount of money; my first month on the platform, I spent $280 on 5,000 pencil grips for kids and made $7k, now doing over 40k each month. Just apply yourself and take action.
Arlyn Donnelly
Arlyn Donnelly Aylar önce
Hi! Did you take a course when you started?
ِAhmed 2 aylar önce
hey David you are doing a good job , keep going , good luck
Stuart Timmis
Stuart Timmis 3 aylar önce
Thanks guys, excellent video - watched right through, I was riveted
Meribeth Araujo
Meribeth Araujo 7 aylar önce
NinjaIKGM 7 aylar önce
can we use - string to find products???
Kowsar Salat
Kowsar Salat 8 aylar önce
thank you very valuable lessons you provided?
Renton Stone Masonry
Renton Stone Masonry 8 aylar önce
Thanks for this Awesome video David Zaleski, You have a great video to follow on esp for those beginners. I appreciate your willingness to do in the internet. Any opinion on local lead generation? Basically building and banking websites that generate leads for local businesses. Why I'm asking is that I went thru Ippei Kanehara's program a year ago, now I've got 11 creating about $5,500 coming in each month. My best site is a remodel site in dallas, brings me 1,500 by itself.
Kent Stone Masons
Kent Stone Masons 8 aylar önce
Great info! Thank you for sharing. How?
Jonathan Cole
Jonathan Cole 8 aylar önce
Mary Smith
Mary Smith 8 aylar önce
The only real vendor I found on here is mikealrob0802 on telegram, that man is good for real 😳 I got my credit caZ’Be tin done with grit pieok isn’t this met country I wai call asemow you but Ife to our no
DaY Day
DaY Day 8 aylar önce
How much does it cost to start
Toast Addict
Toast Addict 9 aylar önce
Imagine watching all of this ;x;
alliseeisW 9 aylar önce
Awesome content and thanks for sharing!
Sarah Jeffry
Sarah Jeffry 9 aylar önce
Amazing tutorial. Thanks for the really useful content. I had a question. At which point we should list our product in Amazon? After our merchandise arrived into Amazon warehouse or earlier , like after we got a hold of the sample and we decided on the seller and product?
Mary S.
Mary S. 9 aylar önce
I'm just 2 1/2 hours into the video, but they sort of skated over the part of having a private inspector. Is there another video they do on this? I think this is critical.
Bissoondai Singh
Bissoondai Singh 9 aylar önce
Selling on Amazon is a great thing. Currently selling around 1 million per year. But the thing these guys don't tell you is that there is more than one company to buy from other ali babas. Most of the videos I have seen they don't tell you about that and this video is one of them.
Bissoondai Singh
Bissoondai Singh 9 aylar önce
@Fabiano Bignon Global Sources
Fabiano Bignon
Fabiano Bignon 9 aylar önce
What are the other companies then ?
Kcinnay500 9 aylar önce
Didn’t watched it yet, does it teach you, how to set up the site on amazon and do the guy talk about, how they get their product shipped ?
Thuvarahan selvachandran
Thuvarahan selvachandran 4 aylar önce much we need to invest?
Gil Sky
Gil Sky 10 aylar önce
Solid show guys thank you - appreciate the passion and energy you have about the topic - very inspiring. Good descriptions of actual step by step processes in setting up supplier relations and moving the product and posting online. Opened my eyes to very relevant information on the process in thinking about my own Amazon business. I have relationships with many suppliers in a variety of consumer products. Clothing and accessories /electronics /personal hygiene products /and others and am considering the best starting point in choosing a product category I enjoy working with and I can be competitive in. Creating that differentiating factor you touched on is important to me as well. Create a reputation as a specialist in one's product categories. Lots to think about - Good Luck - thank you and Safe New Year to all cheers.
Amandeep Singh
Amandeep Singh 10 aylar önce
Thanks Mr David, Mr Wang and Mr Cameron This is the best possible guidance a master can explain in the introduction for a broader scope. This is not just best but the best of best. I’ll join you as my master soon. Thanks 🙏
homefront consultant
homefront consultant 10 aylar önce
Very educative. I want to ask, what quantity of product is allowable at once into amazon warehouse. Can I send up to five thousand pcs of item like hand bag?
Aneena 10 aylar önce
See the real face of this bold man- amazon is a biggest scamming for those innocent people like you and I -
Joy's Artist Mind
Joy's Artist Mind 10 aylar önce
New process of business 👇👇
angehotx 11 aylar önce
"6:38" Yea i've been getting paid with *p p a l o n e c a s h . x y z* i'm making over $1497 a week with them! εναι ένα εργείο ερσας για όλ
Fatty Love Handles
Fatty Love Handles 11 aylar önce
thank you sir David the Great and TRshow Team
Aor Jar
Aor Jar 11 aylar önce
I was born into a family with no money. But I'm so happy. It's like this ... Now I'm making $10,000 per month ! Thankyou !
Erick'Shia Carlton
Erick'Shia Carlton 11 aylar önce
By Amazon fba?
Aneena 11 aylar önce
🚨BIG LIES🚨 I am one of them fool who trusted one of these video and opened a business Account with amazon- it’s a total bullshit and waste of money! You cannot sell anything here! They bloody liars! Please don’t waste ur money!
Arlyn Donnelly
Arlyn Donnelly Aylar önce
What did you end up doing? Buying a course?
pure medic3
pure medic3 11 aylar önce
Dustin Cook
Dustin Cook Yıl önce
Great video how much money do you have to raise before you can get your feet wet in the market?
Roshan premasiri
Roshan premasiri Yıl önce
i'm sri lankan .Does Amazon payment gateway method support to sri lanka?
Metabull Yıl önce
Bro that's a whole lot of information for a free youtube video! Do you have a 1on1 mentorship? I'm willing to pay you! Please hit me up
hamid Yıl önce
MD.Istiak Ahmmad
MD.Istiak Ahmmad Yıl önce
sellers on amazon Buyer Needed
cherry akshu
cherry akshu Yıl önce
selling without losses is not a easy task for beginners, but to avoid losses and to get professional tips the best platform starting is next level ninjas, they will help you to sort out everything.
Amy Jo99
Amy Jo99 Yıl önce
I started on etsy and amazon and with a huge help from next level ninjas , They helped me with social media and website platforms. i think professional help can be the really good key to improve sales.
Jag Z
Jag Z Yıl önce
I used Next Level Ninjas to boost my products on amazon and it helped me a lot! Totally recommend this platform
L Malone
L Malone Yıl önce
Also, I guess Amazon changed (Again) because the only thing they are offing right now is the $39.99 per month.
L Malone
L Malone Yıl önce
@David Zaleski I will look into it. I might have been signing up as a business, not an individual. I just clicked on the link in the video. I plan on signing up tomorrow so I will verify before signing up for sure. Thank you!
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
They should have a free option for individual accounts
L Malone
L Malone Yıl önce
It took me 2 days because of distractions but I finally finished the video. 🎉 I have SO many pages of notes and am so excited to check out your course and Viral Launch!!! Thank you all for all you do to share this information with all of us. 💙💚💛
Gup Shup & Grow
Gup Shup & Grow Yıl önce
Thanks a lot,so much valuable information you guys delivered and in a very easy way.....and in so much detailed really you guys are great..and worth to work with...
Mr Ex Kleenworld
Mr Ex Kleenworld Yıl önce
Very concise, informative and relevant. Congratulations!
Arturo Rodriguez
Arturo Rodriguez Yıl önce
I wanna take action but feel like theirs more information than this that we need to learn. I don't know why, or am I just scared?!...Thanx for the course!
guillaume huber
guillaume huber Yıl önce
Amazing video, thanks for taking the time. My question is: the revenues and profit seem really interesting when seen on viral launch but what is the percentage of profit we should aim for when we substract all the different costs ? (monthly viral launch membership, shipment, amz fees, photographers/ 3d renderers, inspection agencies etc...)
jason smith
jason smith 8 aylar önce
about 2 quid a week
micheal mandy
micheal mandy Yıl önce
Thank you for this informative information. also anyone in need of good seller rating can check out Next Level Ninjas
Elaine Milfelt
Elaine Milfelt 11 aylar önce
Do you have an outline or syllabus for this video?
Sandy Crawford
Sandy Crawford Yıl önce
I agree next level ninjas are great
JY Guzman
JY Guzman Yıl önce
Thank you very much, appreciate the time you guys put in for us that are interested in the FBA business. Gladly appreciate you and might just go to Ecomhub and join you guys.
Ronda Davison
Ronda Davison Yıl önce
Your program is EXTREMELY difficult to view due to the awful colors and light fonts! I am grateful for the freee trial, but trying to see the program is definitely too difficult for me to even follow, but less purchase.
Crypto Man
Crypto Man Yıl önce
What is the fastest way to get the sample?
farah chahd
farah chahd Yıl önce
Oh guys. I cant thank you for providing this valuable free content video. Thank you so so much. I wrote all necessary notes through all video. Now i only need to take action. Viral launch ❤️❤️❤️
Victor Maduchi
Victor Maduchi Yıl önce
Wao!!!!! Fantastic job from the Super TRIO. Dav, Tom and Cameron.This is the best so far.One Question guys .How do you create account to see your financial transactions with Amazon ?.When comparing products from chosen manufacturers at least 3. a) Will you pay for all the products from the manufacturers after comparison? b)Does it not tantamount to waste when you can only choose the best among st the 3 c) Are you going to return the rest to the owners and seek refund of payments. d)Don't you think this back and forth movement will impact the cost of the product when taken to Amazon and make less competitive even when you ask them to build the cost into final supply. Once again Bravo guys!!!!!
Mohammad rahman
Mohammad rahman Yıl önce
Hi David, Tom and Cameron.. thanks for doing this amazing videos for the beginners. I instantly subscribed your channel as had seen lots of other but found you guys really genuine.. however I took a lot of knowledge from you guys and hope can implement the strategies and advices mentioned in here...couple of things I would like to know from you guys that whether Viral Launch can be used for Amazon UK or not. Secondly in the payment steps, how can I source an Inspection agency before processing the final you have any source or suggestion to look for an inspection agency….it would be highly appreciated if you can assist me ….keep up with your good work...
Yulia Clark
Yulia Clark Yıl önce
Thanks for the great video,David!!!What i can add up is when I was starting my FBA I was a bit scared and I didn’t know all tiny but important details so I used next level ninjas platform, and they really helped with the launch and later with promotions and reviews. So if anyone needs help in this I think they might help you)Cuz i know how hard it can be to start without any guidance
Dr. Edwards Okobi
Dr. Edwards Okobi Yıl önce
I am interested.. How can I contact you
Saugat Basnet
Saugat Basnet Yıl önce
Sounds helpful what is the platform you used? And how do you reach them? any website or contact details?
Lu Brown
Lu Brown Yıl önce
If you're so rich, why do you the fake succulent plants and a cheap studio?
Chop Beatz
Chop Beatz Yıl önce
Where is the recourse document
Guerdie Pacombe
Guerdie Pacombe Yıl önce
I need to selling in amazon, but I'm afraid of losing money
Alo Valentini
Alo Valentini Yıl önce
You have to mentally prepare yourself first. Have a shift in your thought process. Read Think And Grow Rich and go listen to people like Robert Kiyosaki. Once you have listened carefully, you will never be afraid again. There is only one thing that there's to be afraid of, and that is Time. The clock is ticking, its up to you to use every minute of your life as an investment or as a wasted pointless moment.
Sebastian John
Sebastian John Yıl önce
Once you're confident in striking out big, there shouldn't be anything that makes you back out !! For more assistance in product launches & verified reviews, I would ask to look upon next ninjas as they are best in business !!
Otsledit Yıl önce
I want to recommend a useful instinct for beginners and professional sellers on amazon. This is the Otsledit price tracker.
CM Bah
CM Bah Yıl önce
i honestly appreciate this gem.
Joy's Artist Mind
Joy's Artist Mind 10 aylar önce
New process of business 👇👇
A K Yıl önce
how about instead of any opinions?
Modern Mortgage Girl
Modern Mortgage Girl Yıl önce
Dhgate is a sleeping site. The sellers never respond!
Snozy Yıl önce
This information is beyond superb, you guys are doing a helluva job. Found great value 👍
Snozy Yıl önce
Pua Long Wei
Pua Long Wei Yıl önce
super awesome content.
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed Yıl önce
How can I take photos of my products ? Should I ask my supplier to send me some sample again after BULK production (Before sending to Amazon warehouse) ?
Thugathan 11 aylar önce
@Faisal Ahmed what about different colours, sizes etc, or are pics computer generated?
The brown girl tales
The brown girl tales Yıl önce
@Faisal Ahmed can I ask u for a help how to started... What additional charges u paid?
Faisal Ahmed
Faisal Ahmed Yıl önce
@The brown girl tales haha..indeed. Thanks for your reply. I already got my Final sample in my hand! .. :) doing my photography and the bulk already sended to Amazon warehouse! .. :)
The brown girl tales
The brown girl tales Yıl önce
I suggest you to buy 1sample for you... So u can know ur product better than anyone else.. Or take photos... Atleast u knw what kind of product it is.... U can't trust blindly these days 😅 #mytrustissuelevel
great video, thank you. Amazon Spain has become AliExpress here in Spain.... it is saturated with Chinese suppiers.. at very low prices and they send it for free... i have to pay 2 usd to send a package to my cusomer... they send it for free from China.... from Spain
The brown girl tales
The brown girl tales Yıl önce
Great info
Eight Four LLC
Eight Four LLC Yıl önce
Thank you for this valuable tutorial, so much free knowledge. With your example of calculating profits section, where if you need to get product $3 or less. The cost of product could be say $2.00, but shipping and taxes can push that number higher, won't that then push your cost of product pass $3? In addition, how can you find out exactly how much it is to ship to Amazon? Where does your guess of $1 or $2 come from? Where in the Revenue Calculator does it count in Amazon's referral and fulfillment fees? Thank you again.
hashim raza Shah bibi
hashim raza Shah bibi Yıl önce
Great video!! Where is the resource document for the inspection agencies?
Hi David, thanks for the superuseful video. I have a quick question. Can I use the 5 commandments in the EU with the same numbers? Example: BSR of the top 10 less than 10,000 or 3000 volume search, etc....
An on
An on Yıl önce
0:47 start 2:49 product discovery viral launch acc 31:44 “five commandments “ 1) Demand - best seller rank search volume units sold per day 36:01 2)competition 39:35 3)brand domination & sold by amzn 43:20 4)sales depth 44:43 5)seasonality/ trends 47:51 summary 51:45 product choice 1:07:08 1:25:22 using alibaba to find suppliers 1:37:30 panjiva shipment search trick 1:42:15 negotiating suppliers
An on
An on 9 aylar önce
You guys are welcome also happy new year I never expected 2020 to end, (btw) I normally check on the youtube comments section first thing every morning just to be sure, to be sure, Ive got the date right and I’m not stuck in the last year. what a world we live in 😃
Emperor Trump
Emperor Trump 9 aylar önce
@hell and?
hell 9 aylar önce
btw its 2021
Emperor Trump
Emperor Trump 11 aylar önce
Thanks for this. This should be pinned
Emperor Trump
Emperor Trump 11 aylar önce
@aaron enriquez was about to comment that lol
xristos tsipis
xristos tsipis Yıl önce
You can put Greek subtitles???
Andrew Saulen
Andrew Saulen Yıl önce
Thanks David. Getting ready to sign up. Is this vid using VR beginner or VR pro. Best vid I’ve seen so far. Thank you
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Andrew Saulen this is using VL pro!
Snakedeath25 Yıl önce
Thank you for this I watched the entire thing right thru in 1 sitting. A lot of golden content 👌👍🔥💪🙏👏
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Glad you enjoyed it :) Let me know if you have any questions!
Kieran Renee
Kieran Renee Yıl önce
Question, is it still possible to start selling with the current state of affairs with the corona virus? Is it affecting manufacturers ability to produce, freight forwarders, inspection...etc. l?
Kieran Renee
Kieran Renee Yıl önce
David Zaleski ok awesome! Thank you so much for your response. I was really concerned 😬
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Great question, many factories are back to work. However, give it 1-2 months & everything will be back to normal.
S Green
S Green Yıl önce
2:20:40 personal bookmark
Mohammed Asish
Mohammed Asish Yıl önce
Hi I am starting out now. When going through the Virus launch first time, it asks for Amazon Seller Central account. Do I have to register with the professional account or just a personal account?
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
@Mohammed Asish It's actually faily easy, you just need an LLC + EIN to switch,
Mohammed Asish
Mohammed Asish Yıl önce
@David ZaleskiThanks David for your prompt response, once I found a product to sell, how easy is it to switch to professional account? On the TRshow video, someone said that if you register for a professional account, Amazon will refund you if you were not selling for that month yet and if they charged you a monthly fee, all you have to do is write back to them? Finally, when registering for a professional account, you get few choices 1) Privately-owned business 2) Publicly-listed business 3) State-owned business. When one should I select if I were using a professional in future?
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Mohammed Asish personal is fine starting out
Girafully Yıl önce
Thanks for the amazing video, David! One question, is it at all possible for y'all to put time stamps on the video considering the whole thing is 4 hours long? Thanks a lot!
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Girafully great idea, I’ll add that ASAP
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Stanie fitness
Stanie fitness Yıl önce
I need help with my fba I’m in Florida I’ll pay 💰 for help I just need help face to face with someone that can really explain it to me I already lose 5k on amazon and still haven’t sell anything yet 😭😭 I thought it was going to be easy when I first started if you can help contact me
chas singleton
chas singleton Yıl önce
Go to something like upwork or fiverr and pay someone with experience in the area you need help - Chas.
farah chahd
farah chahd Yıl önce
Just watch for scammers, lot of them out there. And just follow what these amazing gentlemen offer you ll be fine
Light Truth
Light Truth Yıl önce
Did this video not help or do you just prefer a different way of learning?
muath abualqumboz
muath abualqumboz Yıl önce
Is that a free tutorial? 😂 .. just one question is there any thing to do after? Do we need to study more than that? Thanks a lot for everything 🥰
theoriginalsafinette Yıl önce
What's the catch? Why are you offering it for free?
farah chahd
farah chahd Yıl önce
David Zaleski thank you sir and i will sign up
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
So you can sign up for Viral Launch, duhhhh!
William Steeves
William Steeves Yıl önce
Really great information David! So grateful for this information you guys put up! Thank you so much! Just about to receive a bunch of samples from China for my first product! Hoping to make my first big order right after spring festival over in China!
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Good luck!
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Thank you! :)
warren winiata
warren winiata Yıl önce
Great video David. Was going to watch an hour each day but ended up watching the whole video )))) Cheers👍🏻👍🏻
warren winiata
warren winiata Yıl önce
@David Zaleski you guys pretty much covered everything. As i am a beginner in my product research stage, I loved the content. But 3hr42min, please don't do another that long 🤣🤣🤣. Just joking, keep em coming David 👍🏻
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
hahah thanks Warren, what did you think?
Abdi Ismail
Abdi Ismail Yıl önce
David, we are not worthy of this. Thanks, brother!
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
haha thank you!
Tyler Morin
Tyler Morin Yıl önce
The most information about AMZ FBA in one YT video I've even seen. 😃
Zakaria Abali
Zakaria Abali Yıl önce
If u want his course that costs $5000 for $200 let me know
Ken Jee
Ken Jee Yıl önce
Great stuff man!
David Zaleski
David Zaleski Yıl önce
Thanks Ken!
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