Plastic Bag Cooking??? | Real Eats Review

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Miss Sarah E K

7 aylar önce

How does this "Sous Vide" style meal delivery service actually work? Is the food any good? Here are my honest thoughts on Real Eats.

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Disclosure: As I mentioned in this video, Real Eats sent me these meals to review. However, this is not a sponsored video, and I told them (in advance of trying them) I would be making a comprehensive review covering both pros and cons (as always). Real Eats is not for everyone, but if you think it may be for you, it would be awesome if you used my affiliate link above if you end up checking it out (I receive $10 if you do, and it helps me continue to make videos like this 🙂)

Video Timestamps:
Intro - 0:00
The Delivery - 1:44
The Cooking Process - 2:12
Plans & Pricing - 4:55
Nutrition - 5:46
Is it Safe? - 6:23
How does it taste? - 7:12
Final Thoughts - 9:18

Nathan Schroyer
Nathan Schroyer 4 aylar önce
What about incredibly lazy people who have anxiety attacks when trying to figure out what to eat on the daily?
EDMFAN 6 aylar önce
What other options for heating without the plastic bag? Could these be removed and heated in oven or stove top? I wonder if the quality would be diminished?
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 6 aylar önce
They say microwaving is also an option, but I didn’t end up trying that, so not sure about how quality would be impacted
Biohazardia 6 aylar önce
Hello! This review was very informative and helpful thank you :) we decided not to get the service, but the review was very comprehensive an gave us all the info we needed to decide whether or not to take the step to order. I like how you had clear sections for each part of the review. Appreciate it!
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 6 aylar önce
Hi! Thanks so much for your comment 😊. I’m glad the video was helpful!
Sue Chef
Sue Chef 7 aylar önce
Hello, Miss Sarah - although I appreciate your meal kit review, I've got a few issues with your take on boil-in-bags (I am not working for or sponsored by anyone): (i) Boil-in-bags have been around for at least 50 years; I was startled and perplexed to hear you refer to them as sous vide. Are they truly the same? I don't think so but I'm not a food manufacturer. (ii) Long before microwave ovens, there were and still are single-serving boil-in-bags - I recall making quick, delicious hot open-faced sandwiches with them ages ago, no health problems whatever - turkey or beef in gravy, chicken a la king, etc. Nowadays I buy Costco family size entrees like pot roast or ribs in boilable bags - great! I also make little India entrees (curries, vegetarian side dishes) in boilable bags. Costco and India meals can be heated in the microwave if preferred. (iii) You complained that the food wasn't hot but I don't think the pan you used here was large enough for this job and - important - (iv) once you put the bags in boiling water, you need to bring the water back to boiling and continue simmering until the food is hot. While the bag is simmering, I lift it out of the water, turn it upside down and gently put it back in the water to make sure the food is heated evenly throughout. Maybe the meal-kit instructions you received were not as complete as they could have been. (v) cooked bags are not so hot that you need to arm yourself to the teeth to remove them from the pan - if you grab each one out of the water by a corner you should be able to get it to the serving dish and open it with scissors without getting burned - I do this with my bare hands all the time (vi) before removing soupy food from a boilable bag, it helps to tip it around enough to combine the contents so you won't get a runny mess on the plate. (vii) despite your findings, I would like to try delivered meal kits in boiling bags. Compared to many other meal kit delivery services I've researched, this one looks like it could be right for me - I've done a lot of from-scratch cooking over the years and need some short cuts! Thanks for your video.
Sue Chef
Sue Chef Aylar önce
@Anne Ann Thanks for your comments! One reason I haven't subscribed to any meal delivery service (although I've looked at many different options in this regard) is all the packaging, sometimes for teeny food items. Another thought to bear in mind about older forms of plastic is that high heat can generate chemicals that get into the food and increase blood sugar readings.
Anne Ann
Anne Ann Aylar önce
Well, despite the nasty comment below telling you to shut up, I thought your comment was great. While watching this video I also thought of all the boil in the bag meals we would have as kids, So you're right nothing new. I also know that you bring the water to a boil in a very large saucepan then add the bag when the water is at a "rapid" boil. Move the bags around at some point and also mix the bag to get the sauce mixed up, or make a small cut and drain a little for veg etc. I only saw the water boil one time on this video with nothing in it. My guess it that the meals were never actually boiled, but instead simmered, explains why they were not hot. I was more interested in how they tasted. After watching, I wouldn't use this service for one reason, the use of SO much plastic. Shame that they will all go into a landfill.
TheEeefs 6 aylar önce
Oh my God lady shut up
Sue Chef
Sue Chef 7 aylar önce
@Miss Sarah E K Hello again and thank you for your thoughtful responses. I used to work as a sous chef in a local continental restaurant (hence my nickname Sue Chef) but, although our head chef was European, we didn't use the sous vide method which, as I understand it (and I ordered a sous vide meat entree during a visit to the UK a couple of years ago) it is meant to slow-simmer and tenderize tough cuts of meat at low temperatures in vacuum sealed plastic while keeping meat juicy - which works. In contrast, the boil-bag method doesn't necessarily rely on a vacuum seal and the bags have never melted at my house even if boiled for 25 minutes and left floating around unopened in the hot water (heat turned off) until we were ready to dine. The Costco plastic bags I've used have to be sturdy enough to be boiled 25 minutes (as they hold an entire pot roast and gravy and require a large pot of boiling water). When I tried microwaving their pot roast instead (not in the bag), the gravy mostly evaporated so the boil-bag keeps the food moist, though the method takes longer. I absolutely do understand and share your concerns about cooking in plastic and am glad that newer plastics are safe for heating. [I made the mistake once of heating restaurant leftovers in my microwave in the stryofoam container "doggie bag" and the container caught fire!] Next time I have some boil-bag foods on hand I'm going to check the packaging to see if the plastic is BPA free (I think it should be, by law). I do have a made-in-India vegan chick pea curry pouch on hand but it isn't plastic - according to the packaging, it's "specially sterilized in multi-layered pouches", "solid waste recycling positive" and does not require refrigeration. I've seen some You Tube videos about cooking omelettes, etc. in zip lock bags but I don't think baggies are meant for high heat food prep. :)
Miss Sarah E K
Miss Sarah E K 7 aylar önce
Hi Sue - I appreciate the thoughtful comment 🙂. (i) I think traditionally sous vide is cooked over a longer time period; however, Real Eats refers to their boil-in-bags as "sous-vide meal pouches" which is why I considered them as sous-vide. That being said, I'm not a sous-vide expert, so I it's certainly possible they are technically different. (ii) That's really interesting! I've never seen them before (at least that I can remember), so they were new to me :). (iii) I'll have to try a bigger pot next time - thanks for the suggestion! I agree I think that could help with the heat. (iv) I think next time I'll have to wait for the water to boil again after putting in the bags and/or boil them for longer. To be honest, I was pretty worried about them melting (since I've never used this method before), so I followed the instructions pretty exactly (which were a maximum of 6 minute boiling time). I think I could have gone longer though in retrospect. (v) hah! Yes I realized that as well 😅. I was definitely expecting them to be hotter at first! By the last few bags I was just using my fingers since they barely were hot at all. (vi) good tip! (vii) I think Real Eats is still an interesting option to try! I'm glad to hear you think it could be a good fit for you 🙂. Thanks again for the comment!
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