Building My BEST DUGOUT EVER - ALONE into Wild Forest - Bushcraft Moss PILLOW - Badger Came - 4K

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Asbjorn Olsen-Berg Bushcraft

Asbjorn Olsen-Berg Bushcraft

Yıl önce

Asbjorn Olsen-Berg Bushcraft: Building My BEST DUGOUT EVER - ALONE into Wild Forest - Bushcraft Moss PILLOW - Badger Came - 4K
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About This Video:
In this video you will see the construction of a dugout in a hillside using hand tools.
It's a very hard job, but also an interesting experience.
For construction, I use only dead fallen trees, which I collect in the surrounding forest.
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Sleeping in a sand pit was a bad idea - in the process of drying, the sand gradually crumbled, and with it the stones. It is better never to do this, it can be life threatening.
Also, the sand that I poured on the roof crumbles a little inside. I'm thinking of fixing this in the future.
Digging a hole of this size was not as easy as I thought. This took longer than I expected.
Finding and processing dead fallen trees also takes a significant amount of time.
But the assembly of the structure itself is quite simple and does not take much effort and time.
From food I took with me mainly canned food, during the day the air temperature is quite high, the rest of the products can deteriorate.
But even canned food warmed up on a fire is very tasty after a whole day of work in the fresh air.
Despite the warm weather, the water in the river is cool, very refreshing and invigorating.
I fought mosquitoes and midges with the help of fire smoke. Inside the dugout, I set fire to a tinder fungus - it is a natural repellent.
To be continued.
Thanks for watching!
Temperature: Day/Night: +25°C (77ºF) / +16°C (60,8ºF)
Camera: Canon EOS R6
Lens 1: Canon RF 50mm F1.2 L USM
Lens 2: Canon RF 35mm/1.8 macro IS STM
Lens 3: Canon RF 16mm
Mic: RODE VideoMic NTG
Tripod: Sirui 5C
Kuksa: • How To Make a WOODEN C...
Disclaimer: This video is not intended to be a guide and is filmed for entertainment purposes only. The author does not recommend repeating the actions shown in this video and is not responsible for the consequences. It can be life threatening.
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@Opr8rKaz 11 aylar önce
No talking, No sponsor areas, no random stuff, just pure outdoorsman
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 11 aylar önce
Thanks man!
@dillenleggett6139 11 aylar önce
The sponsors are on his bag.
@daltonnash9410 11 aylar önce
@@dillenleggett6139 logos on bags are logos on bags. Doesn’t always mean that he’s sponsored by those companies
@danieltubbs5422 11 aylar önce
Just a pure outdoorsman, setting up his camera equipment and filming himself waking up after setting up his camera for the shot.
@dillenleggett6139 11 aylar önce
🤷‍♂️ think what you want.
@robk5745 3 aylar önce
Best build I’ve ever seen, no wasted movements, no panic, just smooth and efficient building. Thanks for recording this!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 2 aylar önce
You are welcome 😉🌲
@matthewosborne8954 10 aylar önce
Watching this felt like 40 minutes of meditation. Nothing but serenity, nature and hard graft. Respect bro, thankyou! 👊🏻❤
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 10 aylar önce
You are welcome 🤠
@klasjohansson6734 8 aylar önce
@rabehhannachi012 7 aylar önce
اهلا وسهلا
@user-ex1ik8vd6p 4 aylar önce
Hấp dẫn! 💪📢
@reeenareeena 3 aylar önce
a meditation? the dudes getting swarmed by mosquitos good luck trying to sleep through that LOL
@Uni_baller 5 aylar önce
Someone’s going to stumble on that in 100 years and be very grateful you were there to build that! Excellent work
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 5 aylar önce
Thanks a lot!
@aarceus5389 5 aylar önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft won't the wood eventually rot?
@OldManJeff 4 aylar önce
@@aarceus5389 it wood.
@hasnainrazzaq9736 3 aylar önce
@johnvaillancourt403 2 aylar önce
That whole place will be an ant farm about a week after he leaves. Are you kidding me
@omjourney 10 aylar önce
During my childhood in the woods of southern New Jersey in the late 70s/early 80s, we built many dugout “forts”. They weren’t this elaborate and nice but I remember digging and collecting logs for days with good friends. Thanks for bringing back fond memories.
@user-xy7gm9jp2c 3 aylar önce
Мои предки тоже сделали немало землянок во время Второй мировой войны. Люди уходили в леса от солдат фашисткой Германии. Оружие в руки брали даже женщины и дети. Был случай когда командиром партизан стал Священник местного деревенского Храма. Нарушение заповеди Не убей он оправдывал что у оккупантов была цель уничтожить весь наш народ. Вот и жили люди в землянках в лесу. Так что мы внуки партизан тоже играя строили убежища в лесу. Смотря это видео возвращаюсь на 50 лет назад, в детство.
@grzesiek07 7 gün önce
Bardzo dobrze wykonana ziemianka , dużo się nauczę z twojego filmu , dziękuję
@MySkobi Yıl önce
after building around 5 full on sheters and 1 dugout, I can confirm that this is the most beautiful dirt I have ever seen. No roots, no giant rocks, no underground hidden wells of water, just plain beautiful dirt. Nowhere to be found in my forests haha Great build, so much respect for you and everybody who builds and films stuff like this. Keep up the great work and stay safe.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
Yes, I am very lucky with the soil in this place. To be honest, I did not expect that everything would be so good! And there was great joy when I stumbled upon round stones. I immediately thought - there will be a fireplace inside the dugout :) Good luck and stay safe.
@towerhillbilly Yıl önce
Its sand
@HandymanRC2010 Yıl önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft I would like to ask, if you don't mind.... where is this filmed? What part of the world, not specifically the lat/ lon....?
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
@@HandymanRC2010 This is filmed in the north of Europe 🙂
@lunaticgaming7967 Yıl önce
I know, when I start digging a lot of times, I hit more rocks than I know what to do with.
@d112cons 10 aylar önce
Those rocks really tell a story. Just a few layers down, a bed of smooth river rock. Which means the stream - now so far below - once ran exactly where he's building. A record of ancient history, a few centimeters of earth at a time.
@Burienwoot 8 aylar önce
I was looking at the rocks, too 😄
@ghostbirdlary 8 aylar önce
depending on where this is, it could also be glacial deposits from the iceage
@adamlane6453 7 aylar önce
The glaciers likely deposited the rocks, the stream smoothed them out.
@RuneDall 6 aylar önce
oh i thought he just bought them from a store
@ghostbirdlary 6 aylar önce
@@RuneDall bruh
@lfmdego 6 aylar önce
Essa imagem das árvores refletidas dentro da caneca foi linda demais
@gdetovtaige867 11 gün önce
Что скажешь, человек с руками и с головой. Уважаю таких людей. Выживет в любой ситуации.
@Toxicmindset 9 aylar önce
I see all the effort put into this masterpiece. You inspire me so much! Keep up the great content!
@chadraymond4808 8 aylar önce
Always love watching these videos. I know i could build something like this, just could never imagine the finished product. So, amazing seeing this one and other versions providing a finished idea. This style in a hill side is 100% the way id go. Seems to be the most labor for sure but being able to disguise ur home that much can mean everything. But you do an amazing job man. U honestly make living in the woods luxurious lol. I know it would be difficult but peaceful living like this. I could imagine this tho with a dog by ur side being fully self sustaining
@Sartheris 24 gün önce
You dont have to imagine the whole thing beforehand. Once you start, all the pieces will go in their right place
@LemonLime_69 11 aylar önce
Man I can't even imagine the amount of effort he put into finding logs that are also so perfect and similar this is really the most amazing thing I've ever seen
@KhanBolerion 10 aylar önce
I know Right!!! flawless logs. i guess i'll move to Norway now...
@rustyshackelford6290 10 aylar önce
@@KhanBolerion theres plenty to be had in the us, canada, russia, anywhere north of the mason dixon
@KhanBolerion 9 aylar önce
@@rustyshackelford6290 but not such flawless wood mate.
@ObserverEffectX 9 aylar önce
Hope it’s sarcasm or you’re just gullible
@eveiko 9 aylar önce
This forest is clearly a typical Nordic forest, more like a pine fields than a forest in it's natural state. That could explain why the logs found are so similar - most of the trees there were planted same year. The ground took my attention -it's a dry moren hill in a steep slope, perfect place to build!
@nicolemarambio1130 6 aylar önce
Increíble lugar y también increíble construcción, que ganas de saber hacer refugios. Sigue así ❤
@gloriasantana8144 6 aylar önce
Parabéns,colega! Vc é bastante criativo! Nunca vi um abrigo assim! Show de bola!
@1cleblanc Aylar önce
Magnificent! Awesome! I was watching with such concentration my dinner went cold! This is perhaps one of the most detailed, simple builds. You chose the perfect spot. Plenty of resources. Water nearby! Perfect!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Aylar önce
Thank you :) Enjoy 😉
@biskitbass 10 aylar önce
Thoroughly enjoyed watching this. The workmanship, the video quality and angles, the editing, the background noises, the close up shots...just perfection. Thank you for putting this out there and for showing what can be achieved with just two hands, time, and patience. The odd hand tool helps too! ;-)
@Oscuros 2 aylar önce
I've done a lot of digging as a young man for work. I was impressed that you could dig a hole that deep with just an entrenching tool alone in less than a day. My hands hurt when you went through the layer of river stones, it's not easy work, especially with just that. Well done.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 2 aylar önce
Thank you! This was not dug in one day.
@genodedemon5109 2 aylar önce
​@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraftI think he just means all of the work you did on your first day was a lot.
@user-lw3xs9po3g 2 aylar önce
and always clean, no sweat, clean knees, clean hands xd
@user-lw3xs9po3g Aylar önce
@@Solicitor1957 mine?
@uubankwang Yıl önce
What is blowing my mind is that you can be equal parts gifted in woodland shelter construction as well as cinematography and video editing.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
Thanks a lot :)
@email4664 Yıl önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Well deserved comment. This was visually quite enjoyable to watch, and your work is steady and focused. I live in Oregon, where we have clay for soil, and this would be super in that- Although a wee bit more challenging to dig..
@texan6673 Yıl önce
He had a lot of help or it took him months.
@CT2507 Yıl önce
This guy is built like a Russian. Constructs like a German. Bathes like a Viking. And edits like a pro youtuber!
@hdknightingale5287 Yıl önce
@@gustavosototemp7113 pause.
@orluh4397 9 aylar önce
you can feel the calm, peaceful pleasure this man is getting from being in the woods
@doggtown72 3 aylar önce
Bro, nobody would consider it to be cheating if you packed a full length shovel into the woods. The fact that you did all that work with an E-Tool is crazy. Made my back hurt just watchint it. Amazing work.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 3 aylar önce
Thanks! Ok bro 😎👌
@cschleiger1991 8 aylar önce
So peaceful and a great place to escape! Everyone should have a DUG OUT somewhere. Great work man! Really enjoyed the work and development of it!
@okluge85 7 aylar önce
Holy... what an insane effort, but what an end result! Hats off to you, bud, and thank you for making this incredibly entertaining video! Subscribed and will be bingeing :)
@aaronduncan3477 7 aylar önce
This is the first of your videos I've found and I have to say, I am blown away by your cinematography! Beautiful work!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 7 aylar önce
Thanks a lot!
@carlossiqueira4322 Yıl önce
O melhor abrigo individual que vi até hoje. Bastante seguro, forte, bem construído, totalmente travado o madeiramento e muito bem acabado, Parabéns.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
Muito obrigado amigo! 🤠🤝
@Adventures_with_FilmaTroy 6 aylar önce
Bravo! I can not wait until I can find a spot to build myself a nice little hut like this! thank you for the inspiration!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 6 aylar önce
My pleasure 😉
@maramendonca877 6 aylar önce
Que lugar lindo❤
@ProDMiner Aylar önce
mind blown, im going out into the dakotas next year to build mtb trails that will be hidden, and seeing stuff like this is inspiring. Could you maybe show how to bush craft up into a tree? like how to anchor / make the decking holdings? cause I could use how you made the walls here, up in the trees. I wanna be high up in the air, may just bring insanely long chunks of rebar, then spike them just incase. was also thinking if I had to, I could take the chain saw, and miter a pocket into the tree, then stick logs out that to hold it up. but the issue im stuck with then is how intf do i peg it? do i go straight in or side ways through tree? anyways was just talking out loud, really hope to do this next year. wanna hunt, and just be in the woods for a year building trails, and being happy. some other things im trying to figure out is a electrical storage , and then using a solar panel to charge it. then using elon musk satellites, and his internet could upload everything i would do daily to it. thanks for showing all this, and teaching us means alot.
@barrcamp 9 aylar önce
Nice work! I like the way you preserved the stones and the moss and how you used it and looks by the end of the video
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 7 aylar önce
@scotttilson8876 2 aylar önce
I sometimes wonder if these people are really building these things themselves or they getting help. If they’re really building them. That’s real talent.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 2 aylar önce
I do everything with my own hands.
@Robot256k Yıl önce
I was in the process of building a small log cabin of similar size next to a Loch (Scottish word for lake). I spent a good part of 3-4 months collecting and notching the wood & was literally about 1 days work away from putting the roof on & a huge storm came and destroyed half the forest. My cabin took a direct hit from a fallen tree and it crushed through the rear wall smashing through about 6 pretty thick logs in the process. I was pretty gutted, but I've discovered a new location thats got 2 natural stone walls that I might make a more dug out style cabin in the future. Would be nice to have it finished for winter :)
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
It's very sad mate :/ Hope all goes well with your new hideout! Stay safe :)
@melaniewegner1506 Yıl önce
That sounds damn awesome
@dislikebutton1712 Yıl önce
Never give up brother, im sure your new cabin will look 10x better than the destroyed one since you learned from it
@Robot256k Yıl önce
@@dislikebutton1712 haha for sure my notching got significantly better about halfway through the build. Luckily there's no shortage of wood as there's still a lot of trees down from that particular storm.
@jasonfortin7338 Yıl önce
This is code of lsd, sounds wonderful. lol
@tomclark362 3 aylar önce
I wonder how long it takes him to build his shelter and how long he stays. I wouldn't wanna leave if I built something like this.
@davidbrignon2894 10 aylar önce
J'ai énormément de plaisir à regarder ce genre de vidéo, parce que je sais que je ne pourrai jamais le vivre pleinement. Et pourtant, c'est peut-être la meilleure façon pour moi de trouver enfin la quiétude dont j'ai besoin... Merci pour cette vidéo, vous êtes quelqu'un que j'admire beaucoup dans votre idéal de vivre autrement.
@spacedut245 8 aylar önce
This is beautiful, I’ve always been fascinated with living in the wilderness and living off the land, unfortunately I’ve never had the chance to even camp yet alone live in the woods, but anyway once I have the opportunity to do so I’m trying to absorb as much information to help myself survive,,, and a quick question, at 5:25 I was wondering what he used to start the fire
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 8 aylar önce
Thank you! I used a ferrocerium rod for making a fire and birch bark.
@tatianapellegrinelli 4 aylar önce
Finally! A man who keeps his trap shut and cracks on with what needs to be done. True quality content.
@ruan2547 Yıl önce
Seus videos me trazem uma paz indescritível. Admiro sua calma e paciência durante todo esse processo de construção, simplesmente fenomenal!
@flashgas9941 11 aylar önce
Penso a mesma coisa assistir os vídeos e satisfatório
@wagnerbatista6990 10 aylar önce
Onde foi isso ,em qual país ele está
@exceptiongosen2594 10 aylar önce
Ele é aluno meu.
@4Micahful 9 aylar önce
Excellent video, I enjoyed it a lot! That looks like a lot of careful work, and a game plan. Fantastic local geology too, all that well drained, sandy soil with smooth river rocks in it. I'm very curious about the locale. What a fantastic, and quiet spot! That silky katana looks like a great kit too. Like a hot knife through butter, going through that dry timber. Thanks for sharing 🤝
@dean3184 Aylar önce
Just the work it takes to film something like this is crazy, let alone the actual work involved. Moving the camera for every single shot. This must have taken a long time. Well done
@carlitosseverino 8 aylar önce
Apesar do amadorismo da construção estes 40 minutos foram inspiradores e tranquilizantes. Obrigado por isso e desfrute dos momentos únicos nessa cabana.
@pachecodecastro2593 3 aylar önce
A mim parece que a beleza está justamente no fato de ele ser amador. É o máximo de talento com o mínimo de interferência.
@carlitosseverino 3 aylar önce
Tenho tendência a concordar consigo @@pachecodecastro2593 Abraço
@harrisonchr 9 aylar önce
Great video from start to finish. It must have taken a lot of time to find all the right logs and moss to use. I was surprised there was no fireplace inside or any kind of door used.
@scotterspotters7273 8 aylar önce
The trees are so perfect out there, the dugout is beautiful.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 8 aylar önce
Thank you :)
@nfcboys1984 Yıl önce
The mosquitos swarming and acting like they were going to carry this man away would be enough for me! Incredible work!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
Thanks a lot! I stopped noticing those mosquitoes :)
@Starteller 10 aylar önce
That's nothing to Quebec's Horse-fly (Taons)
@amerasiangamer8257 10 aylar önce
Love the vid. Great Job and thanks for sharing!
@loneerv 6 aylar önce
I love this! Well done on this build! I couldn’t help but feel itchy as well 😅… brings back memories of living in my Grandparents’ farm 😊
@babariankanibal822 8 aylar önce
There is nothing that is more calming for me to watch ❤
@Leonlion0305 8 aylar önce
Dang, the precision on digging and cutting wood is insane. The woods for the walls perfectly fit into the dugout. Very impressive!
@ScottMyersOfTheEarth 6 aylar önce
It's easy with power tools.
@seks183 5 aylar önce
@tombrenes2411 9 aylar önce
Beautiful build Love all the hard work Awesome content
@cheriemoskowitz1300 8 aylar önce
Such patience is required in this work. Time and physical strength. I’m impressed. It’s beautiful.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 8 aylar önce
Thanks a lot 🙂
@staninjapan07 Yıl önce
What a thoroughly enjoyable video! The skills to do what you did outdoors, the skills to do what you did with the camera (which looked very natural and made me feel almost as though I were there) and the honesty to say where you did not do so well. As a boy and a younger man I spent two or three weeks like this every year in the Welsh mountains. You gave me a great feeling of reminiscence with this video. Thanks from Japan.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
My pleasure! I am very glad that I was able to convey the atmosphere of this place. Thanks for watching and have a nice day :)
@AnonymousAnimator944 8 aylar önce
very nice cinematic camera movement, i enjoy watching videos about the outdoors and survival shelters. actually good thing i watch stuff like this, how in the world would i know what to do if i actually needed to do this? What i’m saying is nice work, dude
@AnonymousAnimator944 8 aylar önce
clay is abundant where i live, so these dug-ins and clay shelter things are great for me 😁
@chewymustard6426 10 aylar önce
I love that at one point he takes a moment to film a cool rock he found
@lakotta2448 6 aylar önce
Super agréable à regarder , et surtout les prises de vue sont très bien réalisées , très belle vidéo
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 6 aylar önce
Merci beaucoup!
@gasbai4719 7 aylar önce
Люблю смотреть такие видео , нервы успокаивается 😊
@ColinKennedy-yo1jq 3 aylar önce
It's impressive when you think of the amount of planning that he would have had to do for this.
@jolantakedziora8164 Yıl önce
Podziwiam ludzi co potrafią i co chce im się coś takiego robić ...woow
@maxj9665 10 aylar önce
Wow. I'm really excited about this cabin. I really want to build something like this too. There is nothing better than being alone in the wild nature and then building something like that. Very cool. Can you just build a cabin like that in the forest?
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 10 aylar önce
Yes, it's a very interesting experience. Loneliness, wild animals, mosquitoes, bugs, dampness and cold. But then, when you return home with great pleasure, you take a bath 😉😄
@maxj9665 10 aylar önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yes, I believe you 😅. I'm just starting now and trying to gather my first bushcraft experiences. Last year I was in Sweden and Norway. I just love the Scandinavian nature. In any case, very cool content from you and I really enjoy looking at it after work to calm down a bit 👍
@leonelbq327 9 aylar önce
El problema es que poco en poco lo estamos dañando con la contaminacion
@satyris410 4 aylar önce
Absolutely love it. I'd be constantly looking for easier ways of doing stuff. Call it continuous improvement
@BobBelson 8 aylar önce
As a professional builder i commend your efforts. My very first build was a dug out like this as a teen , my second build was a full on log cabin with my friends.. We used hatchets and muscle just like you..The Public works guys got wind of our endeavour came out to the woods and destroyed it. Second cabin we built was further out and half undrrground with better camo.This video brings back memories. That was an interesting idea putting the thatch in between the exposed sections but my 18v drill and the solar trickle charger would be taking any bug out trip with me these days 😀..Bravo !!!
@jorgegreiner1082 7 aylar önce
Você é português ? Satisfação em ver seus vídeos! Saudações do sul do Brasil!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 7 aylar önce
Obrigado! Não, não sou português.
@mathewsarrowslinger2787 4 aylar önce
So many of these bushcraft videos are without narration… These people are so brilliant I want to hear what they have to say. Like I appreciate the solidarity of it all - but hearing them explain the how/why is super interesting to me
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 4 aylar önce
I really don't like talking :)
@mathewsarrowslinger2787 4 aylar önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 😂 I get it… Your videos are awesome newly subbed
@Moccason Yıl önce
I think this is genuinely one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. So serene and peaceful. You’re a very lucky - and talented - individual sir!
@pavelhradil851 7 aylar önce
Úplná bomba 👌 seš fakt borec. Super
@twistoflex2983 7 aylar önce
So much effort has gone into this. The only question I have is what happens when it rains heavy? Will that dugout shelter protect you from the water pouring down the hill into it?
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 7 aylar önce
This shelter is protected from water.
@RabAbb199 6 aylar önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft protected by what? Jesus or a higher power? Heavy rain is going straight through that flat roof and running down the hill to make a fun swimming pool
@ballardddcb 8 aylar önce
Amazing how he dug out all that earth with that little shovel . Love the way it turned out ! 😊👏👏👏
@MachineSpirits_ 5 aylar önce
So far i like this. It actually shows the survival aspect not just the building.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 5 aylar önce
@sendit2873 8 aylar önce
no way that whole place was dug with a camp shovel even with all that sand looks like an old river bed I would be panning to see if it had gold in it lol nice set up very cool place would love to spend a few days there myself great job
@michellerozendo12 Yıl önce
Eu gosto de ver essas cabanas sendo feitas, imaginando se algum dia nos humanos teremos de Recore-lhas! Onde foi feita essa cabana? Mais uma inscrita!
@w_i_k_i_d 8 aylar önce
I always start to think, 'who taught him how to do all this', his father must be a great man. Those mosquitos must have been a pain to deal with.
@martinpettett4306 6 aylar önce
That has to be the easiest soil to dig I've ever seen! In the UK, digging that far down and you'd either be stood in an oozing bog, or you'd need pneumatic drill to get past the solid, compacted clay or rock! Lovely build. Very peaceful video.
@tacoridesbikes 3 aylar önce
would be like impossible here with the Canadian shield
@dschoene57 3 aylar önce
Well, in the UK the whole thing would have gone wrong at 05:00. Taking water out of a creek is not a good idea in Blighty, unless you fancy cooked turd for dinner.
@williamriley3125 2 aylar önce
Yeah I don’t know where this is but the ground is so hard in Mississippi I have to hammer tent stakes in with all of my might
@ShoppyMusic 2 aylar önce
@@williamriley3125 based on the sound of the mosquitoes and flies….it’s definitely in the south somewhere. Up here in the PNW you need tnt 😂
@Shades_of Aylar önce
If I’m not mistaken, in the UK you would stop for 11x a day for tea, it would rain nonstop, you would have two labor strikes and a royal die, before an American finishes the work.
@PlayingWithFireOutdoors 6 aylar önce
What I would've done for soil like that whe I was in the army! Nice build!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 6 aylar önce
@momsLife1218 10 aylar önce
Amazing craftsmanship. Thanks so much for sharing!
@davidhanni208 8 aylar önce
This legit has inspired me ! Im an avid fly fisherman and would absolutely love to live out in the middle of nowhere for a period of time . This video has giving me the push too do it ! Thank u
@elisabethivey5615 Yıl önce
The geography of where you live is so fascinating! I live in the Mid-Atlantic US and our forests are so different. Deciduous trees varying in height and species and a dense understory of shrubs or ferns occasionally shade flowers. Your forest of tall pine trees you can easily walk through is fascinating to me. Its so old and peaceful. Canada has similar forests to you and going there in the snow was a magical experience.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Yıl önce
Hello! Yes, our forest is very beautiful and at the same time diverse! I like its northern rugged beauty. I have always wanted to visit another continent and maybe one day I will come to Canada.
@user-us1cs4lg1e Yıl önce
@utterkatt6649 Yıl önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft looks very similar to a middle south Swedish forest
@user-uj3re9hc2q 7 aylar önce
Молодец! Аккуратно землянку сделал. Надо было еще и печку соорудить. Было бы совсем отлично.☺
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 7 aylar önce
😉 Made an Absolutely AMAZING & COZY FIREPLACE in a Bushcraft DUGOUT - ALONE into WILDERNESS - ASMR
@sashaarr7122 Aylar önce
Thank you so very much. We’re new to preparing and your videos will be a great help. God bless you
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Aylar önce
You are welcome 😉🙌
@GodlyAtheist 8 aylar önce
Amazingly relaxing video. I've been dealing with a lot lately and this really put me at ease. Thank you for your time and effort, incredible work.
@dessank_ 2 aylar önce
I was literaly needing to see this today, thank you so much! ❤
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 2 aylar önce
You are welcome!
@krugtbifro6152 4 aylar önce
The drop down at the start with the drone was beautiful
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 4 aylar önce
@xristos1940 Yıl önce
I really enjoy your craftsmanship, construction and use of different materials for each of your projects! You make it so easy and simple yet it’s much much more than that! Keep up the good work man.
@leandromelo6801 10 aylar önce
Isso sim e vida nossa que top
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 10 aylar önce
@greybeard5774 9 aylar önce
Well this hiking shovel can literally kill your back .. can't imagine how it might feel digging such a big hole with such a tiny thing .. just wow! :))
@trevscott93 6 aylar önce
Good work! No way I could have build something like this in 40 minutes. Even with power tools.
@paulveyrac1592 8 aylar önce
La construction est très bien réalisée, très intéressant.
@banksy4948 8 aylar önce
I’m so jealous of your soil type. We have this red clay down here😂
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 8 aylar önce
I would use red clay 😉
@jdubz1502 11 aylar önce
That 19:54 shot is so unique! Pure beauty and elegance Capturing the night sky, stars, smoke from the fire, listening to the fire crackling, and the bird chirping. Just bliss.
@ruthsoor2879 10 aylar önce
I guess this is one of the best dugout I have seen. The fact you can stand up straight inside is a plus for me. Good job.
@danwallach8826 9 aylar önce
Amazing! Great build. It'd be interesting to see if you're protected when the elements get a bit too elemental. Cheers!
@user-vq8oj5lm1t 8 aylar önce
Шикарное убежище!!! Золотые руки!!! Молодец Брат!!!! 😎😉🙂☺😀😄🙄💪👌👏🖒👍🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 8 aylar önce
@FeelFreeToThink Aylar önce
Finally someone who makes a dugout door tall enough!!!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft Aylar önce
@jabeencheema3554 5 aylar önce
Brave man. Incredible effort. Beyond imagination and definitely nature is beautiful and harmless 😊😊
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 5 aylar önce
Thanks 😊
@vasilevs8034 2 aylar önce
​@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft hello Was that a Russian canned beef you were warming? How it ended up in Norway?)
@terryfeagins2053 2 aylar önce
This was an awesome video!!! I would love to try building something like this in the middle of nowhere.....and i mite just try!!! Thank you for such a great video!!!
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 2 aylar önce
My pleasure! Good luck in construction ;)
@kevkev5935 Yıl önce
These bushcraft videos never get old. This is the kind of thing you always imagine doing when you are a kid out in the woods. As an adult you want to even more just to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily life. So peaceful out in God's country. Also to add that saw of yours is a beast. I want one.
@erisdiscordia5429 Yıl önce
Long as they're actually doing real stuff, and not making fake theme parks.
@tracyhipps5672 Yıl önce
yes so peaceful and yet so boring who wants to live like this. yes you can do all of this but you will probably be alone for the rest of your life since no woman is going to want to be that uncomfortable. And what do you think he does when he is hungry, he has to either hunt or fish or grow a garden and then when he gets back he has to skin it cook it store it. you are not seeing the reality of this way of life and to fantasize about this is just silly
@erisdiscordia5429 Yıl önce
@@tracyhipps5672 wow, newsflash, humanity terrified of work and reliant upon modern comforts.
@saltt8074 Yıl önce
@@tracyhipps5672 idk sounds fun to me
@terrie053 8 aylar önce
You are one amazing guy to be able to do something like that and you make it look easy and i know it’s not 😀 WOW!
@earthboundsurvivalist Aylar önce
This was fun and interesting to watch! That little cabin/camp is perfect and all you need to keep yourself warm and out of the elements. I wish the forests in Eastern Canada were as nice and lush as yours!
@pachecodecastro2593 3 aylar önce
As a survival aficcionado, I have a question: do you think that building your cabin on a slope and virtually underground may increase the risk of flooding it in case of heavy rain? And once the water seeps into the gap between dirt and wood the damage may be irreversible? I wonder how you would address that. Thank you very much.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 3 aylar önce
In heavy rain, water flows almost instantly down the hillside without penetrating deep into the ground. A waterproof fabric lies on the roof and in the junction of the rear wall with the ground. But even when water gets inside, it instantly seeps through the sand and does not remain in the dugout. Adjoining wood to sand is not a good idea - need to be put with waterproof fabric on all sides...
@pachecodecastro2593 3 aylar önce
@@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft thank you so much for your clarification. Regards
@egorika27 4 aylar önce
Очень красиво и атмосферно, смотрю видео и отдыхаю
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 4 aylar önce
@Dailylifetramy2023 5 aylar önce
Your shelter is great, good luck.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 5 aylar önce
@Irka4UDO Yıl önce
I take my hat off to you not only for an amazing work you’ve done, but also for the enormous effort to film, set up the frames, keeping it fluent, connecting the same process from different angles - it’s a huge deal on its own! Awesome job, man!!! BTW, what was the wood mushroom for? Smell? Mosquito repellent?
@scottpierce3969 Yıl önce
I was curious of the same thing!
@servraghgiorsal7382 Yıl önce
And no dog to keep him company.! No chainsaw, no plastic tarp.
@TwooutofFour Yıl önce
@xhexstyle5931 Yıl önce
Uu ii
@Dascia2 Yıl önce
It's false tinder mushrooms. It's similar to chaga and can be a mosquito repellent, but it smells nicer than Chaga.
@stefanvanrij8261 10 aylar önce
very nice! I'd wish i would live outside the city in the wild
@dennysaradillos7609 5 aylar önce
To be honest we all once dreamed to be this guy at some point in our lives.
@AsbjornOlsenBergBushcraft 5 aylar önce
@godbroccoli11 6 aylar önce
How do you go about finding forests that you can freely do stuff like this in? Personally, I'd love to try something like this but don't know where to start.
@harleymitchelldyer9786 8 aylar önce
Wow the amount of talent and effort that goes into these videos
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